KnowCapricorn March ’23 Scope

Key themes: honest and loving communication, experiences that expand your world, cultivating space for joy and pleasure, trusting your creative process, home, familial relationships, creating comfortable and nurturing moments for yourself.

Dear Capricorn, the month of March brings focus to the development of your mystical and intellectual pursuits and how you express yourself through them, as well as how you nurture your relationships and create a safe and comfortable environment for yourself and your loved ones. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and trust that this openness will bring you closer to the people who matter the most.

As Mercury enters Pisces on the 2nd in your area of communication, get ready to tap into your mystical side. As a sea goat, you are already in touch with the mystical energies available up high and down below. Mercury will be here until the 19th, reminding you of the magic that exists all around. You may find yourself drawn to your neighborhood and local community, eager to share your wisdom and knowledge with those around you.

As the Full Moon arrives at the sign of Virgo at 7:40 am EST on the 7th, it will feed your thirst for adventure and exploration. You will be hungry for knowledge and experiences that expand your perspectives, and your discontent with the status quo will be high. Make sure that what you learn and discover is not just about the places you go, but also about the new worlds that open up within you as a result.

As Saturn sets up camp in Pisces for the next two and a half years in your area of daily life, your focus will shift to the mundane aspects of your existence. Things could get real busy real fast, and you may find yourself caught up in the chaos of your daily activities, habits, and interactions. This will lead you to reasses the structure days, and to make positive changes and imbue your daily life with a sense of divine intention.

On the 12th, Jupiter will join Chiron in the sign of Aries in your area of foundations, emotional stability and ancestry, bringing some (conscious or unconscious) deep emotional healing to your family, home and/or roots. Be present your emotions and trust that things are shifting and mending deep within.

When Venus enters Taurus on the 16th in your area of joy, romance and creative self-expression, it’s time to indulge in pleasure and inspiration, and to get a little flirty. With Venus here until April 11th, allow yourself to be playful. Cultivate your connection to your body and to the earth. Grant yourself permission to revel in the things that bring you joy. Whether it’s spending time in nature, baking your favorite dessert, or exploring a new artistic pursuit, listen to your inner child and follow your creative impulses.

Mercury enters Aries on the 19th, followed by the beginning of Aries Season on the 20th and the New Moon (also in Aries) on the 21st, all of this in your area of home, family and ancestry. You may feel a strong desire to build a home for your whole self, and this may require you to take an honest look at your past and acknowledge the experiences that have shaped you. It may also require that you honor yourself for all of the pain that you’ve healed and moved on from. Acknowledge what is ending and welcome what is arriving, and do so while enjoying the ride as much as possible. Your journey cannot be summed up into an inspirational quote. Life is messy, the Hollywood kind of stories hardly happen in real life. Trust your process and trust that your hard work, dedication and commitment will lead you to the kind of happiness you long for.

Starting on the 23rd, and extending until June 11th, Pluto will be giving us a taste of its new chapter in the sign of Aquarius. For you, this great generational transit will bring intense transformation to your sense of self-worth and how you view yourself. You’ll find yourself questioning what you truly value in life and why, as Pluto encourages you to dive deep and uncover the core motivations behind your attachments.

The month begins to come to a close with Mars entering Cancer on the 25th. With this surge of martial energy in your area of partnerships, your closest relationships may feel more intense. During this transit that extends up to May 20th, you may experience some challenges as interactions with others become more prone to arguments or misunderstandings. This is an opportunity to reflect on your own growth edges and explore how you can be vulnerable and compassionate with your lovers, friends and creative collaborators even in the face of conflict.

Overall, the energy of the month is inspiring you to communicate from the heart and act on your desire to connect with your loved ones on a deeper level. Allow your passion and intensity to be palpable, and those around you will feel blessed by the warmth of your energy.

KnowCapricorn February ’23 Scope

Key themes: healing, intimacy, putting your resources into what you value the most, listening to your inner voice and expressing yourself from it, daring to love and connect.

Dear Capricorn, the month of February opens up with Ceres, the asteroid of motherly nurture, going retrograde in Libra on the 3rd. Happening in your area of aspirations and long-term goals, it’s a nice time to nurture and to bring some warmth into your career goals and your professional identity.

The Full Moon in the passionate sign of Leo will happen on the 5th, at 1:28 pm EST, in your area of shared energy and transformation. This is a powerful time to work on releasing old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you. The energy is set for healing, and your character will be deeper and more analytical. Take advantage of this and dive deep into your inner realms to discover what truly brings you fulfillment and what may be holding you back. Share yourself and your passion with the ones that are there to hold space for all of your intensity. Make at least one bold move towards the life you desire.

Vesta, the asteroid of devotion and commitment, begins a new run around the zodiac on the 7th as it moves into Aries, activating a sense of devotion for the space you inhabit. This can be a time to take charge of your personal space and create a home that truly reflects who you are and what you want.

On the 11th, Mercury —the Messenger— moves into your area of resources and self-worth, in the sign of Aquarius. You may find yourself re-evaluating what truly holds value in your life. How do your beliefs about money align with your actions? It’s an ideal time for you to look into the limiting beliefs and ideas about money and material possessions that you may hold. Play and explore new and unconventional ways of thinking about your resources. Reflect on what you truly need to be happy and fulfilled.

Pallas, the asteroid of wisdom and strategic thinking, will enter your area of partnerships in the sign of Cancer on the 16th. Trust your intuition when it comes to your one-on-one relationships. It’ll be easier for you to use your wisdom and your emotional intelligence to create healthy and supportive connections.

On the 18th, the Sun’s exit from Aquarius will give way to Pisces Season, followed by the New Moon also in the dreamy sign of Pisces, on the 20th at 2:06 am EST, activating your area of communication and daily tasks. Your intuition and inner voice will be more present than usual, making it a wonderful time to tap into your imagination. Work on letting go of any fears or doubts you may have about expressing yourself. Identify the communication skills that come natural to you and work on ways to fine-tune them. Honest communication is a great tool to help you achieve your goals and build strong relationships.

Also on the 20th, Venus starts a new cycle around the zodiac as she comes out of Pisces and moves into Aries. You may find yourself feeling more assertive and confident when it comes to sharing your needs and desires in your personal relationships. Take this opportunity to ask yourself what you truly want in your romantic and familial connections. How can you assert your needs while still being considerate of the needs of others?

KnowCapricorn January ’23 Scope

Key themes: letting go, inner calling, personal growth, what you’re willing to share of yourself, partnerships, health, communication.

Happy New Year Capricorn! For you, 2023 will be a year where you learn new things about yourself, that help you let go of what you are no longer willing to tolerate about others and about yourself. Blessings want to come into your life. Lots of love and pleasure want to expand and heal you. So much abundance is waiting for you to open your doors for it to make a home within your world.

The year kicks off with Venus, the Goddess of Love, joining forces with Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld, in your sign on January 1st, right before she moves into the sign of Aquarius on the 2nd, where she’ll be hanging out until February 20th. The year starts out with a check in regarding how our intimacy is impacted by the structures that are falling apart and transforming all around us. You’ll come up against the things you need to let go of in order for your personal path flow. Don’t be afraid of what you find, don’t deny it. Even if there’s pain, embracing who you are and all you’ve gone through will be so empowering for youright now. As Venus moves into Aquarius in your area of resources and sense of self-worth, do more of what makes your body and your emotional world feel good. Make a financial plan that satisfies your senses, and not just your pocket.

On January 6th we have the first Full Moon of the year in its home sign of Cancer, happening at 6:08 pm EST, highlighting and intensifying your emotions when it comes to your partnerships, one-on-one relationships and commitments. Your relations may feel extra, as emotions might be at their peak. Ask yourself what’s the most honest way for you to be there for it all without being swept away. Whatever you do, don’t ignore it, your bonds need your presence for the healing that wants to occur.

When Mars goes direct on the 12th, things will speed up within your work and health routines. Get ahead of it. Get ahead of your deadlines. Get a check up even if there’s nothing in particular going on with your health. Start that exercise routine or that nutrition regimen that you’ve been desiring. You’ll have the focus to take it on, and your body and your energy levels will thank you for it.

Mercury retrograde comes to an end on the 18th, and so the messenger goes direct in your sign, activating new conversations and reviving the exchanges that might have brought up miscommunications or misunderstandings. What do you feel has been left unsaid regarding your needs, your personal growth, and your journey of self-discovery? This is a wonderful time to activate conversations where the ones in your life understand what you need from them, what you’re willing to give, and what you’re no longer able to tolerate.

On the 20th, we welcome Aquarius Season, followed by the New Moon in the same sign, happening on the 21st at 3:53 pm EST. This moment of your life is urging you to place your money and your resources (like energy, time, relations, talents) where it can do most good, for you and for the ones it’s able to reach. How do you want to move through the world? Then on the 22nd, Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius will go direct in Taurus, and this theme will be even more felt, inspiring you to keep finding ways to merge your work life with your creative endeavors.

Venus will enter the dreamy sign of Pisces, where its energy is exalted, on the 26th. Themes of compassion, unconditional love and intimacy through spiritual connections will be present for us all until February 20th. And for you, this will be especially present within your communications and daily activities.

KnowCapricorn December ’22 Scope

Key themes: new perspectives, intuition, falling in love with your personal goals, taking care of your body, daily rituals, ancestry, healing.

What a wild ride 2022 has been, after two years deep in a life changing pandemic, we’ve been able to start taking steps out of a life with so many restrictions (depending on the reality of each part of the world) and step into a life where enjoying the outside world and planning for a future seems more tangible. None of us are the same as who we were three years ago, the collective trauma is real, but so are the ways in which we’re thriving to heal and mend, collectively and individually.

We start December with nebulous Neptune going direct in Pisces on the 3rd, sparking our imaginations and our ability to dream. During the past five months you’ve been questioning how you express yourself. This has helped you come into a fresh perspective and refine your message. Now it’ll be time to trust your intuition from this new found point of view, and connect with the magic available in everyday circumstances.

On the 6th, Mercury, the messenger, leaves the expansive fire of Sagittarius, to enter your earthy focus of Capricorn, followed by Venus, the goddess of love, doing the same on the 9th. This happens in your area of self-discovery and identity. This will be great for your personal goals, as you’ll have just the right words to describe and jot down your long-term plans. Trust yourself, trust your decisions, and go forward with what you want.

The last Full Moon of 2022 is happening in Gemini on the 7th at 11:08 pm EST, reminding us, in the midst of so much chatter, to be in deep exchange with ourselves. Illuminating your area of daily rituals, work, health and wellness practices, this Full Moon asks, how do you keep yourself healthy in the midst of deadlines and the many things that keep your stress levels high? This Full Moon asks you to be practical while acknowledging the needs of your body.

On the 20th, Jupiter leaves Pisces for good and will enter Aries, starting a new twelve year cycle of expansion and wisdom around the zodiac. Just as plants need repotting once their roots have expanded beyond their pot, so do you. How can you bring more spaciousness into the places and the bonds that hold you and nurture you? Move things around, get the energy flowing.

We welcome Capricorn season on the 21st! Beginning with the winter solstice, the sun’s journey through Capricorn reminds us of the power of our commitments. Followed by the last New Moon of the year happening in your sign on the 23rd at 5:17 am EST, bringing a breath of fresh air into your personal goals, journey of self-discovery and sense of self. You are worthy of freedom, and this New Moon urges you to allow yourself more room to move and roam free. This is a time for renewal. Don’t try to force things. Allow for that process to occur.

On the 23rd, Chiron, the wounded healer, will be going direct in Aries in your area of home, family and ancestry. What old wounds are coming up? And how are you addressing them? Chiron is here to help you process, release, transform and resignify your foundational stories and ailments.

2022 comes to an end with Mercury going retrograde in your sign on the 29th. The end of the year will be asking us to review our commitments, to see how much we truly want to be invested in them. Keep this in mind when making your new year’s resolutions. In your case there will be a special focus on self-perception, how you view the world, how the world views you, your journey of self-discovery, and your personal goals and aspirations.

KnowCapricorn November ’22 Scope

Key themes: community, art, creative self-expression, spirituality, regeneration, compassionate exchanges

How have your interpersonal dynamics shifted, Capricorn? With November beginning right in the middle of eclipse season, check in on what has been stirred up within your networks and communities since the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on October 25th. Have you allowed yourself to say ‘no’ to the invitations that don’t move you? It’s ok if the groups and the causes that you once felt identified with no longer make you feel belonging. It’s ok to change. It’s ok to give yourself some alone time, to find the places where the you that you are today can fit in. Reflect on this and set your intentions for the next 6 months.

The Full Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus happens on the 8th at 6:02 am EST, and it will join forces with Uranus in your area of romance, creative self-expression, and children. Creativity isn’t a means to an end, it’s its own gift, a journey in itself. Tap into the timing and the tempo of your own expression and creative flow. What you’ve got to give is one of a kind. Get to know it in order to unlock its fullest potential. Cultivate spaces where you can awaken and hold the tenderness and the passion to learn from your own process. Pay attention to the unexpected, it brings magic with it.

On the 16th, Venus leaves the deep and intuitive waters of Scorpio to enter the expansive, wisdom seeking Sag until December 9th. Mercury then joins Venus on the 17th, and will also be transiting Sag until December 6th. This happens within your spiritual, compassionate and inner realms. Allow yourself to rest. Do more of what renews your energy. Connect with the pleasure that you’re capable of experiencing when you let go. Honor the time and energy it takes to do life. If the world has yet to compensate you for all that you do, make sure you acknowledge yourself and your efforts. Lean on your support groups, the ones that know how to give you love, and respect your space and your needs.

Sag Season begins on the 22nd, and the Sun will highlight the themes that Venus and Mercury have already been bringing to your attention. It’s in your nature to be optimistic, so you don’t play it safe. You walk through life knowing that you have the ability to make your dreams come true. It’ll help you to slow down this season. To look within. To pay attention to your dreams, to write them down and revisit them. This is a time of deep healing, so allow yourself the space.

The next day, the Moon and the Sun will meet, bringing the Sag New Moon at 5:57 pm EST in your area of the unconscious. How much space do you make in your days for life’s simple pleasures? A bubble bath can be something so simple to do if you have a tub, and what it offers can be so gratifying. Meditation, a walk in nature, and even nothing at all, things that don’t take much but that can be deeply restorative. This is what this New Moon is all about.

On the same day of the New Moon, Jupiter will station to go direct in Pisces, where it will be until December 20th for the last time in twelve years. This will activate the magic and the sweetness available even in the most mundane of conversations. Be compassionate within your exchanges, and life will pay you generously.

November ends with Pallas going retrograde in Cancer on the 30th, helping you to assess the things that come up within your intimate partnerships instead of getting defensive or rushing to conclusions. You’ll be able to analyze the situations to determine what is worth your time and energy.

KnowCapricorn October ’22 Scope

Key themes: personal myths, nurturing and renewing spaces, following your dreams, healthy interpersonal dynamics.

October begins with Mercury going direct in the sign of Virgo. For the past 9 days or so you’ve had no choice but to hold space for wonder. You’ve been able to see where your personal story may be keeping you from your creative potential. Now, it’s time to unlock yourself from the narratives that hold you back.

On the 8th, Pluto also goes direct, in the sign of Capricorn, where it’s been for the past 14 years. During its retrograde, you got a chance to see how you show up in the world, and how much that’s in alignment with your inner truth. Pluto’s slow, so this realization isn’t something so evident, it happens at a very steady pace. When it turns direct, you get a chance to cultivate new ways of harnessing your inner power.

This month, the Full Moon will happen in Aries, on the 9th at 4:55pm EST. A light will be shining on your roots, inviting you to connect with the land beneath your feet. Acknowledge the parts of yourself that are in need of re-parenting, in need of a little bit more care, protection and passionate love and affirmation. Check in on what’s missing at home for you to be able to surrender to the kind of rest and retreat your inner child is in need of.

Mercury will re-enter Libra on the 10th, taking you back to the things you were experiencing or thinking about surrounding your career, long-term goals, and social status between August 26th and September 22nd. There are things that aren’t meant to make it with you to the top. Keep feeling though, and keep moving towards your dreams.

Saturn also goes direct this month on the 23rd in the sign of Aquarius. This is your ruling planet, so you’ll be feeling freer. It’ll be easier for you to act, make decisions and move forward. Things will start to ease up when it comes to your material security, so go ahead and work on strengthening your financial structures.

Also on the 23rd, Venus enters the sign of Scorpio, followed by the Sun, and on the 25th we welcome the second eclipse season of the year with a New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in the sign of Scorpio. Something is shifting within certain friendships and communities. Dynamics and changing, and it may be time to leave the spaces that feel draining. With some you can be there for the hard conversations, but respect yourself when you know it’s time to take distance.

On the 28th, Jupiter retrograde will re-enter the sign of Pisces, bringing back some of the wisdom we began to tap into at the beginning of May. In your case, it has to do with being present within the details of your day. Instead of thinking of what you have to do next, put your focus and your energy into being there with every single thing you do, and everything that comes to meet you.

Mercury will join Venus and the Sun in Scorpio on the 29th, and you’ll be able to connect in the most intimate and healing levels with some new and old friends. But you’ll also be vulnerable to people that don’t have your best interest at heart, so stay vigilant.

On the 30th, Mars will go retrograde in Gemini for the next two and a half months, helping you get in touch with what you honestly want to put your energy into, and with how much energy you actually have to put into things. It’s great to have goals, but remember that rest can also figure into your list.