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Aries + Pisces

Aries and Pisces are two signs that live closely connected to their inner child. With a similar air of innocence about them, the compatibility between these two can be effortless and simple. Where Pisces is incredibly considerate and emotionally aware, Aries is assertive and one step ahead all the time. The first and last signs of the zodiac: together, they teach the other about how wide the spectrum of human nature can be –  encouraging one another to be their highest selves.

To Aries, the Pisces way of caring for another is precious and too good for words. With the watery depth to gently bring out a soft and vulnerable side of the Aries, this partnership has the potential to become incredibly close. While this duo functions best in calm, safe spaces together, a mutual love for the small things in life like good music and soft pillows adds an underrated flaming passion to the otherwise tender connection.

This pairing will involve lots of laughs and giggles. There’s always something to talk about with these two, especially when it comes to warm, anecdotal and heartfelt storytimes. In the event that Aries gets the urge to explore, Pisces is usually on board, open to experience anything that the ram leads them into. Together, they’ll inevitably have some stimulating stories to tell.

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