April 20 - May 20

KnowTaurus Wknd Scope March 24 – 26, 2023

Taurus, as the Moon is still in the pleasure seeking sign of Taurus during Friday and Saturday, it may have you feeling extra sensitive these days. On Friday Mars moves into the nurturing sign of Cancer for the next two months, after having spent 7 long months in Gemini. You’ll feel a burst of energy and motivation to express yourself creatively. Take this time to have the conversations you’ve been putting off. Just be mindful of coming off too aggressively with your words and your opinions, as Mars can make you a bit more forceful than usual. On Saturday night, the Moon moves into the exchange loving sign of Gemini. The next couple of days will be a good time to notice the conversations, comments, or facts that end up making you curious about how resources want to flow to you.

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KnowTaurus March ’23 Scope

Key Themes: Your evolution, learning about yourself, self-love, remedying loneliness, manifestation.

Lovely Taurus, March will be a chapter of growth.

There’s a momentum and reverberation of energy increasing over the next few months, and you’ll likely be feeling it. The Moon’s Nodes are moving towards wrapping up their transit of both your sign, and (your opposite) Scorpio. As the Nodes shift, they tighten into a tension with Pluto (planet of transformation). Taurus, as one of the signs currently within the nodal polarity, for you, this is big. You might be experiencing it as the feeling that something revolutionary is about to unfold – and you may just be right!

The Lunar Nodes offer us unique opportunities to grow and expand our identities beyond all we’ve ever known. This is the journey you’re currently on. It’s huge, amazing and requires grace. Honor yourself with enough rest, relaxation and nurturance. Be sure to give yourself patience, and space to embrace the learning curve. The universe wants to remind you that “mistakes” are a part of life – and closed doors simply redirect us towards more fitting open ones.

Besides, you will be given all the tools you need. On March 2nd, Mercury (planet of communication) enters Pisces. Because this activates your sector of belonging, you’ll be feeling more inclined towards group dynamics. It’ll feel both comforting and expansive to join a new class, or online community. You may have the feeling that your journey is a little more solo than you’d like it to be, in some ways. If this has been the case, trust that it can just as easily flow the other way. New friends and connections await.

Soon after (March 7th), we have our month’s Full Moon in Virgo. For you, this activates your sector of identity. As you may have already gathered, March carries a strong theme of learning about yourself, and this moon further supports that. This Full Moon is all about refining, clearing and purifying – because the sign of Virgo is methodical, logical and practical. This will be a powerful moon for laying it all out on the table Taurus. Literally. Use visual tools, such as drawing mind maps to get clear on where you’re currently at, and what you would like to see unfold over the next six months.

The theme of practical manifestation is even more present because on the same day, we have Saturn shifting into Pisces. Saturn has been in your career and finances sector, so expect to feel some full circle moments!

On March 16, the month takes a breezier turn, as your planetary ruler (Venus) enters your sign, until April 11th. This will feel like a wave of relief and solace. Here, it becomes obvious that pressure to get ahead will only stop you from enjoying the now. The universe is reminding you that you’re exactly where you’re meant to be.

This will be a good foundation to carry alongside you into Aries season (March 19th), and the start of the New Astrological year. This blank slate, reinvigorating time of the cosmos will flavor the Aries New Moon (March 21st) – one of the most significant manifestation dates of the year.

You’ll be balancing your sense of grounding(Venus in your sign), momentum (Sun in Aries), as well as connection to your inner world, as Mars moves into Cancer on March 25th. Here, all of your actions will carry more emotional charge, which can be both a positive or more challenging thing. There’s a reminder here to avoid taking things too personally.

About Taurus

Element: Earth

Mode: Fixed

Ruling Planet: Venus, the Planet of Love & Beauty

Where Youll Find Them: Planting an epic garden, reading a novel, searching for food somewhere

What They Avoid: Small talk, unnecessary outings, and unexpected change

Taurus, the second sign of the zodiac, is symbolized by The Bull. True to its symbol, Taurus is stubborn and inflexible, but also very loyal and self-aware. Taurus is all about security and practicality. They’re the type of person who can remain grounded and solution-oriented. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the Planet of Connection, and is therefore prone to seeking comfort and indulgence. Since Taurus is a sign of extremes — they vacillate between feeling very motivated and productive to feeling sluggish or complacent. As an Earth sign, Taurus benefits from spending time in nature and connecting with the world around them rather than getting lost in the material world.

Taurus is independent and loves their solitude. Professionally, they’d like a career that allows them to call the shots from behind-the-scenes. Taurus prefers working on their own rather than in a big group — they don’t like having to take direction from others. Many Taurus will end up owning their own business or working from home for this reason. Taurus is also a natural artist, but they sometimes hesitate to fully tap into that side of them because they don’t think it will be as financially secure. The ironic part is that if Taurus invests their self wholeheartedly in what they’re truly passionate about, the money and success often follows.

Taurus must learn to control their anger, because while it takes them a while to really get angry, when they do it’s not pretty. Taurus tends to hold a lot of their true self in, and this can make them hard to get to know. But once a Taurus lets you into their life, you see a side of them they rarely show anyone else. Stay on a Taurus’ good side and you’ll have a loyal friend for life. Taurus cares deeply about their friends and family and will go above and beyond for their well-being, but you have to be deserving of that energy first. Taurus has exceptionally high standards and expectations.

Being ruled by Venus makes Taurus one of the most sensual, romantic signs of the zodiac. But you wouldn’t necessarily know that upon first glance because there is a deeply guarded side to Taurus. They’re cautious of letting new people into their lives, so it will take a very patient and special person to unlock the key to Taurus’ heart and have them let down their guard. Taurus commits to those they love in an intense, often possessive way, so getting in a relationship with a Taurus is not for the faint of heart. You’re either in or you’re out with Taurus — no in-between.