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Taurus + Taurus

Many people think that a connection with their own sign is a match made in heaven – and of course, there are perks here. A fellow Taurus will understand another’s need for time to themselves, and to just veg out. They’ll know the perfect meal on UberEats and sure, they’ll share similar boundaries around their social lives. 

But a Taurus-Taurus pairing can also get a little stagnant and boring if the pair don’t make a conscious habit of adding adventure and spontaneity into the connection. Making a bucket list together (and sticking to it) will be a great way to keep things light, fresh and most importantly – moving. These two will have to make sure they initiate their plans, rather than mulling them over for months without taking action. Things can almost get ‘too practical’ here, and this pair will do well to spice things up with spontaneity every now and then.

The perks of a Taurus connection involve always reciprocating tendencies of reliability. They will be each other’s rocks, consistently. In this pairing, they’ll also both feel more comfortable letting their guards down and becoming their playful child selves, because another trusted Taurus connection will understand them and make them feel safe.

When horns lock and conflict escalates, it could be helpful for the pair to bring in a third-party mediator, even if that means going to a friend for advice or seeking out counseling. The raging stubbornness of a bull can blind both members to the warm and generous love shared, and sometimes help is required to see each other’s intentions clearly. Connecting with another Taurus can be a huge lesson in humility – teaching both when it’s time to set aside fear and pride, for greater levels of love and vulnerability. 

Together, two or more Tauruses can make abundance even more abundant. Whether simply encouraging each other, or building in partnership together – they help each other create the life of their dreams, one brick at a time.  They’ll be able to mutually spoil each other with life’s finest. If they’re open to spoiling themselves, there will never be a shortage of beauty and decadence in the relationship. 

Taurus knows how to create heaven and earth, they both just have to realize they deserve it.

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