@KnowCapricorn October ’21 Scope

Capricorn, the New Moon in Libra will be on the 6th. What you begin now can help you reach your goals. Don’t overthink and let your heart guide you. This same day Pluto goes direct, pushing you to bring more presence where you’ve felt disempowered within yourself. Venus’ move into Sag may spark the need for secrecy in your love life. Mid October, Saturn and Jupiter both go direct in your area of resources. Working harder and taking a more practical approach in your finances isn’t fun, but I promise that it’ll help you reap abundance. Mercury also finally goes direct, bringing more ease and movement into your career. Your ideas can come out into the public view more clearly now. The Full Moon in Aries on the 20th will bring awareness to something new regarding your need for security. A process that started 6 months ago within your family may come to completion now. By the end of the month the energy shifts towards Scorpio, with the Sun and Mars making it’s entrance in your area of community. Follow your deep desire for belonging.

@KnowCapricorn September ’21 Scope

Capricorn, open up to new experiences. The New Moon in Virgo on the 6th wants to align you with your aspirations and expand your views. Getting out of your comfort zone and connecting to things that attract you may be the best way to do so. Venus’ move into Scorpio in your area of friends can spark a romance with someone in your network. With Mars entering Libra in your area of career you’ll have all the energy you need to conquer your goals. The Full Moon in Pisces on the 20th, will be a time to listen to your insights and renew your daily routines. By the end of the month, The Sun moves into your area of long-term goals and Mercury goes retrograde here as well. Are you happy with the work that you’re doing? It may be time to align yourself with the things that you want to achieve in life.

@KnowCapricorn August ’21 Scope

Capricorn, the New Moon in Leo happening on the 8th will shine a light on the baggage you’re carrying around as a result of others. The first 3 weeks of the month you’ll be dealing with vulnerability, intimacy, trust, truth, secrets, fear and trauma. Breathe deep, stay aware, and take good care of your boundaries without closing off. With Uranus retrograding in your area of creativity and romance on the 19th, let yourself have some fun. Explore new ways of self expression. Open up to dating different people, or someone you’d thought you’d never be interested in. Explore new ways of spicing up your relationship. Come the 22nd, the Full Moon in Aquarius will bring up your feelings surrounding money. Reassess your cash flow, and make sure to take your pleasure into consideration.

@KnowCapricorn July ’21 Scope

Life is being much sweeter to you this month, Capricorn. You’ve made it past eclipse season and your ruler Saturn is still chillin’ in its retrograde motion, inviting you to let go of the need to constantly be doing more, more, more. This month, the less you do, the more you soar, and the happier you’ll feel. Use the Cancer New Moon on the 9th (and the 10 days that follow) to get clear about the people you want to have around you. Yes, it’s important to be selective, but also try to remain open-minded, because the right person could come in a different “packaging” than you’d expect. The Aquarius Full Moon on the 23rd helps you cultivate the art of healthy emotional detachment, while also helping you make and multiply money in innovating and regenerative ways.

@KnowCapricorn May ’21 Scope

Pluto spends its first full month retrograde in your sign this month, Capricorn, and Saturn, your planetary ruler, begins its retrograde in Aquarius on May 23. You’ll feel the pre-shadow effects of this retrograde as soon as the month begins, and since it’s activating your sector of security, it’s likely that money will be on your mind. You may be making it already, but is there a way to make it in a more easeful, flowing way? That’s what you’ll find yourself reflecting on. That may mean switching up your career or thinking of what your ideal work routine feels like.