Leo + Libra

Leo and Libra are a pair that experience immense joy together. Libra reminds Leo to stop taking things so personally, showing them the magic of life when it’s all seen a little more lightly. Libra, in return, can develop their sense of self simply through osmosis when hanging out with the proud lion. Leo is going to teach Libra the art of setting boundaries, as well as how to prioritize one’s own happiness alongside (rather than after) the happiness of others. Given that Libra can carry tendencies that lean towards self-sacrifice, this can be extremely appreciated.

Leo does have a tendency to get worked up about petty things. When the lion presents this to Libra, everything will almost seem to roll off or float away from the air sign. As the sign of peace and justice, Libra is usually the last to take things personally or read malicious intent within one’s words or actions. This Venus-ruled air sign reflects how everyone has a valid perspective, and ultimately, it’s simply hurt people who hurt people.

A wounded Leo could feel unseen, and if so, will quickly lose interest in Libra’s perceived detachment. A more elevated lion on the other hand, will learn to appreciate the alternate perspective and see it as a healthy tool for calming oneself down.

Leo and Libra are both intellectual signs who enjoy going down trails of inspiration and following their curiosity to the ends of the earth. Both are fascinated by people, and you might find them in their happy place together – watching documentaries, interviews or Hollywood roundtables.

A challenge could arise if Leo gets jealous or judgy about Libra’s more polyamorous state of enjoying other company. Libra (a sign which rules relationships) can have a million friends from different places, holding them all as equal in status.

Leo is more of a quality over quantity type and will tend to cherish a select few, that they hold in their highest circle. If Leo feels threatened by Libra’s split attention, this could be a conflict where neither party is ever truly satisfied. Fortunately, the lion can be quite magnetic to Libra, and there’s a high chance that Leo will find a place in the air sign’s heart.

Plus, because of Libra’s peacekeeping temperament, it’s unlikely that any blowouts will occur between these two. The worst that could happen is Leo reactively expressing a whole lot of frustration. But fortunately, the lion gets over its temper just as quickly as it arises.

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