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Cancer + Cancer

Two Cancers. The memes almost write themselves. Just kidding, in reality – a Cancer-Cancer pairing has the potential to become a long-lasting and incredibly nurturing relationship, like no other.

Cancer is the empress or emperor of feeling in the zodiac. With a rich emotional and intuitive world, these empathic beings move through the world in a very unique way. The Crab tends to have its guard up, presenting its tough exterior in order to protect its soft underbelly. This means that Cancer can be notoriously difficult to get to know. It’s usually a process of patience, reaching out and earning their trust. 

When two Cancers come together this can go either way. Either they’re both so guarded that they in fact miss each other, remaining in the gray area of acquaintanceship and small talk (that neither is really very fond of). Or, in the more positive scenario, we see an immediate understanding and acceptance of the other, as they recognize each other for the qualities that they share. When this happens, so does magic. The two can converse about the deepest layers of life, pondering the universe and their place in it. They can get super comfy together, watching movies, crying and connecting with the beauty of feeling so, so deeply. They’ll be able to understand and comfort each other like no other, potentially reaching such a deep place of emotional attunement that they can finish the other’s sentences. There will be lots of meaningful conversations here, as well as the healthy expression and release of emotions. 

A challenge can arise in terms of stagnation though, as Cancer can become quite attached to its comforts – particularly what it knows, and the idea of home. This pair will have to consciously step outside their comfort zones every now and then in order to keep things moving and to experience more shades of life. Socializing with wide groups isn’t on the top of any Cancer’s priority list, so again, the pair will have to be aware of closing themselves off to people or places, before they’ve given them a chance. 

A universe of just two can feel great for a time, but it has its downsides. Despite their best efforts, this pair may not always be able to emotionally support one another, because they’ll have to take care of their own inner worlds. This could look like long periods of not speaking, despite being very close. As long as either party is okay with that, this connection can continue to blossom in its spring seasons. 

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