Virgo + Scorpio

As two of the more serious signs of the zodiac, these mates share a rare kind of focus and determination, especially when it comes to knocking out a to-do list and showing up for others. Virgo and Scorpio are incredibly detail-oriented and headstrong, but overall the mental capacity of  Virgo can compliment the emotional depth of the Scorpio quite perfectly.

Scorpio here may take the lead on this relationship, claiming a ‘boss’ role whenever possible. This is fine with Virgo for the most part, as it’ll sprinkle some excitement and a sense of release into the structured comfort zone that they usually live in. 

The challenge may arise with the need to communicate what’s going on beneath the surface, as Scorpio’s language of deep intuitive feeling may be somewhat foreign for the Virgo, who prefers having a definitive explanation. If the Virgo can set aside their need to apply logic to the emotional journey that Scorpio’s on, the surrender will be a very refreshing wave for both to ride. 

Considering that these skymates typically see life from contrasting perspectives, a Virgo-Scorpio relationship makes for a surprisingly compatible pairing. Where one could miss something, the other will spot it all from a mile away – they keep an eye on each other’s back in this friendship. Both of these signs cherish honesty as an essential virtue, and will tend to tell things as they are. This can in turn, create a bond of trust that will remain unbreakable, as long as both parties stay their most authentic and honest selves.

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