Gemini + Aquarius

As signs who are perhaps most likely to talk to themselves when no one’s looking… Gemini and Aquarius (or as Big Boi and Andre 3000 coined this partnership, “Aquemini”), may be the only ones capable of conversing with the other to exhaustion. Both are Air signs, meaning that they share a common interest and tendency to communicate in volumes. 

Despite Aquarius being a little more rebellious or politically-driven, they also live for taking unconventional approaches to things. This can pique the interest of Gemini, to the point that a strong connection can certainly start to spark. Both signs are most likely to commit to another when they know for a fact that adventure will always be a priority between them. 

A potential match made in heaven, Aquarius is all about embracing the unique and rare attributes of a partner. Gemini, with their free-spirited nature, is also looking to create the kind of bonds that won’t be weighed down by judgment or assumptions. This kind of friendship can allow for a full bloom of both parties, a celebration of quirks, and a deep sense of mutual encouragement.

Gemini and Aquarius get a lot done together if they have a specific mission in mind, especially when it comes to addressing or working with groups of people. There’s a whole lot of intellectual energy here, and when combined, magic can happen. 

With so much to say on both sides, these skymates are more likely to engage in a Scrabble match rather than embark on a silent meditation retreat (they may be open to challenging themselves through tryin it out though), and they provide each other a sense of calm simply through feeling their likeness. Light, seamless, innovative, and fun – this kind of connection can grow into one that lasts a lifetime.

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