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Sagittarius + Sagittarius

When the stars align to unite two Sagittarians, it’s one hell of an adventure. These will likely be great friends who can go ages without seeing each other, instantly falling back into rhythm upon reuniting – as though no time had gone by. The good news is, two Sagittarians who clash don’t tend to waste time remaining in conflict with one another, and instead both continue on their respective paths. 

A Sag-Sag pairing is full of humor, lightness and passion. The flame this duo shares burns bright, but can also burn out, depending on timing and the individuals involved. There can be conflict and clashes, though ultimately there’s a high chance that their shared values will eventually shine through. Even when Sagittarians are incredibly different from one another, they bond over their intense passion, ambition, curiosity to pursue the truth, and relentless craving for freedom. 

A double (or triple, quadruple, etc…) Sag connection can be rare in its way of committing. As a sign that’s focused on self-growth and reinvention, Sag skymates are more than likely to decide they prefer an untraditional way of connecting. Neither would dare consciously hold the other back from doing or getting what they want – and that’s a Sagittarian sign of respect.

This does mean that these free spirits will have to put in conscious efforts to communicate the less glamorous or fun parts of being in a relationship together. Sagittarians in a relationship must resist impulses to make assumptions about one another, and instead ask questions in moments of uncertainty. There’s a time and a place for relishing in a certain thrill out of staying in the dark, but connections are not the place for that kind of unnecessary risk. This pair will also do well to stay mindful about getting carried away hyping each other up on reckless decisions. 

With all this balanced – a Sag connection is really a case of maximizing adventure and fun. There’s never a dull moment between this vibrant, expansive pair.

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