Gemini + Sagittarius

This pairing is a zodiac opposite that can totally work. In fact, few signs have more fun than when Gemini and Sag get together. As a pair that deeply values humor and looking at the bright side, they tend to view life as their playground. They can also potentially work well together, as they operate from their incredibly different perspectives: Gemini noticing the littlest details, and Sagittarius taking in the bigger picture.

Like most fire & air duos, the fuel that keeps these two going in a seamless manner is a shared viewpoint of acceptance. These signs can be quite notorious for their shared fear of commitment, and a tendency to quickly detach (or indeed to never attach). Of course everyone deserves what they want in a relationship, but in the case of Gemini and Sagittarius, they’ll have to learn that nobody’s perfect and patience is a part of relationship building.

Plus, the greatest relationships will teach you things you didn’t know about yourself. If the two can accept each other’s differences and communicate their desires clearly (and kindly), this pairing could easily transcend power couple status.

Like other fire & air pairings, this is a connection that will most likely thrive without the pressure of commitment hanging over each others’ heads. Both signs need an incredible amount of space and independence to function at their best. They can both be known to disappear – in Gemini’s case, they disappear to open themselves up to new people, learning and experiences, and for Sag they disappear to go on adventures and “find themself”.

Magic can happen when Gemini and Sag realize they can occasionally share these journeys, and grow more intimately connected to each other in the process.

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