Gemini + Pisces

A Gemini-Pisces pairing brings a Jackson Pollock painting to mind, in the best way. The biggest commonality between these two signs is a flourishing, expansive and vibrant imagination. Where Pisces sees things in a more energetic and ethereal sense, Gemini has the mental capacity to take even the most simple of concepts and turn them into an abstract, mental dance (and vice versa). 

Gemini is a light, free-spirited, and social air sign, and Pisces is as deep as the expanses of the ocean, so when the two mutable signs combine energies, we get a seamless wave of refreshingly deep communication and creativity between two beings that understand the multifaceted nature of everything, and therefore each other.

This light and breezy duo makes for a great pairing most of the time, but there may be tensions that arise when life starts to get hard. Pisces is the feeling type that operates on a level that’s almost entirely intuitive and felt – something that can be difficult to translate into words or mental concepts in order for their Gemini partner to understand. Likewise, Pisces may feel a little alienated by Gemini’s ability to objectively assess situations, choosing with logic, to simply not care.

Still, with acceptance and understanding the two can actually benefit from the opposite ways of approaching life. Gemini will be encouraged to access the depths of their emotional and intuitive realms, whereas Pisces can access the lightness that arises with the classic trait of Gemini adaptability. Most of the time, it’s likely that this pair will connect effortlessly to the innocence that exists in the other, making for an easygoing friendship with a lot of laughs and barely any conflict. A desire to care for and understand the other will be reciprocated, creating a connection that only gets deeper with time.

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