Aries + Aries

There’s nothing quite like when Aries connects with another Aries – from the shared sense of passion, to the frivolity of friendly competition. There’s not a lot that the two can’t do alone, so together, they’re a force to be reckoned with.

For an Aries that loves themself unconditionally, another Aries will be sure to add a whole lot of empowerment and self-awareness, through mirroring their own qualities back to them.

No two days are the same in an Aries-Aries partnership. There’s always something new and exciting to do for the headstrong ram, so who better than another Ram to bring along for the ride?

The challenge here can be where the two need to take the time to slow down and check-in every once in a while. Aries moves incredibly quickly and impulsively through life, so the occasional “how are we feeling here?” will make sure the relationship grows and transforms as they do, regardless of pace.

This relationship will not keep the fiery nature of the ram in check.. This duo will mutually uplift and hype each other up,  in all the best ways. Decisions are going to be made quickly, and definitively. These connections can feel like a pair of war generals getting together to take over the world.

With a love that can feel almost sibling-like, Aries and Aries will stop at nothing to protect each other from the fast-paced world in which they exist together.

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