Virgo + Pisces

Here, we arrive at another pair of zodiac opposites. What one sign lacks, the other excels at in this partnership, although that doesn’t mean Virgo and Pisces don’t share a lot in common! Pisces is a head in the clouds type of sign, and will likely find it difficult to meet Virgo on the ground where life is steady and pragmatic. Both signs are adaptable healers with a passion for being of service to their fellow man, for it’s here they find the most purpose and meaning.

The Pisces-Virgo pairing can equate to the perfect recipe for a very healthy routine of caring for one another, especially when it comes to the ultimate common priority of mental health. As a smooth and cool blend of energies that ultimately bring each other out into a peaceful zone, a Virgo-Pisces dynamic can be incredibly magical, or hella boring. 

Pisces thrives on taking in the many spiritual wonders of the world around them, even in the most mundane of settings. Although Virgo doesn’t always see the world this way, for them to set aside all judgment towards their watery partner’s emotional reaction to life itself will speak volumes. If they’re open to it – they’ll be able to adopt a new lens to consider the world, which can be added to their own toolset. 

In return, Virgo grants Pisces a more practical framework to approach the world. If Pisces is having trouble dealing with bureaucracy, or the pragmatic details of their dreams – loving Virgo will be happy to step in.

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