Cancer + Scorpio

A Cancer-Scorpio pairing can feel like a dream team in so many ways. As two water signs, these two are going to feel like they finally met their match… or at least someone who understands their way of perceiving the world.

Both of these signs feel with unparalleled intensity, and they tend to use their intuitive and emotional bodies as a compass through life. This can present certain challenges, but ultimately this duo can share a deep and beautiful bond.

Scorpio has been described as “Cancer wearing a leather jacket”, and the metaphor is not entirely exaggerated. The scorpion can be a little rough around the edges for Cancer, who tends to exist in a softer and slower way. Whereas Cancer tends to retreat more when faced with any drama, toxicity or negativity in the world, Scorpio is more likely to fight back.

This pair could also be caught in a trap of projecting onto each other. That is, the traits that they don’t accept about themselves are likely to be magnified in the other, because this pair is in many ways, so similar. Still, if these two make it past that hurdle, enough beauty will arise for it to be worth it! A Cancer-Scorpio pair will be able to care for and support each other in a way that not many other signs can. These two will have a seemingly psychic connection, instantly feeling when the other is struggling, and somehow knowing the perfect remedy. These two are deeply loyal to those they care for.

With time, Cancer and Scorpio experience a depth of bond that not many others will ever access. It’s like they know each other’s souls, and this can be the case whether in platonic, romantic, or a business connection.

These two will have obstacles to work through when it comes to learning how to healthily detach from their emotions, and seeing each other in an objective way. For that reason third party mediation may be necessary from time to time. They’ll do well to keep objectivity at the forefront, as well as the fact that it’s not about winning against each other. It’s about coming out as winners, together. And when they do – what a magical bond this can be.

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