April 20 - May 20

@KnowTaurus 1.19 – 1.20 Scope

The Moon is in the sign of Leo, lighting up our passion and creative self-expression. We welcome Aquarius season first thing Thursday morning. Going from a more cautious and rational approach in Capricorn, to a more clever and free-spirited one. When the Moon shifts to the sign of Virgo later this day, we may start to feel the need to get organized. Happy Aquarius season, Taurus. How are your goals for the year going so far? This month is about grounding into a deeper sense of inner drive and purpose. It’s a good time to choose a short term goal for the month that’s connected to the bigger dream. Dare to dream big. You’ll have the motivation to go forward with it. Don’t be so concerned about the deadline that you lose the bigger picture.


@KnowTaurus Weekly Scope 1.17 – 1.23

Taurus, we start the week with the first Full Moon of the year in the sign of Cancer on Monday, highlighting your area of communication. Pay attention to the insights you get. A lot of vital information wants to come your way. On Tuesday, Uranus stations direct for the next 7 months, and the North Node enters Taurus for the next year and a half. A lot of energy and possibilities will open up for you. How you present yourself to the world is going through a review and may be in need of an update. Aquarius Season kicks off on Wednesday. A time of the year with a strong focus on your professional pursuits. Give yourself the permission to invest in what you need for your work to flow with greater ease. Mercury, still retrograde, will enter the heart of the Sun on Sunday. Shining a light on the mark you want to make in the world.


@KnowTaurus January ’22 Scope

Taurus, 2022 started out with Mercury entering Aquarius and with the first New Moon of the year in Capricorn. Your mind is focused on innovating your professional path, and your heart is in the mood for new and exciting things. When Mercury goes retrograde on the 14th, your career goals may slow down a bit. Instead of getting frustrated, just take another look at the details. On the 18th Uranus goes direct just before Aquarius Season begins, pointing towards a personal change that might just be the key to your professional inquiries. The Full Moon in Cancer the next day will have you in the mood to voice your emotions. During the last week of January, Mars enters Capricorn, and Venus goes direct in the same sign. Your search for deeper truths will now lead you to break free from what’s limiting your individuation.

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About Taurus

Element: Earth

Mode: Fixed

Ruling Planet: Venus, the Planet of Love & Beauty

Where Youll Find Them: Planting an epic garden, reading a novel, searching for food somewhere

What They Avoid: Small talk, unnecessary outings, and unexpected change

Taurus, the second sign of the zodiac, is symbolized by The Bull. True to its symbol, Taurus is stubborn and inflexible, but also very loyal and self-aware. Taurus is all about security and practicality. They’re the type of person who can remain grounded and solution-oriented. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the Planet of Connection, and is therefore prone to seeking comfort and indulgence. Since Taurus is a sign of extremes — they vacillate between feeling very motivated and productive to feeling sluggish or complacent. As an Earth sign, Taurus benefits from spending time in nature and connecting with the world around them rather than getting lost in the material world.

Taurus is independent and loves their solitude. Professionally, they’d like a career that allows them to call the shots from behind-the-scenes. Taurus prefers working on their own rather than in a big group — they don’t like having to take direction from others. Many Taurus will end up owning their own business or working from home for this reason. Taurus is also a natural artist, but they sometimes hesitate to fully tap into that side of them because they don’t think it will be as financially secure. The ironic part is that if Taurus invests their self wholeheartedly in what they’re truly passionate about, the money and success often follows.

Taurus must learn to control their anger, because while it takes them a while to really get angry, when they do it’s not pretty. Taurus tends to hold a lot of their true self in, and this can make them hard to get to know. But once a Taurus lets you into their life, you see a side of them they rarely show anyone else. Stay on a Taurus’ good side and you’ll have a loyal friend for life. Taurus cares deeply about their friends and family and will go above and beyond for their well-being, but you have to be deserving of that energy first. Taurus has exceptionally high standards and expectations.

Being ruled by Venus makes Taurus one of the most sensual, romantic signs of the zodiac. But you wouldn’t necessarily know that upon first glance because there is a deeply guarded side to Taurus. They’re cautious of letting new people into their lives, so it will take a very patient and special person to unlock the key to Taurus’ heart and have them let down their guard. Taurus commits to those they love in an intense, often possessive way, so getting in a relationship with a Taurus is not for the faint of heart. You’re either in or you’re out with Taurus — no in-between.