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Aries + Aquarius

Fire and Air sign compatibility can be very strong, and, there’s a lot to be said about Aries and Aquarius’ mutual willingness to express themselves authentically, without filters. Aquarius is an ambitious sign on a mission – qualities that Aries is generally happy to get behind. Together, they deeply value individuality and can therefore be incredibly compatible, especially when it comes to accepting the other just as they are.

Even the most compatible signs have their quirks. Aquarius can come off as detached and aloof, whereas Aries is very obvious about their feelings of affection, and not a huge fan of rejection. The major challenge here can fall in clearly expressing tender and heartfelt emotions, as the glue that bonds them is likely to be more intellectual than emotional or spiritual. Still, with time, a strong connection can be built.

Aries and Aquarius can be incredibly supportive towards each other, noticing and embracing all that makes the other unique. No idea is too wild and no opinion is too out there for either sign, making this the kind of connection that can last lifetimes. 

This connection is also the type that could drift away for years at a time, as each member does their own thing, only to be reunited, as if they were together their whole lives and nothing had changed.

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