Virgo + Libra

Where Virgo brings pragmatism to the table, Libra (as the mirror of the zodiac), is happy to take it in and learn. Despite these signs being from two opposite elements, they both share a powerful inner drive towards living a balanced and peaceful existence. 

Where Virgo likes to be of service, Libra likes to bring harmony to situations, and this makes for a pretty great team. This pair can be loved within their social circles, and their absence will likely be felt when not around. Virgo’s surprisingly chatty, or at least a pretty good listener, and Libra’s here for it. There’s a lightness, calm and ease to this kind of pairing that the pair mutually appreciate. Neither is likely to be bogged down in heavy emotions or drama, meaning a kind of consistency of friendship is felt and celebrated. 

There could be potential conflict in the approach these two have to life. Virgo likes to plan and take things at a slower pace. Libra on the other hand is all about letting life take them, as they’re carried by the airy currents of the universe. When Virgo learns this is simply Libra’s way of taking in the world – rather than a lack of discipline of focus – there can be enough space created to re-establish harmony. 

Both signs are (despite being quite social) healthily autonomous, meaning they can allow the other to flourish and bloom, loving them and cheering them on from a distance when need be.

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