Leo + Virgo

A Leo-Virgo connection can be an interesting one, as siblings of the zodiac. This duo has the potential to create a mutually expansive connection, which will inevitably teach them both a lot. In the zodiac wheel, the first five signs are all about individualization. Leo is the fifth sign; the point where someone is filled with skills and a defined personality that they want to express to the world.

Once we get to the sixth sign, Virgo, the zodiac shifts to become more about socialization. Virgo is where the focus shifts to how we interact with others, how we can refine our craft and what we bring into our collective human family. For this reason, there can be some stark contrasts between Leo and Virgo.

Leo is all about the bigger picture, creative impulse, and the energy of momentum. Virgo on the other about the craft itself, refining and perfecting, as well as the consistency of seeing something through to the end.

Leo tends to be self-focused, while Virgo is focused on service to others. For this reason, there can be some major differences in temperament and overall lifestyle. However, both sides will have a lot to learn from each other and if this is acknowledged, they can become an incredible team.

 A challenge could arise with Leo potentially feeling a little deflated by Virgo’s seemingly apathetic way of regarding their ideas and grand plans. Virgo on the other hand, could see Leo as being a little immature, naive, or narcissistic. If Leo is a J-Lo concert, Virgo is a grant pianist’s recital. Both beautiful – just different. Ultimately, both signs could do well to adopt a bit of the others’ signature.

Leo will benefit from learning how to see things through to fruition, how to be more consistent and to focus the emphasis of creating itself (rather than for recognition).

Virgo can be quite a self-deprecating sign. This earth sign has a tendency to be overly critical of itself, minimizing self-achievements or setting the standard simply too high. For this reason Virgo will also benefit from getting a big dose of Leo self-love. The reminder that we’re all perfect as we are, and there’s no point getting too stuck on themes of self-improvement to the point that they cripple one’s self esteem.

Leo and Virgo are likely to have a mentally oriented relationship, full of learning about the other as well as their unique and contrasting approach to life. Virgo calms Leo down and gives them a sense of groundedness, allowing them to work their way through major conflicts.

 This unexpected connection can be like the sun shining on a freshly sprouting seedling: simple and beautiful, with captivating potential.

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