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Taurus + Aquarius

Taurus and Aquarius can spend hours debating and sharing jokes about the revolution, before going a few weeks without texting, with no drama at all. These are two signs who appreciate their own space, but when they’re back each other’s presence, it will be as if they never parted, picking up on the last intimate moment that they left off. 

Aquarians are known for their free thinking nature, keeping Taurus intrigued while encouraging them into appreciation of their own uniqueness. Both signs have a great appreciation for alone time, something which ironically helps them feel even more deeply connected. Here there will be a bonding ritual in sharing enthusiasm for all they’ve discovered and learned while away from the other. 

Aquarius has a tendency to live in the future, and for this reason, they will likely appreciate the Taurus wisdom of presence in the ‘now.’ At the same time, Taurus has much to learn from the natural Aquarian talents of innovation and manifestation.

A challenge may arise as community-oriented Aquarius does have a relatively ‘detached’ way of relating to others, including loved ones. Taurus is more of a ‘quality over quantity’ type of being when it comes to connections, so it’s important to set clear expectations with each other on this. Here, it’s important that this pair find the perfect amount of communication and quality time, and then stick with it.

Both signs may also have a hard time expressing vulnerability, emotions and feelings, also something to remain aware of. If either party feels like something is ‘off,’ the protocol should be to immediately ask. Likewise, if either member feels uncomfortable, it’s important that for the sake of the connection they step into a space of bravery, to share with the other. Scheduled check-ins where the pair speaks freely at length will help tend to things that may have otherwise gone unsaid! 

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