Leo + Scorpio

Leo and Scorpio are both fixed signs. That is, the fiery-est of the fiery, and the wateriest of the watery. These are two beings who know who they are, what they want, and most likely how they’re going to get it. They don’t tend to settle for less than what they feel reflects their value and they won’t shy away from necessary boundary setting to achieve it. Rather than feeling threatened, if this duo finds mutual respect for the other, this could become a powerful pairing.

Leo appreciates Scorpio’s depth and intensity. The water sign is one of the more mysterious members of the Zodiac and tends to operate on levels deeper than the mundane or surface. This brave water sign goes into the realms where others shy away. It’s the ruler of shadow work, and a sign that commands respect. As a sign that prides itself on being a force to reckoned with, Leo will surely appreciate the trait exemplified within Scorpio. For the lion, this could finally feel like a match.

Leo and Scorpio could potentially face some power struggles, as both climb to be on top of their own mini hierarchy. However, if both sides get to a place of finding mutual respect, admiration and an ability to share a balanced position, this duo can achieve greatness. They’re going to have to ensure conflict never gets too far along, with healthy communication.

Scorpio will come to enjoy leaning into Leo’s sense of warmth. At their best, the lion genuinely wants to support those around them. This vibrant fire sign believes we’re all divine children, which means reaching our highest potential is simply a birthright. Leo can offer Scorpio a lighter way of looking at things as well as encouragement and motivation. Even an unhealed Leo can be so self-focused that they won’t tend to judge others – something that Scorpio can appreciate. Scorpio can be notoriously untrusting, but the child-like nature of the playful lion might just warm up their heart.

Scorpio in return will offer Leo a deep sense of emotional intelligence, wisdom and intuitive abilities that leave the lion in awe. Leo likes to show off, and Scorpio can certainly be that friend they want to brag about. These successful skymates would do well to work together on creative collaborations, as together they can cover multiple realms.

They’re also two signs who love to Love. Scorpio rules intimacy, and Leo rules all things romance. You could find these two geeking out over new rom-coms, or mutually appreciating some poetry.

Leo and Scorpio can turn heads as both enjoy to some degree, reflecting their power outwardly. Both signs are intensely loyal, making this a connection that (despite taking a little while to warm up) can stay ablaze a long time.

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