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Aries + Virgo

As unlikely as this duo may seem, there’s a lot going for an Aries-Virgo pairing. The cardinal self-starting nature of Aries paired with the mutable and adaptable nature of Virgo makes for a productive and efficient connection where the combined drive, discipline and focus of these two can go far. 

Aries and Virgo learn a lot from each other, especially when they break through the barrier of judgment and instead, direct their talents toward solving the practical matters of life; and finding middle ground.

Fire + Earth signs are not always the most harmonious combination, so there are potential obstacles here. The foundation of this pairing will most likely be unmoving, built with practicality in mind. This could be an issue for Aries, who gets bored of routine… potentially stressing out stability-driven Virgo. For this reason: a healthy mix of routine and spontaneity is one of a few things that can keep this connection alive. 

Unless there’s an element of humor here to strengthen this connection, this pairing could also potentially fizzle out. That being said, a connection that doesn’t always reflect a vibe of ease and fun doesn’t mean there’s no connection at all. Virgo brings out Aries’ more mature, analytical side, slowing them down to a more focused and thoughtful state. In work contexts, this pairing can be particularly pleasant.


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