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Taurus + Pisces

For Taurus, a Pisces connection will have them swimming in a beautiful ocean of feelings, creativity and daydreams. The final water sign reflects the archetype of the artist, and mystic. These qualities are not dissimilar from the flavors of Taurus’ ruling planet, Venus. Indeed Neptune (Pisces planetary ruler, known as the higher octave of Venus) and Venus, have a uniquely connected astrological relationship. 

Together, this pair will find themselves indulging in the best that life has to offer: each other. This could look like hours spent forgetting ‘real world’ responsibilities, to instead dream, make art, sing and take in life’s beauty together.

For Taurus,  a relationship with Pisces can encourage them towards becoming more vulnerable and honest about their feelings. As a deeply intuitive and emotionally-intelligent sign, Pisces can often sense quite clearly areas where Taurus is trying to guard and protect insecurities. This can feel either uncanny, or like a sense of being ‘seen.’ Taurus may find themselves surprised at how quickly they can open their heart up to trust, as well as the fast pace this kind of attachment can evoke.

A challenge in this pairing will be building practical momentum. Pisces is full of dreams, but putting one foot in front of the other in a pragmatic or physical way is often not natural for them. Taurus is all about creating in the physical world, however, inertia can certainly be a problem for this fixed earth sign. For this reason, it will be valuable to set goals as individuals, and with each other. This pair can become the gentle life cheerleaders that they both need.

Pisces loves to transmute energy, often moving from one creative space to the next. This will help Taurus to move the aforementioned stagnant energy that often gets trapped as a fixed sign. In return, Taurus will help Pisces recognize the power of practicality and the importance of organizing their dreams into clear actionable steps. When honored, this connection ultimately has the power to inspire, transform, and create in multitudes.

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