SMscope’s May ’22 Forecast

Key Themes: Partnerships, intimacy, new beginnings, healing

Scorpio, the month of May is one for the books! By the end of the month, you may be an entirely different person. As the alchemist that you are, the astrology of May invites you to let go of old ways of going after what you want. You’re still integrating the lessons of the Partial Solar Eclipse New Moon in Taurus on April 30th, which challenged you to integrate Uranus, the Planet of Awakening and Individuality, in your sector of partnerships.

Venus enters fiery Aries on May 2nd, activating Scorpio’s sector of health and wellness until May 28th. The Planet of Love and Beauty motivates you to bring courageous grace to your daily routines. Scorpio, you are so driven, but it’s up to you to harness opportunities for assistance and restoration.

Sudden changes, endings, or new beginnings may unexpectedly come out of the blue as a result of Eclipse season, and Jupiter in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn on May 3rd provides an empowering wave of compassion to help you surrender and trust the process.

On May 10th, Mercury, the Planet of Communication, turns retrograde in airy Gemini until June 3rd, highlighting Scorpio’s sector of death, sex, and shared resources. Mercury retrograde is powerful for reviewing your communication patterns, especially in intimate relationships. Mercury retrogrades into earthy Taurus, your opposing sign, on May 22nd to revisit the themes from the previous New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse. Venus enters grounding Taurus on May 28th, emphasizing what you require for sustenance and nourishment within yourself in the context of your relationships until July 17th.

Jupiter enters the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries, on May 10th to expand your sector of health, wellness, and service until October 28th. If you’ve been advocating for your well-being and better working conditions, Jupiter in Aries will provide opportunities for improvement on this level. Your ruling planet Mars enters Aries on May 24th, where it will energize your daily routines until July 4th. Consider releasing excess energy and tension with movement and exercise.

The Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio shines on May 16th at 12:14am, illuminating Scorpio’s sector of personality and accelerating your soul’s evolutionary path. Your mission with this Full Moon Eclipse is to embrace necessary endings and to let go of old ways of going after you want so you can be who you truly are.

Gemini season begins on May 20th, activating your 8th house of death, sex, and shared resources until June 21st. Riding on the momentum of Eclipse season and Mercury retrograde, Gemini season is potent for emotional healing, psychological processing, and examining your financial situation.

The healing work you’ve done this month funnels into the New Moon in Gemini on May 30th at 7:30am. Connect with the place within yourself that knows how to heal and reflect on what you’d like to manifest in the next 1-6 months. Vulnerability is your superpower, Scorpio, and with that, comes rich soil for sex healing and intimacy. Remember the lotus rising through the mud and murky water, and reach for the light.

SMscope’s April ’22 Forecast

Scorpio, the month of April invites you to invigorate your health and wellness routines. Many Scorpios feel empowered during Aries season because they share co-rulership with Mars, the Planet of Action. If you have been feeling stagnant or tense, Aries season motivates you to shake it off and create room for new life force energy. To help with this, evoke heat within the body with activities such as working out, having sex, or feeling the Sun’s rays on your skin.

This month kicks off strong with the New Moon in Aries on April 1st. This New Moon conjoins with Chiron, the Wounded Healer. You have been healing your ability to connect with your Inner Warrior, while also learning to keep your competitive and aggressive instincts in check.

This first New Moon of the astrological year is a powerful opportunity to plant seeds for the mission you envision for yourself this year. Pay attention to any inspiring visions and ideas that come your way. Between April 1 – 16th, you may feel motivated to initiate these into action.

The Aries Sun activates Scorpio’s sector of wellness, health, and service, so it is up to you to use your fiery energy proactively. Be aware of procrastinating by spilling your energy across a million meaningless tasks. Muster up the courage to focus on what really matters and organize your daily affairs accordingly. Your mission with this transit is to devote yourself to developing a valuable skill or being a leader in your workplace.

Keep your willpower alive by carving out space for your independence and prioritizing your well-being. Otherwise, you may experience health problems as a result of excess stress. If you’ve been feeling taken advantage of, advocate for better working conditions. Be mindful of acting unconsciously from anger or fear, though.

The entire month of April gifts you with magical opportunities for spiritual connection and heightened creative imagination. The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in mystical Pisces on the 12th activates Scorpio’s sector of creativity. This transit teaches you to find an easeful rhythm in your self-expression and to honor your true desires. Remember that you are a channel for divine energy to flow through, and simply being yourself is a spiritual practice.

The Full Moon shines in Libra on the 16th, and Scorpio’s sector of spirituality is activated by this transit. While it is in your nature to be self-protective, this Full Moon compels to courageously surrender the armor of the Ego and open yourself to the healing power of Divine Love.

Hidden drives and power struggles in relationships may surface during this time, so beware of escaping from your problems or getting defensive. Practice the art of healthy compromise and have mature conversations for inner and outer harmony. Alchemizing your powerful emotions through meditation, prayer, or artistic modalities can be very healing for you.

This ultimately prepares you for Taurus Season on April 19th which activates your sector of relationships. The Partial Solar Eclipse New Moon in Taurus on April 30th accelerates your soul’s evolutionary path and challenges you to integrate grounding sensuality into your partnerships. Until then, harness your Inner Badass and let your heart lead the way; you’ll be stunned at the beauty you create.

SMscope’s March ’22 Forecast

Scorpio, the month begins with the New Moon in Pisces receiving hopeful and expansive blessings from Jupiter. Reclaim and honor your self-expression. For all the times you were rejected or misunderstood, it’s time to treat yourself with kindness and to praise all of what you have to give. On the 6th, Mars and Venus enter Aquarius. Family drama may come up. Balance it out by creating nice, cozy and comforting spaces for yourself at home. Mercury enters Pisces in your area of creativity on the 9th, making it a good time to put any personal projects that you’ve been meaning to get to in writing. On the 18th, we have the Full Moon in Virgo, and it wants you to be picky about who you spend your time with, and who you’re influenced by. Surround yourself with people that expand your awareness, challenge your doubts, and help you to believe in yourself. On the 20th, the spring equinox brings the Aries Season and the beginning of the zodiacal year. Then Mercury enters Aries as well on the 27th.  Focus on the routines that keep you grounded. Commit to getting the details of your life in order.

@ScorpioMystique’s February ’22 Scope

The Lunar New Year happens on the 1st, marked by the first Aquarius New Moon of the year. The Ox gives way to the Tiger. Where we’ve had to put all of our focus into only one direction, things will expand. The Tiger wants us to follow our intuition and take bold risks. Scorpio, this New Moon will bring more sacredness into the spaces you inhabit. Give yourself all the rest you need. Mercury goes direct on the 3rd, and you’ll be able to think and express yourself more clearly. You may revisit misunderstandings that came up during the retrograde period. It then enters Aquarius on the 14th, making it easier to face pending conversations with your family. The Full Moon in Leo on the 16th, shines a light on how far you’ve come professionally in the past 6 months. How would you like to move forward? When Venus and Mars join forces they inspire you to be passionate about your ideas, and even flirty with them. Come Pisces Season on the 18th, you’ll be in the mood to activate your love life.

@ScorpioMystique’s January ’22 Scope

Scorpio, 2022 started out with Mercury entering Aquarius and with the first New Moon of the year in Capricorn. Envision your ideal home. A place where you have space to roam free and also feel held. When Mercury goes retrograde on the 14th, have a chat with your ancestors. They live within you and have a way of getting messages through. On the 18th Uranus goes direct just before Aquarius Season begins. Talk with your lover, talk with your inner lover. Start a conversation to bring more care and freedom into the relationship. The Full Moon in Cancer the next day wants you to do something exciting you’ve never done before. During the last week of January, Mars enters Capricorn, and Venus goes direct in the same sign. If you’ve been having doubts about how you communicate or what you do with your truth. Now you’ll be more capable of letting down your defenses and being more real.

@ScorpioMystique’s December ‘21 Scope

Scorpio, we kick December off with Neptune going direct, inspiring your creative and romantic nature. Then the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Sag on the 4th, invites you to take control of your finances. Clear out any shady and unnecessary business, and recognize your earning potential! There’s a lot going on this month, on the 13th Mars enters Sag, putting your energy towards your self-worth, and Mercury enters Capricorn, helping you tackle your to-do list. With the Full Moon in Gemini on the 18th, make sure you’re living up to your end of the bargain within your collaborations. Venus goes retrograde the next day, launching a time of deep soul-searching regarding the messages that live within your heart. The last Saturn/Uranus clash of 2021 happens on Christmas Eve, helping you get clear on what you need your foundation to feel like. What do you need to heal in order to feel at home?

I respect my talents. I know my value, and I act accordingly. I take control of my finances, and make a plan where my resources can go towards manifesting my dreams. I come into empowering collaborations where healthy boundaries are maintained.