KnowSagittarius March ’23 Scope

Key Themes: Honoring emotion, new beginnings, embracing health and wellness

Sagittarius, even though this month carries the fiery spark of a New Astrological Year, for you it’s going to be equally balanced with slowness, softness and self-love.

The month kicks off with Mercury entering Pisces on March 2nd, where it will stay for approximately two weeks. In other words, the planet of communication/mental processing is entering the sign of spirit and unconditional love.

For you, this activates your sector of emotional healing and home. There’s a high chance that you’ll be feeling more empathic, sensitive and intuitive during this chapter, and if this is the case – it’s important that you honor that. Keep your social calendar as clear as feels good to you, and exercise setting boundaries when required. If you set aside chill time, make sure you fill it with activities which actually replenish your energy levels. Of course your sign’s nature is more go-go-go, but there will be a time for that.

Almost a week later (March 7th), you’ll experience a Full Moon in Virgo. For you this activates your sector of career and physical manifestation. This is the perfect moon to bridge the practical (Virgo), with the more dreamy qualities (Sun in Pisces) of your future visions. What tangible steps can you take to begin carving out a life that feels perfect for you?

This theme is heightened – because on the same day, you’ll be experiencing Saturn shifting out of Aquarius, and into Pisces. Saturn is a place where we are learning responsibility and how to deal with the practical elements of life. It also rules themes like structure, time and authority. For the last 2.5 years you’ve been on a journey with a theme of self-expression. It’ll be worth reflecting on how that’s played out, and the ways in which you’ve gained clarity or closure. How have you put yourself out there? Are you proud of yourself? Is there still any work to do?

This next Saturn cycle activates your sector of emotional processing. This evokes a journey of balancing the inner world, with the outer; making sure you don’t bulldoze your emotions and softness, on your path of creation. The two can perfectly co-exist – in fact, your manifestation potential will be that much more potent if and when they do.

On March 16, Venus enters its home sign of Taurus for roughly a month. This is Venus’ happy place, which means we’ll collectively experience an exhale. Your sector of wellness and health is activated by this Sag, and with this the universe invites you to slow it down. Prioritize yourself in ways that have previously just stayed as ideas. Whether that means drinking more water, resting, stretching daily, or meeting your own needs before others – it’s your call to make.

A huge theme of new beginnings arises on March 20th with Aries season, as well as the start of the New Astro Year. This blank page energy will feel like the potential spark you’ve been waiting for. Stay aware of any synchronicities or opportunities that arise around now, as leaning into them may just flavor your whole twelve months.

The first New Moon of the Astrological year (March 21st), is going to activate this potential further. Remember the visions that you’d explored with the last Full Moon? It’s time to revisit them with this new spaciousness and a fresh pair of eyes.
What are you ready for? Or maybe a better question: what are you waiting for?

KnowLeo March ’23 Scope

Key Themes: Embracing closed doors, patience, embodiment, a softer side, a new way of experiencing abundance

Leo, there’s been a challenging cosmic unfolding for you over the last month, and you may have gotten to a point of starting to feel somewhat defeated. The Lunar Nodes are tightening in a tension to Pluto (planet of radical transformation), and this tends to raise both our fears and discomfort. Perhaps you’ve had the feeling that you’re watching countless opportunities pass you by.

The month of March carries a message of: trusting that what’s meant to be yours, will be. Even if it feels like you’ve been experiencing non-stop closed doors, that simply means that you’re clearing out the path towards your perfect match.

Mercury entering Pisces (March 2nd) also reminds you that it’s okay to admit your vulnerability, both to yourself and others. Carrying a persona of having it all together is a big one for us Leos, but the downside to this is that it tends to cut us off from receiving support. If you constantly bury your struggle, how can anyone know that you’re reaching out for help?

The last Full Moon of the astrological year takes place in Virgo on March 7th. This provides you the perfect opportunity to connect deeply, with your own personal sense of empowerment. After challenging times, you can be the best person to hype yourself up. Affirm: this is your life, your path and you get to do it the way that suits you best. Next, step is simply figuring out (as you go) how you’ll do it. This moon offers you a huge portal of release. Let go of anything that has grown redundant, heavy or stagnant over the last twelve months, and that includes the relationships where you’re repeatedly being taken for granted.

Powerfully (on the same day as the Full Moon), we experience Saturn shifting out of Aquarius, into Pisces. Saturn is the place where we become self-authorities. This planet also rules society, tradition and time… all the serious stuff. In Aquarius, Saturn had everything to do with networking, community, and our global collective. The internet (an Aquarian invention) boomed over this last 2.5 year cycle, as the pandemic pushed us all further out of our physical lives, and into connecting within the digital ether.

As this planet now moves into Pisces, you’ll observe society shifting once again. Trends will likely take more of a distinctly spiritual flavor – and like all things Saturn, this has both light and shadow sides to it. Light side: a deeper sense of shared One-ness. Dark side: spiritual bypassing and culture wars.

On a personal level, for you this can mean embracing a softer side of yourself, even in the spheres where you usually place pressure on yourself. Dissolving the line of categorization between “work” and the rest of life, will offer you a whole new way to experience abundance Leo. In fact, it will redefine it.

The slowed pace of March turns up a gear on March 20th, the sun moves into Aries, initiating the start of a whole new astrological year. Plus, a day later (March 21st) we have our first New Moon of the Astrological year, a powerful portal for planting seeds and visions for the next twelve months. Here, the sky’s the limit Leo.

KnowCancers March ’23 Scope

Key Themes: Trust, passion, release, healing, co-creating with the universe

Cancer, March is going to bring you some powerful shifts – and they’re the good kind. Over the next four weeks, you’re going to experience closure, new approaches, plus the birth of a new cosmic cycle. There’ll be a lot moving, and this may give you a feeling of groundlessness. Remember that sometimes, that’s okay. You will occasionally move forward through life by having the rug swept out from under you. How dramatic that has to be depends on your ability to adapt and flow with what comes. A mantra for you to keep in mind for the month of March is: I focus on what I can control, and find peace with what I cannot.

The month begins with Mercury entering Pisces on March 2nd, for a few weeks. This will lead to your thoughts becoming a little more soulful and passionate. The mundane might become even less interesting than usual, and all of a sudden you’re being drawn into internet deep dives on all things esoteric and adventurous.

Allow any inspiration to come through here, because with the practical Virgo Full Moon vibes (March 7th), you’ll be able to get to work on bringing plans into reality. Activating your sector of mental processing, this moon also carries a strong theme of releasing and clearing. Virgos are notorious for being particular, and you can apply this discernment energy to your own life.

Also on March 7th, we have Saturn shifting from Aquarius, into Pisces. Saturn governs themes like structure, time and authority. This is the energy which tells us to “toughen up and get to work.” There can be a helpful truth in the last sentence, but as a Cancer, it’ll be easy to see where such ideas have been taken to unhealthy extremes in our modern culture.

Often, the “grind and hustle” mentality comes from a distrust in the universe’s ability to provide… which creates more of exactly that. Cancer, it’s not to say that you shouldn’t take action, but rather – that it can come from a more empowered state: the awareness that you can co-create the life of your dreams.
As Saturn moves into Pisces, you’ll notice that the way life (and others around you) operates, will take on a distinctly more spiritual flavor.

On March 12th, a powerful healing window arises with Jupiter conjoining the asteroid Chiron, in Aries. Chiron is known as the wounded healer, and tends to point us towards our deepest wounding. With the magnifying lens of Jupiter on it – your triggers, fears or frustrations may rise to the surface. If that’s the case, be sure to give yourself plenty of space, grace and love. From there, arises a unique opportunity to deeply heal.

We have a marathon of fire emerging from March 19th, where Mercury (planet of communication) moves into Aries. The next day, we begin Aries season, as well as the new astrological year! This is big. Think chapter-closing-new-year’s-day vibes. You might feel this as a wave of nostalgia, the desire to reflect, excitement for the future, or all of the above.

Laying all of your emotions out will be the perfect thing to do on March 21st, where we have the first New Moon of the astro year, in Aries. This powerful initiatory energy activates your sector of physical manifestation, finances and career. Plus, Mars (planet of action) moves into your sign on March 25th. If there were ever a time to fearlessly shoot your shot, this would be it!

KnowGemini March ’23 Scope

Key Themes: Career, emotional healing, spiritual connection, emotional spaciousness, closing cycles

Dear Gemini, March will be one of those months that turns everything upside down. You may not recognize your environment (or even self) on the other side, but you can trust you’re on your way to a magical place.

We begin the month with Mercury (your planetary ruler) entering Pisces on March 2nd. This powerful transit activates your sector of physical manifestation/career/finances. Pisces rules all things spiritual, and while that might almost seem like two contradictory energies – you’re being invited to recognize that’s not actually the case.

On March 7th, a major astro event furthers this theme for you. Saturn will be shifting out of Aquarius, into Pisces. You’re on a clear path of learning how you can incorporate spirit, passion and play into all of your endeavors…even tasks like completing tax returns! These next two years may see a shift in the nature of your work, as you align your career path with your soul desires.

This transit also means you’re wrapping up a major cycle regarding travel, life purpose and/or truth. It’ll be a good time to reflect on where your life was 2.5 years ago, and the many specific ways in which you’ve grown wiser.

This shift might feel quite charged, especially as we have a Full Moon in Virgo on the same day. If you’re feeling more emotional than usual, honor this. This moon activates your sector of home, family and emotional safety. If you feel inclined towards spending time in solitude, cancel your plans and create space for yourself. This can be an act of self-love.

On March 16, Venus will enter its home sign of Taurus (until May 11th). Venus is very comfortable here, and the collective tends to feel it. You might experience this as a feeling of more gratitude and love for everything around you, and now will be the perfect time to express that to anyone who needs to hear it!

On March 20th the Sun enters Aries, initiating Aries season and the start of a new astrological year. This potent energy tends to kick things up a gear, and the winds of change may start to churn. In fact, they almost certainly will with our Aries New Moon on March 21st. The first New Moon of the astro year, this one will be key for setting intentions over the next twelve months. Activating your sector of community and belonging, it could be a powerful chapter to share with loved ones or a group. Why not join your local (or online) New Moon circle?

A few days later (March 23), we have the third major astro event of the month. Pluto (planet of radical transformation) will leave Capricorn, to enter Aquarius. This cycle began all the way back in 2008, and is finally coming to a close. Gemini, because it was activating your sector of life purpose, you may have experienced more turbulence (but also growth!) than usual during these last years.

The Pluto cycle isn’t completely wrapped up though… a few more retrogrades mean Pluto will revisit Capricorn (June 11), transiting back and forth until completely moving on (November of 2024). We haven’t had this kind of slow transit between the two signs since the 1700’s, where we saw all kinds of global revolutions. This is big Gemini, And you’re ready for it.

KnowTaurus March ’23 Scope

Key Themes: Your evolution, learning about yourself, self-love, remedying loneliness, manifestation.

Lovely Taurus, March will be a chapter of growth.

There’s a momentum and reverberation of energy increasing over the next few months, and you’ll likely be feeling it. The Moon’s Nodes are moving towards wrapping up their transit of both your sign, and (your opposite) Scorpio. As the Nodes shift, they tighten into a tension with Pluto (planet of transformation). Taurus, as one of the signs currently within the nodal polarity, for you, this is big. You might be experiencing it as the feeling that something revolutionary is about to unfold – and you may just be right!

The Lunar Nodes offer us unique opportunities to grow and expand our identities beyond all we’ve ever known. This is the journey you’re currently on. It’s huge, amazing and requires grace. Honor yourself with enough rest, relaxation and nurturance. Be sure to give yourself patience, and space to embrace the learning curve. The universe wants to remind you that “mistakes” are a part of life – and closed doors simply redirect us towards more fitting open ones.

Besides, you will be given all the tools you need. On March 2nd, Mercury (planet of communication) enters Pisces. Because this activates your sector of belonging, you’ll be feeling more inclined towards group dynamics. It’ll feel both comforting and expansive to join a new class, or online community. You may have the feeling that your journey is a little more solo than you’d like it to be, in some ways. If this has been the case, trust that it can just as easily flow the other way. New friends and connections await.

Soon after (March 7th), we have our month’s Full Moon in Virgo. For you, this activates your sector of identity. As you may have already gathered, March carries a strong theme of learning about yourself, and this moon further supports that. This Full Moon is all about refining, clearing and purifying – because the sign of Virgo is methodical, logical and practical. This will be a powerful moon for laying it all out on the table Taurus. Literally. Use visual tools, such as drawing mind maps to get clear on where you’re currently at, and what you would like to see unfold over the next six months.

The theme of practical manifestation is even more present because on the same day, we have Saturn shifting into Pisces. Saturn has been in your career and finances sector, so expect to feel some full circle moments!

On March 16, the month takes a breezier turn, as your planetary ruler (Venus) enters your sign, until April 11th. This will feel like a wave of relief and solace. Here, it becomes obvious that pressure to get ahead will only stop you from enjoying the now. The universe is reminding you that you’re exactly where you’re meant to be.

This will be a good foundation to carry alongside you into Aries season (March 19th), and the start of the New Astrological year. This blank slate, reinvigorating time of the cosmos will flavor the Aries New Moon (March 21st) – one of the most significant manifestation dates of the year.

You’ll be balancing your sense of grounding(Venus in your sign), momentum (Sun in Aries), as well as connection to your inner world, as Mars moves into Cancer on March 25th. Here, all of your actions will carry more emotional charge, which can be both a positive or more challenging thing. There’s a reminder here to avoid taking things too personally.

KnowAries March ’23 Scope

Key Themes: Spiritual perspectives, shedding and growing, emotional release, celebration

Aries, March will be huge. Not only do we enter your sign’s season, and experience an equinox – two major planets are wrapping up major cycles. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves!

The month kicks off with Mercury entering Pisces on March 2nd, where it will remain for roughly two weeks. When the planet of communication enters the sign of spiritual transcendence, things can get a little trippy. Not only will you feel more connected to unconditional love, and the divine magic in all things – you’ll probably notice the lines between internal and external worlds blurring. Manifestation can arise much faster from your spoken words, with this kind of transit… so be mindful of the kinds of conversations (internally too) that you’re having.

Because this all illuminates your sector of spiritual connection, you may notice your thoughts changing flavor. It’ll be easier to access objectivity, and a kind of “bigger picture” perspective, which will feel like mental clarity.

Five days later (March 7th), we have our month’s Full Moon in Virgo. Aries, for you this activates your sector of refinement and wellness. Perfect timing, as you’re not far from your solar return. You can think of this as spring cleaning energy. It’ll be a powerful time to consciously clear out any stagnant energy from your life. Is there anything (or anyone) that you feel ready to release? Think: unhealthy mental loops, toxic relationships, procrastination patterns and so on. You’re giving yourself a self-loving detox.

On the same day, one of 2023’s most notable astrological events unfolds, with Saturn shifting out of Aquarius. Aries, as this planet moves into Pisces, you may notice things taking more of a distinctly spiritual flavor – and like all things Saturn, this will have both light and shadow sides to it. Life, and the world are going to feel a little different. The good news is, now that you’ve read your monthly astro guide, you’ll be able to put your finger on why, and to simply witness the unfolding.

Aries, on March 12th, the month presents you another auspicious window: Jupiter conjoining the asteroid Chiron, in your sign. This is going to grant you an incredibly expansive portal of healing. Chiron (also known as the wounded healer) points us towards the areas of our deepest wounding.

This illuminative chapter will give you a chance to (if you so choose) see your fears and sore spots much more clearly. From awareness, healing transmutation and wisdom can arise. It’ll be a good time for an emotional release. Cry if you need to – sometimes it’s the best medicine for letting go of grief.

The total opposite cosmic vibes arrive a week later, when Mercury enters your sign (March 19th), followed by the Sun the very next day (March 20th). Aaaaand… it’s Aries season baby! This, plus the Spring or Fall Equinox, depending on your hemisphere, as well as the start of a new astrological year. Huge.

Just a day later (March 21st) we have our first New Moon of the Astrological year – one of the most powerful portals for planting new seeds of intention. And guess what? It’s in your sign. Aries, this night (and the days surrounding) will feel like the burst of momentum you’ve been waiting for. The sky’s the limit, the question simply is: what do you want to create in your life?