Aquarius + Pisces

When Aquarius and Pisces first meet, they’ll likely get along perfectly. Pisces has a beautiful ability to reflect the energies of those they interact with, neutralizing any harsh edges with their watery temperament. These are two quirky signs, and upon interacting Aquarius finally feel like they’ve finally met someone who understands them. The mental pace of both signs will impress and draw in the other – as Piscean and Aquarian brains can move like electricity, particularly when matched by another. Aquarius-Pisces will likely experience a mutual curiosity about the other, which can become the driving force for a beautiful connection.

Differences can certainly exist on an emotional sphere. Aquarius is known for being the detached and intellectual air sign, while Pisces occupies dreamy, creative and emotional water realms. This means that this pair can miss each other in terms of feelings, perhaps leading to a sense of confusion regarding where the other stands. Communication will be key here, as well as regular check-ins. Regardless, both signs have a tendency to be extremely laid back, so it’s unlikely this contrast will bother the other. It would rather be more likely a point of fascination.

One of the most beautiful things about these signs will be their acceptance of each other. Both Aquarius and Pisces are known for being eccentric, artists and inventors. That is, the ones who change the world because they’re not busy trying to fit in with it. This in itself makes for a beautiful foundation of support, understanding and spaciousness.

Plus, the combination of Aquarius innovation and Piscean creativity means these skymates will have the world to create and explore. If they were to create art together, it would be a magnificent and outer worldly experience. While Pisces is more spiritually inspired, and Aquarius is more practically visionary. These two can be ruled by their imaginations, which is an incredible trait to share. You’ll hear them devising creative plans to improve the world and enhance the beauty within it, and there’s a good chance they’ll do exactly that.

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