Sagittarius + Aquarius

Sagittarius Aquarius connections can be next level. These signs are curious to express love and connection in ways that make room for entirely new iterations of shared joy and growth. Ambition, idealism, and curiosity are common threads that often weave this duo into parallel life paths. They can be natural friends and allies, inclined toward exploration and never ending pursuit of knowledge. 

Sag and Aquarius love falling into existential rabbit holes together, imagining possibilities where most people only see walls. They’re an exciting pair to be around, which will make them incredibly attractive to some and threatening to others. 

Both of these signs define and express their closeness in ways that transcend traditional frameworks for love and partnership. It takes a lot to warm either of these signs up to the idea of labeled commitment, but it’s likely that they’ll find themselves knee deep in joyful intimacy rather than souring the vibe with a premature or restrictive title.

These open minded signs aren’t afraid to be radically honest, which makes them wonderful communicators, for the most part. This fact can also limit any possible wasted time, in the case the duo aren’t on the same page. This limits any possible resentment that could normally form between beings who suppress their emotions, rather presenting opportunities for this relationship to easefully evolve.

When this fire sign and air sign face tensions together, they’ll either fan eachothers flames or threaten to snuff eachother out. When and if they clash, it’ll be rare that either of them will have much patience to deal with friction, and this could be a downfall. Clear communication can remedy this, as well as jumping on the issue – before it’s an issue!

Both Sag and Aquarius are incredibly idealistic and convicted, ready to debate their side of things to whomever they must. It’ll be important for them to both honor one another’s individuality and resist instincts to project, so as to celebrate this likeness. Ultimately when this pair is aligned, their shared bond will reinfuse their faith in the best parts of humanity. This connection is truly beautiful to witness.

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