Cancer + Pisces

Cancer and Pisces are a potential match made in heaven. These two are a pair of the softest, most intuitive, and emotionally attuned signs of the zodiac.

As water signs, they intuitively ‘get’ each other. They know how the other is feeling without needing to exchange words. Plus, as both sides are equally caring – there’s a high chance that care is going to be reciprocated. Cancer and Pisces create an entire world just for themselves to share.

Kind of like kids creating a tent from bed sheets, to look out onto the world – these two can create a safe and magical space. This could even be to the point where these skymates must remember not to completely shut others out. Another challenge could arise with this duo’s mutual disinterest in getting out of their comfort zone. For this reason it could be valuable for them to actively plan activities, travel or create goals that expand them beyond their perceived limits.

Cancer’s here to bring Pisces back to Earth, in a watery way. The crab is particularly invested in the emotional body and the workings of our inner worlds. Cancer has the ability to tap into what every emotion means, and to be highly receptive to their own feelings as a compass. Pisces can traditionally be a little bit more disassociated from their emotions – preferring rather to swim in the realms of creativity, or spiritual connection. For this reason, a Cancer connection can help them to understand themselves that little bit more, or at least in a different way.

In return Pisces is going to take Cancer to other dimensions. The final sign of the zodiac can open a portal of spirituality that Cancer could of course always see, but perhaps wouldn’t be otherwise willing to access themselves. These cosmic beings can be found creating and meditating together, supporting each other, or simply taking in the beauty of life itself.

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