@ScorpioMystique’s July ‘21 Scope

July 2021 is the month it all works out for you, Scorpio. You are reaching pinnacles of success you once dreamt of, and it’s all because you pushed through the self-doubt, overcame the self-sabotage, and decided to trust yourself whole-heartedly. I am so proud of you, even if you feel like you haven’t fully gotten “there” yet. Remember that that finish line you have in your mind can become never-ending if you put too much pressure on yourself, so while the energy of this month will be profoundly motivating, it’s essential that you flow through it with a spirit of ease and abundance. Focus on all that you have the power to create, rather than what you fear to lose. You are a powerful manifester!

@ScorpioMystique’s June ’21 Scope

You’re learning how to work through trust issues that tend to emerge with eclipse and retrograde season, Scorpio. Even if all you see is green flags, a part of you will be searching for red ones. Ask yourself why you at times live in that state of mind, rather than daring to accept the blessings life wants you to receive? Communicate with your therapist, your journal, or a trusted friend about what you’re really feeling. Gemini Season in particularly will help you heal old wounds and soar.

@KnowScorpio May ’21 Scope

Now that you’ve made it past the Scorpio Supermoon, nothing about you is the same, and the rest of the year is going to hit different, Scorpio. You’re the captain now. You are entering eclipse season with a deep awareness of your worth and your magnitude. Self-confidence looks great on you! Focus on your financial security this month, even if that means having to do tasks that you’ve been putting off for a while. Write your will, start a trust, get life insurance, look into ways to invest your money wisely.

@ScorpioMystique’s April ’21 Scope

Your annual full moon occurs on April 26th, and much of this month will feel like it’s leading you to one of the most mystical portals you’ve ever walked through. You also can’t help but think back to the full moon in Scorpio that took place in 2018, 2019 and 2020 — those occurred during Uranus’ transit through Taurus, which means that your life may have been rocked by unexpected challenges or plot twists that threw you off balance. There’s no need to fear that this year’s full moon will follow suit. It’s going to feel more refreshing than the rest, yet also profoundly sentimental. This month, allow yourself to emulate the energy that your most aligned self has been ready to feel.