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Taurus + Capricorn

A connection between Capricorn and Taurus can be as ambitious as it is decadent. For Taurus, being close to this fellow earth sign will keep them motivated to achieve their greatest potential, suggesting it’s unlikely these two will ever be short of resources. This pairing will likely be sharing delicious meals, nights out and enjoying life’s finest offerings.

Capricorn will appreciate the Taurus tendency to take things slow, including building intimacy in the relationship. They may welcome the challenge with verve and precision, finding a sense of achievement in earning Taurus’ trust. Taurus will likely appreciate the Capricorn drive, and commitment to the ‘growth mindset.’ The two signs have a lot in common, such as appreciation for the material world, loyalty, and valuing of family – realms which in themselves feel wonderful to share.

Whether in friendship, work or partnership – it’s important to discuss each other’s love language and relationship styles.. With these two earth signs, there’s a high likelihood that these will involve gifts, physical touch and acts of service. Neither party is naturally particularly communicative, so this means plenty of hugs, massages and thoughtful gestures.

The Capricorn achievement-oriented style of living may be endearing at first, but could get a little old for Taurus, who’s ultimately more focused on enjoyment for enjoyment’s sake. Taurus may want to lounge on a beach, while Capricorn might want to go sightseeing or networking. If disagreements arise, it would be wise for each being to follow their individual desires, allowing the other space. These are two fairly independent signs, so there should be no issues or hard feelings here.

Taurus can be very ambitious as well, albeit in a slightly different way. This means that together, this pairing can make for a great power couple, work colleagues or mutual cheerleaders. Together, these two strong-willed earth signs will be a force to look out for!

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