KnowCapricorn December ’23 Scope

Key themes: journey of self-discovery, cultivating space for togetherness, rest and renewal, heart-felt conversations, healing old wounds, leisure time, connection with your inner child

Dear Capricorn,

The month of December begins with Mercury moving into your sign on the 1st. This will be a great time for your personal goals, as you’ll have just the right words to describe and jot down your long-term plans. This time will help bring focus and structure to your journey of self-discovery, allowing you to get closer to who you truly are. Trust yourself, trust your decisions, and go forward with what you want.

Venus, the Planet of Love and Beauty, will enter the depths of Scorpio on the 4th, where it will be until the 29th. This happens in your area of networks and the causes that move you. This is a time for sweetness, a time to get closer to the communities that nourish your soul. You’ll be able to see where you or your friends are misusing your power within the group dynamics. Instead of voicing this, try and cultivate the space to bond over what brings you together, what really matters, what really connects you. This kind of Venus magic can sometimes be more transformative than calling each other out.

Neptune will go direct on the 6th in Pisces, where the boundaries that hold your perspectives and ideas have been breaking apart. It’s like when you get to one idea, it breaks apart to let more expansive points of view in, and the same goes for your daily life rituals. It’s been hard to hold things in place, and there are still a couple more years of this left to go. You’re being invited to flow, to be present with your surroundings.

We have the New Moon in Sag on the 12th, at 6:32 pm EST, happening in the deepest area of your chart. This is an invitation to connect with your inner realm. This is a time for rest and renewal. The most healing thing you can do right now is give yourself some alone time, slow down, and turn off all screens for a while. Make a ritual out of resetting your body, mind and spirit. Make a ritual out of taking a day off to let go, release, and make space for your feelings to be felt.

On the 13th, Mercury goes retrograde until January 1st, giving the end of 2023 a reflective mood. This time gives you a chance to review where you’re at within your journey of self-discovery. Who are you becoming right now? Who do you wish to become? The first 10 days of this transit will be a time to get deep with the details of your plans for the year to come.

We welcome Capricorn season on the 21st, shining a light on the reflective journey that Mercury retrograde is taking you through. For you the end of the year is always about who you are, your identity and sense of self. Trust your structure and know that you are worthy of freedom. Give yourself more room to move and roam free. This is a time for renewal. Don’t try to force things. Allow for the process to occur.

Then on the 23rd Mercury moves back into Sag, connecting you with the things that were going on during the last week of November in regards to your mental and emotional health, offering a deeper perspective.

On the 26th, we have the Full Moon in Cancer, becoming exact at 7:33 pm EST, shining a light on your partnerships, one-on-one relationships and commitments. Have the heart-to-heart. Bring your vulnerability. Let things be extra within your closest relationships. Start all over again if you have to. Be there for all of the emotions that come up. Be there for the healing that wants to occur. Your partners need your presence.

Also on the 26th, Chiron goes direct in Aries in your area of home, family and ancestry. Remember that there is so much medicine available in tracing back those childhood and ancestral wounds that keep causing you pain. It’s not about making it go away, it’s about being able to hold it and to use it as compost helping you grow deep and stronger roots.

On the 29th, Venus will enter Sag, where it will be for the next 26 days, inviting you to take a journey through your spiritual, compassionate and inner realms. Allow yourself to rest. Do more of what renews your energy. Connect with the pleasure that you’re capable of experiencing when you let go. Honor the time and energy it takes to do life. If the world has yet to compensate you for all that you do, make sure you acknowledge yourself and your efforts. Lean on your support groups, the ones that know how to love and respect you.

As Jupiter goes direct in Taurus on the 30th, allow yourself to play. Connect with your inner child. Listen to them and indulge their desires. What would this look like? Think less, your impulsive side is dying to come through. Play and leisure can be sacred if you allow it to. This is a great energy to close the year and to think about your New Year’s Resolutions.

2023 hasn’t been easy, personally or collectively, and 2024 will be a year of big shifts and revelations with Pluto moving into Aquarius. We are moving towards the world we want to see come true, and even if at times we may feel close to losing hope, we’ll all be creating the kinds of connections and communities where we feel more supported within our personal and collective dreams. Connection is what will create the possibilities that will overshadow the feelings of hopelessness.

As Mercury goes direct in Sag on the first day of 2024, start the year with this mantra “I allow myself to go into the dark, and to sleep as much as I have to. I don’t make deadlines my number one priority. Instead, my need for deep rest and renewal takes center stage. How I move about my day is important. I slow down and tap into what my body asks of me”.

KnowCapricorn November ’23 Scope

Key themes: creative potential, the power of your voice, rest, relax, renewal, making space for deep healing, honoring the relations that are worthy of your energy, cultivating healthy routines and practices

Dear Capricorn, we may all still be feeling a bit jet lagged from the eclipse season. What hunger have you been left with when it comes to your creations and creative flow? The post eclipse energy, what’s left of the year, and all of 2024 will be about grounding into your fullest potential. About allowing your creative self-expression the time, tenderness and patience to form strong roots. About letting go, and allowing for the playfulness that you’ve been tapping into to be a more integral part of who you are.

November arrives with Saturn shifting to go direct on the 4th in the ethereal sign of Pisces. This is happening in your area of communication, ideas and daily activities, where for the past months you’ve been reviewing the power of your words, and what can be transformed and uplifted even within the most mundane of exchanges and conversations. Remember that your perspective matters. It almost seems as if the media wants there to be only two ways of thinking, only two ways to live life, only two groups of truths to stand by. Don’t let this take away from the deeply detailed nuances that you’re capable of touching on when it comes to reasoning and analyzing situations, personal experiences, people, politics, and the media.

On the 8th, Venus, the Planet of Love and Beauty, will leave Virgo to enter its home sign of Libra, where it will be until December 4th. Happening in your area of professional pursuits and long-term goals, this is an invitation to become softer and to offer yourself some grace. Stop pressuring yourself so much, stop being so hard on yourself. It isn’t you, you aren’t wrong for not having accomplished everything you’ve set your heart and mind to. The world is getting harder and harder, there are more and more obstacles every day. Last stage capitalism is no joke. So allow yourself to soften. I’m not saying that you should stop trying, that’s not it, please keep going after all of your wildest dreams. But also please have enough tenderness to not beat yourself up, and instead hold yourself close when things get complicated. This is a good time to do some networking, your magnetism will be lit.

On the 10th, Mercury, the Planet of Communication and Exchange, will enter the wisdom-seeking sign of Sag, where it will be until December 1st, traversing your inner realms, the deepest area of your chart that rules the spiritual. This is a plea to find pockets within your day to relax your mind. With social media on top of everything that is happening worldwide, we are overstimulated with an excess of information that ranges between a new tiktok trend and brutal massacres. It’s A LOT. It’s important to keep informed and to do your part if you can, but it’s also important, and especially for you with this transit, to find ways to shut the mind off. Sleep more, spend more time off any kind of screen, find meditative practices that can help slow down your nervous system and relax more deeply. Go out into nature, walk barefoot on the earth.

The New Moon in Scorpio is happening on the 13th, exact at 4:27 am EST, in your area of friendships and communities, emphasizing the energy you’ve been swimming in since Scorpio Season began on October 23rd. I’ve been hearing a lot lately about people going through friendship breakups. If this is your case, this New Moon will shed some light and offer clarity regarding the reasons for why it happened. The darkness of the Moon can help you heal the pain that is still present. If it was your bad, you’ll be able to tap more deeply into how you faulted, and to commit more fiercely to working on how you want to be there for your people. You may also receive information about the groups you’re a part of, and the hard conversations that are needed.

On the 22nd, we move into Sag Season, as the Sun shifts into the sign of the Centaur, shining a light on the depths of your emotional and spiritual realms. This is the time of the year for you to pause, to slow down. There’s a lot for you to let go of from the past eleven months. No one more than you knows what it takes to do life and make things happen, so give yourself the chance to look within, and to honor yourself for wherever it is that you are in life right now —emotionally, physically, professionally, spiritually, mentally. Honor yourself for your awareness. There is much deep healing available for you during this month, so create the space to be held.

On the 24th, Mars moves in the sign of Sag as well, where it will be until January 4th, inviting you to allow for your actions and impulses to be softer, wiser and more intentional. Also, you’ll have so much energy to dig deep and to rid yourself of what is no longer serving you. This is a beautiful time for healing.

The Full Moon in Gemini is happening on the 27th, exact at 4:16 am EST, in your area of work, health and wellness practices. This Moon is here to support you in all of the emotional, spiritual and psychic healing and liberation that you’re going through. It’s a reminder that you are also a body, and that your body needs the right kind of sustenance, practices, and routines for it to stay healthy and active, and have more fertile energy and space for the magic of your inner waters to flourish.

I’ll leave you with a poem from Nayyirah Waheed that says: “you don’t have to be a fire for every mountain blocking you. you could be a water and soft river your way to freedom.”

KnowCapricorn October ’23 Scope

Key themes: owning your authority, speaking up and being more present in your professional life, trusting your intuition, taking up space, networking, getting real about your role in the world, community, the causes that move you, creativity and playfulness

Dear Capricorn, the month of October begins by offering you the invitation to trust your own authority. Disrupt what no longer serves. Take a step back, and think about the kind of projects you truly want to be involved in, and the kind of change you wish to make through them. As Mercury, the planet of communication, will be transiting the balance loving sign Libra in the area of your professional life, this will be a great time for negotiations and team-building, as you’ll hold a greater ability to find the balance between your needs and that of others when it comes to your work and your projects.

On the 8th, Venus is entering Virgo, where it will be during the next month, bringing some sweetness into your philosophical journeys. Humble yourself. Become a student of life. Remember that every single thing in life has the ability to teach you something new. Get curious about the people that come into your life just at the right time. Practice trusting the timing of things, and holding space for awe. Wherever your intuition gravitates towards, follow.

Pluto is going direct on the 10th, where it will make its last stretch through your sign before heading back into Aquarius in January. These last 15 years of Pluto transiting Capricorn have been especially intense for you, as it has been transforming you on a deeply personal level. How have you learned to trust yourself to take up space in the world, especially when it feels uncomfortable? How have you learned to embody your potency?

On the 12th, Mars will enter its home sign of Scorpio, helping us all get deep and serious about the pursuit of our goals. Your connections will have a more powerful impact during this time. Your groups and the meetings that take place will have an extra ability to move you towards the direction of your dreams. This is a great time for some networking. Reach out to those folks that you wish to work, collaborate or co-create with.

Eclipse Season is back, as we welcome the New Moon Annular Solar Eclipse in Libra becoming exact at 1:55 pm on the 14th. A deeper need will be revealed when it comes to a business venture, a collaboration, or the position you occupy in your professional life. This is a good time to ask yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing. It may be time to become more selective when it comes to who you exchange your creative energy with. With this Eclipse may come recognition, make sure you’re recognizing yourself for all that you do. Be mindful of what is developing within your career. What you plant here now will have a tremendous impact on your future projects.

We welcome Scorpio Season, with Mercury entering Scorpio on the 22nd, followed by the Sun on the 23rd. This is a time to check in on how you show up for your community. Your friendships, your groups and the causes you share is what will move you and also challenge you this season. Make sure not to move with inercia. Your dynamics with friends and colleagues may be in need of some adjustment. Remain super aware of any tensions that arise and how you’re showing up for them.

The month of October comes to an end with the second Eclipse of the Season, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, becoming exact at 4:24 pm on the 28th. Creativity isn’t a means to an end, it’s its own gift, a journey in itself. This Eclipse wants you to tap into the timing and the tempo of your own expression and creative flow. What you’ve got to give is one of a kind. Get to know it in order to unlock its fullest potential. Work on cultivating the tenderness and the passion to learn from your own process. Tapping into your joy and playfulness can be such a very healing thing to do right now.

KnowCapricorn September ’23 Scope

Key themes: trust issues, remaining open to explore new perspectives and approaches to life, choosing who you share yourself with and respecting your limits, tapping not your inner child, connecting with your playful side, trusting where you’re at on the road to your life goals

Dear Capricorn,
You may be rethinking your beliefs, checking in to see if they still align with your journey. Mercury retrograding through your area of expansion may have you coming up against the obstacles that are getting in the way of what you know can help open up your world. Be patient. Be observant. Allow yourself to explore new ideas and new approaches to life. This can serve in overcoming what is getting in your way.

Venus is finally stationing to go direct on the 3rd, after having taken you on a ride during the past 40 days through your collaborations, co-creations and spaces of intimacy. Things will still be falling into place until October 7th when Venus comes out of its post-retrograde shadow phase. This is your time to choose what you share with others, especially when it comes to your time, energy and resources.

The next day, on the 4th, Jupiter will station to go retrograde for what is left of the year. Jupiter is currently transiting your area of creative self-expression and romance. These next four months of Jupiter’s retrograde motion will be about reviewing how you wish to keep expanding the ways you experience pleasure, creativity, and play. Jupiter wants you to make time for the simple pleasures. Connect to the small delights that you love the most. This is an abundant time for your creative projects. But there’s no need to rush, take things slow. Trust that leisure time can be a great way to get your creative juices flowing.

On the 6th, Mercury will enter the heart of the Sun during its retrograde motion, offering some clarity regarding the path you’re currently on and how you wish to keep expanding your life. Which beliefs or current life perspectives do you feel may be limiting your ability to move forward?

We have the New Moon in Virgo on the 14th, at 9:40 pm EST, reminding you that it’s ok to get it wrong, as long as you’re willing to keep learning and moving forward. Take the leap, and try not to get discouraged if you don’t get the opportunities you desire. As you keep moving forward you’ll create that chance for yourself or an even better one will come along. Commit with the long-game in mind. Setbacks only represent more knowledge for you in this game. You’ll become clever about choosing and knowing where the real deal is at. Steer clear of unnecessary power struggles and drama. The lighter the load the further the reach.

On the next day, the 15th, Mercury will station to go direct, and things will begin to speed up a bit. You may feel your sense of direction returning. Feelings of being lost and unmoored will begin to loosen up little by little and you’ll be able to have clearer vision when looking forward, until the 29th where we’ll all be more in the clear once the post-retrograde period is over.

We welcome Libra Season on the 23rd, shining a light on your professional goals and aspirations. This is your time to get seen for the things you do out in the world. There’s a lot you can accomplish and get done, but try not to push yourself too far over your limit. Take it slow, remember the lessons that Jupiter is teaching you about all of the magic that is capable of coming through you when you allow for leisure, play and pleasure. Do your best to find a balance that feels right, where you don’t burn out from doing too much, and where you don’t end up feeling that you’re not doing enough.

On the 29th, we will have the Full Moon in Aries at 5:57 am EST, inviting you to explore what makes you feel safe, nourished and grounded. Bring awareness to the parts of your past that come to visit and the messages they bring about your present. This is an invitation to pause and to celebrate your successes. No matter where you are in your journey, congratulate yourself for what you’ve been able to accomplish up until now. Pauses are part of the path towards progress. Remember that your value is the same whether you’re going through a great time in your career or a time of mishaps or transformation. It is all part of a longer process. Trust where you are now.

KnowCapricorn August ’23 Scope

Key themes: celebrating your talents and resources, finding the richness in collaboration, making space for the uncomfortable conversations, stretching your ideas of the world, coming out of your comfort zone, revisiting your long-term plans

Dear Capricorn, we kick the month of August off with the Full Moon in Aquarius becoming exact at 2:31 pm EST, on the 1st. This happens in your area of resources, talents and sense of self-worth. Take a look at the bounty of your financial planning. Instead of focusing on what you lack, celebrate the ways in which you’re already well-resourced. Celebrate the growth you’ve already accomplished. Appreciate any material blessings that find their way to you now, but don’t make this the central focus. It’s important that you also pay attention to and honor the abundance available within your skills and talents.

Venus will be retrograde throughout all of the month of August and into the first days of September. This is an event that happens once every 18 months, and brings with it a deeper understanding to what we want from our relationships, how our current relationships are flowing and how open we are to intimacy. This 40 day transit is happening in Leo in your area of intimacy and shared resources. Venus is giving you the chance to get to know the parts of you that make it hard to collaborate or co-create with others. Does your idea of others keep you from merging your energy with them? Would it be possible for you to try entering into a collaboration with honest curiosity, allowing the chance to get to know others beyond your initial or superficial ideas of them? Disappointment is always an option, but you may also be very pleasantly surprised.

On the 16th, we have the New Moon in Leo, highlighting this Venus retrograde process. This will be an especially intense Moon, as it will also be conjunct Black Moon Lilith and square Uranus, bringing focus to your current collaborations and how to make the work. If a certain partnership feels stagnant or off, this is a good time to put ego and expectations aside in order to figure out how and where the relationship is in need of a check-up. Holding space for the uncomfortable conversations is always healing.

Welcome Virgo season! Stretching our understanding of the world may sometimes feel threatening. But during this month, it’s the best way to plant seeds for the future. This Virgo Sun is inviting you to leave your comfort zone regularly in order to know yourself more deeply and expansively. Mercury also goes retrograde here in Virgo on the same day, the 23rd, reminding you that if you’ve gotten the most out of the places and groups where you frequent, if you feel there’s no more space to grow, it might be time to wander towards new and more challenging horizons.

On the 27th, Mars shifts from Virgo to Libra into your area of professional aspirations and long-term goals. Mars will be offering you the energy needed to make realistic plans towards your life goals, and you’ll have the focus to take them head on. You can make strides in your career and your public image right now. You may also feel like you have to set an example for others, and it’ll be easier for you to stand up for what you believe in.

On the next day, Uranus will be going into its yearly retrograde phase for the next 5 months. What helps you tap into the freedom needed to fully express yourself? What proves to be a barrier towards your self-expression? You’re gaining more and more clarity to this. Make sure to work on getting rid of the obstacles that block your path.

We end the month of August with the Full Moon in the sign of Pisces becoming exact at 9:35 pm EST, on the 30th. This happens in your area of communication, immediate environment and daily rituals, shining a light on what works in your daily life. Deadlines may be felt more strongly right now. This Moon wants to help you work on not taking what the outside world is expecting from you so personally. It also wants to remind you to be present within life’s small moments while you’re working towards life’s larger plans.

The north node in Aries and the south node in Libra have been settling into your area of home and family and your area of professional pursuits and long-term goals, respectively. Your quest for belonging is what will be giving you direction during the next 18 months, and this may even lead to a drastic change in your life path.

KnowCapricorn July ’23 Scope

Key themes: your potential, acting with courage, believing in yourself, coming out of your comfort zone, exchanges that can lead towards financial support, healing your past, co-creation.

Dear Capricorn, as July begins it sparks your personal power with the Full Moon in your sign becoming exact on the 3rd at 7:38 am EST. What have you been growing yourself into during the past months? How have you become more aware of your potential? What do you feel like doing with all of this? Proceed with courage! You’ve put so much work into yourself and your life path. Take a moment to acknowledge this, thank yourself, celebrate yourself. Make some time to get deeper into your journey of self-care. You deserve it.

As Mars enters Virgo on the 10th, it urges you to seek out places, people, and experiences that leave you feeling like your world has stretched. Any time consciously spent outside of your comfort zone will help nurture your drive to explore, understand, and expand your inner horizons. Push yourself towards seeing life from a broader perspective during the next month and half.

On the 11th, we have another shift in energy when Mercury moves into Leo in your area of intimacy, collaboration, and shared resources. This is an ideal time to delve into the networks of exchange, sharing, lending and debt. Explore what might be available to you in the form of loans, grants, credit, scholarships, or anything that can offer financial support. Connections and conversations can lead to fruitful exchanges. Also, the more you put your pain into words this next two and a half weeks the less stuck and clouded things will feel.

As the North Node enters Aries for the next 18 months on the 17th, it reminds you about the parts of your past that are in need of attention, compassion, and understanding. This will be a time to witness yourself and your foundations from a wider perspective. This will take patience. It’s a time to appreciate yourself for all you’ve gone through, and recommit to telling your own tale. Connect with your truth, tend to detangling and reweaving your own journey.

The Sun enters the passionate sign of Leo on the 22nd, shining a light on your ability to merge yourself and your resources with another. Venus goes retrograde on the same day, and will be in backwards motion for the next six weeks. What will come up for review will have to do with what keeps you from collaborating and co-creating with others. Instead of judging yourself for what you do and don’t do, get to know yourself more deeply. Become curious about why you are like you are and act like you do. Being vulnerable and understanding with yourself is the first step toward more open and honest bonds.

On the next day, Chiron goes retrograde in Aries boosting the lessons that the North Node has in store for you. There are things from your past that are in need of healing. This is an ideal time to dig in, identify them and make space for process and release. This will help you own your own life story.

Pluto will find itself right in the middle between the North and South Node on the 23rd, 25th and 28th, connecting you with the deep transformation that you went through during the past years. Here Pluto is serving as a link between the past and the future, pointing towards what we need to let go of in order to move forward. Pluto is inviting you to own this new you. Own what you perceive as flaws as much as you own your gifts and talents. You’re being able to touch on the potential that you’re meant to embody in the world.

On the 28th, Mercury will enter Virgo, inviting you to look into the rules and structures that dominate your way of thinking. Check in to see if you’re abiding by rules that are too constricting. This may end up limiting or even extinguishing your creative fire. Find and cultivate more expansive and sustaining rules, ones that offer space to roam.