@KnowVirgo October ’21 Scope

Virgo, the New Moon in Libra on the 6th will renew your relationship with your body and resources. Get in touch with that which sustains your life. This same day Pluto goes direct, pushing you to bring more presence where you’ve felt disempowered in your self-expression. Venus’ move into Sag will bring more need for stability within your love life. Mid October, Saturn and Jupiter both go direct in your area of work and health. You know what needs to be restructured in order for more abundance to flow into these areas of your life. Mercury also finally goes direct, bringing more movement into your financial life. Set out a plan so the energy can find its way through. Come the Full Moon in Aries on the 20th you may become aware of the psychological baggage you hold as a result of your intimate relationships. Make space to purge. By the end of the month the energy shifts towards Scorpio, with the Sun and Mars making it’s entrance in your area of communication. Speak from a place of truth and don’t deny your desires.

@KnowVirgo September ’21 Scope

Virgo, trust yourself. Go deep with your message. You know who you are and what you want, follow this through no matter what. The New Moon on the 6th is yours, recommit to what feels right. With Venus’ move into Scorpio in your area of communication, you’ll be more verbal. Bring through that intense magic you hold within. Mars entering Libra in your area of resources will boost your confidence when it comes to manifesting. Just beware of impulsive buys. Come the Full Moon in Pisces on the 20th, what’s hidden can come to light regarding one-on-one relationships. By the end of the month, The Sun moves into your area of values and Mercury goes retrograde here as well. What do you value the most? Where do you put your energy? Is it worth it? Treat your time and energy with the importance it deserves.

@KnowVirgo August ’21 Scope

Virgo, the New Moon in Leo happening on the 8th will bring insights about your inner realms and spiritual nature. Spirituality isn’t something to believe in or not, it just is, it’s a part of us all. We’re material as much as we are spiritual. The material is what we can touch and see. The spirit is what cannot be seen, but can be felt if attuned to it. Listen to the messages that come through, even if they don’t make much sense. Let them guide you and see where they take you. With Uranus going retrograde in your area of expansion on the 19th, your inquisitive nature will feel more confident to tap into the unknown. Come the 22nd, the Full Moon in Aquarius will help you get organized, but only if that order resonates with your mental health and doesn’t seek to satisfy others requests.

@KnowVirgo July ’21 Scope

Virgo, with Venus shifting into your sign around the 21st of this month, and then Mars joining it on the 29th, the first three weeks of July are about letting yourself be more selfish under all the Leo and Cancer vibes. You’ll feel quite inspired by the Cancer New Moon this month because it’ll help you slow down and recharge enough to hear yourself clearly and know what to commit to in your private life. You may have pushed people away last month during mercury’s retrograde, but now you’re learning how to be less extreme in your actions and be more compassionate towards yourself and others as you open up to intentional exploration and adventure with people with whom you vibe well.

@KnowVirgo June ’21 Scope

Give yourself a big hug, Virgo. Do it often, repeatedly, and as much as needed. With your ruler Mercury Retrograde most of the month in the sign of Gemini, you may be feeling mentally scattered. It may feel more challenging to focus on practical tasks, and that’s because you may be meant to. It’s time to switch things up and let the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Gemini on the 10th show you what your inner child truly wants to be doing. This may feel terrifying because you’re relinquishing control. Keep going and keep exploring anyway.

@KnowVirgo May ’21 Scope

Virgo, with Mercury entering Gemini on May 3rd, you’ll feel more social, extraverted, flirtatious and adventurous for most of the month. You’re ruled by Mercury, and so is Gemini. So you’ll be thinking and even acting more like a Gemini, switching up your mood and your vibe at a moment’s notice. But also be aware that Mercury will begin its second retrograde of the year at the end of the month, and you’ll feel the pre-shadow period of the retrograde starting the second month of May. This is a time to get your professional matters in order, and to make sure you know your worth.