December 22 - January 19

@KnowCapricorn Wknd Scopes 12.4 – 12.5

Cap, Happy Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius! This may be one of the most brilliant weekends we experience all year. The Sag eclipse is shaking up life as we know it, by asking us to stay true to ourselves and imagine the best case scenario manifesting before our eyes. For you, Cap, you may set intentions this wknd that have to do with feeling more carefree and spontaneous in your spiritual journey. You’ve been doing so much shadow work while Venus has been in your sign, and Mars has been in Scorpio. But this Sag eclipse invites you to do light work too. Step into the light, Capricorn. And let your brilliance lead the way. 


@KnowCapricorn Weekly Scope 11.29 – 12.5

Capricorn, something is coming to completion in your life. Give yourself the space to rest and process things. The week begins with Mercury entering the heart of the Sun, activating your unconscious mind. Then they come into a harmonious alignment with Chiron, the wounded healer. We have so much information stored within, things we absorbed during our childhood that are now part of our personality and work automatically through us. Do your best to bring light to these conditioning, and to let go of what is limiting you. Neptune goes direct mid-week, inviting you to make a ritual out of the mundane. We end the week with the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. What comes from this darkness is a renewed relationship to your inner realms. You’re going through a lot, even if you’re not completely aware of it. Honor your process.


@KnowCapricorn December ’21 Scope

Capricorn, we kick December off with Neptune going direct, inviting flexibility into the way you perceive the world. Then, with the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Sag on the 4th, make sure to chill out. Take an inward journey. This time is more about self-understanding than outward achievement. There’s a lot going on this month, on the 13th Mars enters Sag, putting your energy towards rest and renewal, and Mercury enters your sign, offering you more confidence when speaking your mind. With the Full Moon in Gemini on the 18th, focus on your daily routines. Ground yourself within your everyday actions. Be present in all you do. Venus goes retrograde the next day, launching a time of deep soul-searching regarding your personal changes. The last Saturn/Uranus clash of 2021 happens on Christmas Eve, helping you to keep innovating and strengthening your relationship to your livelihood.

I allow myself to go in the dark, and to sleep as much as I have to. I don’t make deadlines my number one priority. Instead, my self-care takes center stage. How I move about my day is important. I slow down and sink to what my body is needing.

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About Capricorn

Element: Earth

Mode: Cardinal

Ruling Planet: Saturn, the Planet of Challenge

Where Youll Find Them: Working their butt off, planning for retirement, stacking their money

What They Avoid: Laziness, procrastination, small talk

Capricorn, the 10th sign of the zodiac, is often the most hard-working and ambitious. In fact, Capricorn would benefit from not taking their selves or their lives as seriously they do but thats way easier said than done. They were born to be successful, and they feel a huge drive to surpass their own expectations and crush all of their goals. But unlike some super assertive signs, Capricorn isnt extremely flashy when it comes to their determined nature. They keep it really low-key, only speaking when they feel like what they have to say improves upon the silence, and only laughing when they truly mean it. Capricorn keeps it real, even if its too real for the masses to handle, and thats what makes them so special and unforgettable. The sarcastic and cynical Capricorn plays absolutely no games.

When you ask a Capricorn what they want to achieve, the list will be endless, and it will be extremely impressive. Capricorns thrive in positions of authority, such as being a business person, a lawyer, an entrepreneur, a principal or administrator, etcThey dont do as well when it comes to taking orders from others, and thats mostly because Capricorn does a much better job of calling the shots they intuitively know what must be done to get the best possible results and they wouldnt want to waste any time trying out other methods. Even if Capricorn works for someone else, they often become distinguished team members who are given leadership positions.

Having a Capricorn as a friend means that you have a constant shoulder to lean on. But dont think that means cry on Capricorn has little tolerance for people who feel sorry for themselves. Capricorn is the zodiac sign that experiences the most challenging experiences in their lifetime, but that also makes them the wisest, strongest and most mature of all the signs. Because Capricorn has such high standards for their own life journey, they know what it means to fight and to be a warrior, and they will love you in a tough-love manner to teach you to also stay strong amidst adversity.

As a lover, Capricorn has to constantly work on tearing down the walls they so carefully built. Capricorn must avoid letting their workaholic tendencies cause a rift in any relationship they do begin. Capricorn is best suited for a relationship where their partner agrees to let them pursue their passions and independent interests, and where they can feel motivated and inspired by their partner. They cant be with someone who is unsure about their life direction or who holds them back from going after their ultimate goal. Still, Capricorns romantic lesson is to avoid trying to check off all the items of what an ideal matchlooks like, and to open up to the variety of possibilities that the Universe may present them with. Sometimes the high standards that Capricorn impose are more liberating than anything. Capricorn can shock their lover by loving them uninhibitedly, and without skepticism. It takes a very special kind of lover to see that side of Capricorn. Its worth the patience and effort.