September 22 - October 22

@KnowLibra Wknd Scopes 12.4 – 12.5

Libra, Happy Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius! This may be one of the most brilliant weekends we experience all year. The Sag eclipse is shaking up life as we know it, by asking us to stay true to ourselves and imagine the best case scenario manifesting before our eyes. For you, Libra, set intentions this wknd that have to do with opening up your throat chakra. There’s probably so much you’ve kept to yourself regarding your needs — take time to reflect on why this, and challenge yourself to be more vocal moving forward. 


@KnowLibra Weekly Scope 11.29 – 12.5

Libra, this is a good time to explore what you’re curious about, to communicate more, and to cross things off your to-do list. The week begins with Mercury entering the heart of the Sun, activating your exchanges. Then they come into a harmonious alignment with Chiron, the wounded healer. Talk things out within your one-on-one relationships. Say what needs to be said. You have the opportunities to heal and shed the weight of any emotional baggage that might be dragging your relationships down. Neptune goes direct mid-week, inviting you to come into a routine that resonates more with your needs. We end the week with the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. What comes from this darkness is your voice. Your ideas need to be heard. Start that podcast, book, blog, vlog, website, newsletter, or whatever means you wish to communicate through.


@KnowLibra December ’21 Scope

Libra, we kick December off with Neptune going direct, inviting you to recommit to your daily rituals. Then the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Sag happens on the 4th, inviting you to speak sweet words and offer compliments when they come to you. Bring some love into your immediate environment. There’s a lot going on this month, on the 13th Mars enters Sag, stimulating your words and ideas, and Mercury enters Capricorn, boosting your communication within your family and home. With the Full Moon in Gemini on the 18th, focus on what’s important to you, and why it’s important, and how you can live closer to that truth. Venus goes retrograde the next day, launching a time of deep soul-searching regarding your roots. The last Saturn/Uranus clash of 2021 on Christmas Eve is here to make you show up for yourself, for your practice, your what you want to be and express in the world.

I take my thoughts and interactions seriously, especially when it comes to the issues that matter most to me. I let the facts inform me, but try not to ruminate too much over the details. I also look at the big picture, and at the beliefs that tug at my heartstrings.

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About Libra

Element: Air

Mode: Cardinal

Ruling Planet: Venus, the Planet of Love and Relationships

Where Youll Find Them: Daydreaming about their lover, decorating their home, hosting a party

What They Avoid: Getting too serious too soon, explaining their emotions, making a decision

Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac an Air sign characterized by their intellect, desire for balance, and love of beauty and harmony. Libra is able to adapt to any situation theyre thrown into, and they get along with practically anyone they meet. A charming people-person, Libra is a wonderful communicator, artist, host, speaker and writers Being ruled by Venus makes Libra charismatic and aware of how the beauty that exists within and around them. Some people call Libra vain or superficial, but those are often the same people who wish they had Libras timeless aura and aesthetic.

Professionally, Libra makes a great lawyer due to their propensity for justice-related causes. Libras are also natural artists, singers, dancers, painters, actors and poets because of their desire to express their fluid emotions to a wider audience. Libras have a need for balance and fairness in their lives, so they may gravitate towards a career where they have a fair shot of advancing and achieving their goals. But sometimes Libra plays it too safe, preferring to take the tried and true route rather than risk it all. Libra isnt that comfortable with extremes, but theyd benefit from daring to tip the scales every now and then. Libra is known for using their intellect and logic over their sensitivity and intuition, but a deeper emotional analysis can benefit them in the long-run.

As a friend, Libra is a social butterfly. Many people call Libra their best friend, but Libra may not really call that many other people their best friend, because they have so many friends. Even the shyest Libras have an approachable, warm, loving demeanor about them that helps them stand out from the crowd. Libras smile and welcoming energy can open many doors for them. People feel relaxed around Libra, and Libra is able to bring harmony to every environment theyre in. The main thing Libras must work on as friends is not skimming the surface of their relationships. They should dare to dig deeper and get to know their friends on a profound level. Sometimes Libra flutters from friend to friend so easily that others question their level of investment in the friendship.

Romantically, while Libra may initially come off as an open book, once you really observe them you realize how elusive Libra really is. Like all Air signs, Libra may flutter from experience to experience, but since Libra is the most relationship-oriented sign of the zodiac theyre ultimately seeking to attract a soulmate someone who challenges them intellectually, emotionally and physically. Yes, Libra can be flirtatious and indecisive in love. But once a Libra falls in love, they focus on being present within the experience, and giving all that they can. They become attuned to their partner’s needs and more sensitive as a lover, and this crystallizes the bond.