KnowVirgo June ’23 Scope

Key themes: your body’s wisdom, traditions that anchor you, rest and recoup, creative self-expression, the power available in play, reclaiming your place in the world, how you show up for your loved ones, mutual emotional accountability

Dear Virgo, we kick off the month of June with the planet of abundance and expansion joining forces with the point in space that guides us toward what they call destiny. You know that stability and connection to the body and its needs is what lights up your inner wisdom and leads you toward a life with more meaning. It’s a great time to recommit to acting upon this knowledge.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius is happening on the 3rd at 11:42 pm EST in your area of home, family and ancestry. Take this time to celebrate the practices and traditions that anchor you. A light is being cast on the healing that has happened within your home and your family during the last 6 months. What parts of your past have you been able to cultivate a different relationship with? What spaces of relaxation and nurture have you been creating for yourself? You deserve to have spaces where you can let go and feel at ease.

On the 5th Venus moves out of the nurturing sign of Cancer and into passionate Leo, occupying the most private sector of your chart for the next four months. You may find more pleasure in dealing with spiritual matters and communing with your ancestors during this time. It’ll be easier for you to let go of things, especially when it comes to love and connection. Endings may happen, or you may have the need to keep things secret.

Pluto moves back into Capricorn for the last time in our lifetime on the 11th, here we’ll have a chance to collectively go into a deeper review of the structures that have been proving to no longer work but that we insist on trying to maintain. This may show up more personally in your life within your creative spaces, and in the ways you allow yourself to play, let go and do things just for the fun of it without a fixed goal in mind.

Also on the 11th, Mercury enters the sign of Gemini where it feels most at ease, this happens in your area of career and long-term goals. This will be a great time to refine your curriculum, your statement, and even your life plans. What stories concerning your place in the world and your professional and vocational potential are in need of questioning or being reclaimed?

Saturn will go retrograde in the sign of Pisces for the next five months on the 17th in your area of partnership. This transit that began in March has been facing you with the need for commitment within your most profound connections. This is a time to review how you are showing up for them, and how they’re showing up for you. The bonds you forge with others during the next couple of years are bound to take on new gravity. Going along on automatic is no longer enough.

On the 18th, the New Moon in Gemini becomes exact at 12:37 am EST, inviting you to take a look at how your life purpose is unfolding, and to reflect on what you’re being encouraged to begin, learn, or announce to the world. Take your attention to the connections you’re building within your professional life. Make sure you’re strengthening the bonds with the ones that celebrate your wins, and encourage you to deepen your commitment to the things that truly matter. It’s a good time to remember the reasons why you wanted to do this work in the first place. Look back to the desires that brought you here.

Cancer Season comes rolling in on the 21st when the Sun enters its nurturing sign, followed by Mercury entering Cancer as well on the 26th, shining a light on your need to nurture your sense of social belonging. You don’t want to be in spaces just so you don’t feel alone, you want to be a part of communities where there’s mutual care and emotional accountability. Make time for the friendships that are in need of a check in or a bit more time and dedication.

The month comes to an end with the beginning of Neptune’s annual five month retrograde period in your area of one-on-one relationships. Identify the dynamics that eat away at your boundaries. Where within your intimate relationships are you in need of an anchor that can help you come back to shore after you’ve inevitably gone too far out to sea?

KnowVirgo May ’23 Scope

Key Themes: reconnecting to the rituals that help you come alive within your daily grind, clear communication, moments of care, trusting your body, new journeys

Dear Virgo, this is a year of transition, with the eclipses having shifted signs, and Pluto going in and out of Aquarius until it finally settles there for the next 20 years at the beginning for 2024. The month of May begins with Pluto going retrograde on the 1st for the next 5 months, where it will begin to make its way back into Capricorn. Before it moves back into the sign of the sea goat for the last time in our lifetime, get real with yourself about what you want for your working life. What can you do to liven up the places that feel numb? Reflect on the ways that you’ve been inspired to pour your gifts in the collective.

We are in the midst of eclipse season, with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio happening on May 5th in your area of communication and daily activities. You may feel something pulling on your time, energy and your ability to get organized. Resist the urge to let go of it all, this would not be advisable with Mercury retrograde in a somewhat close connection to the eclipse. Instead find small escapes within your days, while still tending to what’s urgent.

Venus has been in the sign of play, communication and interconnection for the past 4 weeks, and on May 7th it will shift into the nurturing sign of Cancer, where it’ll have us yearning for the people and the places that feel like home for the following 4 weeks. Happening in your area of friendships, Venus will help you cultivate the communities you need to feel emotionally supported. Let your most tender parts be seen by the ones that are there to hold space for it. You’re so attentive and give so much, this is a time to allow yourself to be nurtured and taken care of for a change.

Mercury will finally go direct on the 14th, after taking you through a review during the past 3 weeks of the spiritual teachings that help you connect to your body’s wisdom. Now as it goes direct in the sign of Taurus, make a point of connecting with your intuitive power and allowing yourself to be guided by it. Your body knows, it (you) are part of nature. You’re connected to all that is. Release the need to control and allow yourself to become receptive to that knowledge. Finding ways to calm your nervous system can help with this, like breathing exercises or walks in nature.

Jupiter, the planet of abundance, is entering Taurus, the sign of earthly pleasure, on the 16th, and the first thing it does once it gets there is have a tense meet up with Pluto in Aquarius. This transit will serve as a reminder that any lack of wealth we might be traversing has nothing to do with us personally. It’s past time we stop buying into the manifestation discourse. It’s past time we realize that we’re living in a system that’s rigged to make it impossible for all to succeed or even make a dignified living. So know that your worth has absolutely nothing to do with your financial sustenance or your social status. You are worthy just as you are, dear Virgo.

For you, this year to come will look to expand your philosophical and spiritual journey. If you’ve been letting go of thoughts and beliefs that used to hold you, and maybe even feeling kind of lost, don’t fret. New and exciting perspectives, points of view, experiences, travels and people will be coming into your life to refresh and help you believe again.

On the 20th, the Sun moves out of Taurus making way for Gemini Season. This is the season that reminds us of the power of our words and our interactions. So don’t underestimate what you communicate to others and also to yourself. This is the time of the year where you feel more ambitious and driven than usual. Take advantage of this. You’ll have all the energy you need to focus on your professional goals and make strides towards achieving them.

KnowVirgo April ’23 Scope

Key themes: stepping out of your comfort zone, doing more things that uplift your sense of self-worth, recognizing what you bring to the table, not giving more than what you can or want to give, tapping into your body and its needs.

Dear Virgo, there has been so much movement in the cosmos since the beginning of the astrological year. Mars finally left its 7 month residency through Gemini, entering Cancer, where it invites us to be courageous with our emotions.

Pluto’s shift into Aquarius for the next 20 years, after having spent the past 15 years in the sign of Capricorn, helping to reveal and dismantle the societal structure that only work for the few, will now show us what we have to heal and bring to the surface regarding collectivity and our ability to work together towards shared causes. Prepare for some deep transformation to occur within or through your daily rituals and routines. Make sure to keep an eye on and take good care of your health.

With Saturn also having shifted signs, into Pisces, we’re becoming more permeable and empathic, and this will require us to consistently check in on our personal boundaries. This is especially noticeable for you in your intimate relationships. You want real commitment, profound connections, and you’re ready to show up for it. This requires your vulnerability.

The month of April begins with Mercury stepping out of Aries and settling into Taurus on the 3rd, in your area of adventure and philosophical pursuits. You may find yourself re-examining your intellectual and academic foundations and expanding your ideas with new knowledge. Defy the notion that knowledge can only be passed down through institutions. Go to the sources, have the experiences.

The Full Moon in Libra happens on the 6th at 12:34 am EST, shining a light on your finances and sense of self-worth. If you’re going through it, the best way to deal with anxiety is to be softer with yourself than what you think you need to be. Gentle motivation will go so much further than ordering and bossing yourself around. Be intentional about cultivating the kind of home within yourself that feels welcoming.

On the 11th, Venus, the planet of love, will enter the connection seeking sign of Gemini. Your natural humility may be challenged as you may find yourself in the spotlight, encouraged to showcase your talents and accomplishments. As a sign known for your hard work and attention to detail, you may prefer to let your efforts speak for themselves, but Venus is here to remind you that it’s okay to show off what you’ve worked so hard and lovingly for. Update your portfolio and social media presence in order to properly let your brilliance shine through.

Eclipse Season is back, and we’ll have a New Moon Total Annular Solar Eclipse in Aries on the 2oth at 12:12 am EST, right before the Sun moves into Taurus. As this happens in your area of shared resources, you may receive insights and innovative solutions for your financial life. It’ll be a good time to check in on any debt that has been weighing you down, and to reassess your budget, investments, and financial goals. With Jupiter’s influence, you may feel overly optimistic about your financial situation, so make sure your decisions are grounded in reality.

Then at 4:13 am EST, that same day, we make way for Taurus Season, and you may start to feel a strong sense of commitment to going your own way. You know that this path is essential for your health and well-being, as well as for the greater good of all involved. But are you determined to embrace it? Trust your intuition. The future is unknown. Your next move only needs to feel like the next right step. Life is a journey of small advancements and setbacks, and the path to where you are meant to go unfolds slowly over time. So take it step by step, in the present, without trying to control the future. On the next day, Mercury goes retrograde also in the sign of Taurus, taking you through a process of reviewing all of this, and maybe bringing some setbacks that can help you establish the truth of what you need before you can more authentically step into your own path.

KnowVirgo March ’23 Scope

Key themes: partnerships, reassessing and asserting your boundaries, vulnerability, asking for what you need, opening up to new experiences.

Dear Virgo, the month of March brings with it a great potential for growth and transformation as you navigate the ups and downs of your relationships and your personal journey. Remember to stay true to your values and your heart, and to prioritize your wellbeing, especially in the face of situations that can be draining.

As Mercury enters Pisces on the 2nd in your area of partnerships and commitments, you find yourself drawn to deeper and more meaningful connections. Mercury will be here until the 19th, moving you to communicate more openly and honestly with your loved ones. Don’t hold back from your need to express your emotions, it’s a powerful time for strengthening bonds, as long as you’re willing to be vulnerable and share your heart.

As the Full Moon arrives at your sign at 7:40 am EST on the 7th, you’re likely to feel a surge of energy and emotion that thrusts you forward. This Full Moon brings the potential for personal growth and self-discovery, and opens space for you to become more aware of your own needs and desires. Follow the inspiration to take bold action and make positive changes in your life, whether that means pursuing a new passion, starting a new project, or simply taking better care of yourself.

And just as you start to gain momentum, Saturn sets up camp in Pisces for the next two and a half years also in your area of partnership, bringing a new set of challenges to your close connections. Try not to stress. Don’t run away from what comes up, and do your best not to let it consume your energy levels and your focus. It may be tempting to withdraw or shut down, but remember that the most rewarding relationships are often the ones that are worth the effort.

Then on the 12th, Jupiter will join Chiron in the sign of Aries, bringing some depth and healing potential into all of the challenges you may be facing within your intimate relationships.

As Venus enters Taurus on the 16th in your area of adventures and philosophical pursuits, you’ll feel a renewed sense of optimism and inspiration. Venus will be here until April 11th, opening doors to new experiences in love, art and personal self-care. As you go out into the world, remember to stay grounded in your own values and priorities, and in the simple pleasures of life. Remember to slow down and breathe deep from time to time.

Mercury enters Aries on the 19th, followed by the beginning of Aries Season on the 20th and the New Moon (also in Aries) on the 21st, all of this in your area of intimacy and shared energy. This Season is definitely a time of deep transformation, so don’t shy away from the inner work. It’s a time to confront your fears and desires, and to learn to trust your intuition more fully. This time of the year always urges you to work on the places where things have been kept in hiding for far too long and are begging for your attention. What do you need to let go of in order to embrace new beginnings? You may also find yourself drawn to deeper, more intimate connections. With all that’s going on in this area of your life, it’s a beautiful time to open yourself up to the complex dynamics of love, trust, and vulnerability. Put yourself out there and ask for what you need.

Starting on the 23rd, and extending until June 11th, Pluto will be giving us a taste of its new chapter in the sign of Aquarius. For you, this great generational transit will affect your daily rituals and your habits. You’ll be faced with the need of letting go of old patterns that no longer work, embracing new ways of organizing and being present in your day-to-day life, and renewing the way you care for yourself.

The month begins to come to a close with Mars entering Cancer on the 25th in your area of friendships and the collective. This surge of martial energy will draw in new connections and collaborations that will counter all of the deep and maybe messy energy going on in your more intimate relationships. Mars will be here until May 20th, helping you to connect with groups that align with your current values and passions.

This may be a complex month, so try to have fun, love yourself, honor your boundaries, honor the pain that brings transformation, don’t shy away from life, and enjoy all of the new and exciting people and situations that want to meet you!

KnowVirgo February ’23 Scope

Key themes: renewal, the oniric, taking care of your energy, lighting the fire of your passion, bringing your presence into the everyday mundane, nurturing your relationships

Dear Virgo, the month of February opens up with Ceres, the asteroid of motherly nurture, going retrograde in Libra on the 3rd. This happens in your area of resources and self-worth, inviting you to reflect on your relationships and how your needs can be better met within them.

The Full Moon in the passionate sign of Leo will happen on the 5th, at 1:28 pm EST, in your area of introspection and reflection. This is an invitation to go deeper into yourself. Your intuition will be heightened, so pay attention to your dreams and inner guidance. If you’re feeling more emotional and sensitive than usual, don’t look for validation on the outside. Give yourself all of the alone time you need, and validate yourself for all that you know you are. Creativity will be high, and tapping into your inner artist can help you connect with your worth.

Vesta, the asteroid of devotion and commitment, begins a new run around the zodiac on the 7th as it moves into Aries, opening up a deep space of devotion for your passions and desires. How often do you give yourself permission to say no to what drains you of your vital energy?

On the 11th, Mercury —the Messenger— moves into your area of health, daily routine, work and service, in the sign of Aquarius. Your mind will be clearer and you may feel a strong pull to focus on your health and wellness. Don’t ignore this! You’ll be able to think outside the box and come up with new and innovative ways to take care of yourself. Trust your intuition and be open to trying new things.

Pallas, the asteroid of wisdom and strategic thinking, will enter your area of friendships and community in the sign of Cancer on the 16th. Your intuition and emotional intelligence will be activated, allowing you to connect with others in deeper and more meaningful ways. Don’t be afraid to get a little vulnerable.

On the 18th, the Sun’s exit from Aquarius will give way to Pisces Season, followed by the New Moon also in the dreamy sign of Pisces, on the 20th at 2:06 am EST, activating your area of partnerships. Breathe deep, feel your body, allow yourself to let go. Trust the emotional depth of Pisces energy to guide you towards deeper connections and understanding with those closest to you. Soften up any rigid expectations you may have of others and your relationships, and allow yourself to be open and raw with the ones you love.

Also on the 20th, Venus starts a new cycle around the zodiac as she comes out of Pisces and moves into Aries. Things can get hot and heavy in the bedroom when you feel safe, loved and seen. Venus rules intimacy, and in this area of your chart that has to do with vulnerability, it goes deep, aiding you in your healing process. Allow yourself to be accompanied through your grief, allow yourself to be supported, it takes a village.

KnowVirgo January ’23 Scope

Key themes: Dreams and aspirations, loving structures that bring release, honest connections, plans, deeper meaning, love.

Happy New Year Virgo! For you, 2023 will be a year of professional momentum, where you will reap the benefits of working consistently and mindfully on your goals. Make room for love, as a new relationship may be on the horizon, or you may have the opportunity to strengthen your commitment within your current romantic affair. Take good care of your friendships, don’t let hard times affect the relations that matter most.

The year kicks off with Venus, the Goddess of Love, joining forces with Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld, in Capricorn on January 1st, right before she moves into the sign of Aquarius on the 2nd, where she’ll be hanging out until February 20th. The year starts out with a check in regarding how our intimacy is impacted by the structures that are falling apart and transforming all around us. For you, it has to do with your creativity, and it’ll be especially poignant if you’re an artist or a creator. It also has to do with the way you enjoy life and experience pleasure. As Venus moves into Aquarius in your area of work and health routines, you’ll be able to bring some warmth into your daily rituals and get organized without the usual pressure you tend to put on yourself.

On January 6th we have the first Full Moon of the year in its home sign of Cancer, happening at 6:08 pm EST, highlighting and intensifying your emotions when it comes to your friendships and communities. This will be an ideal time to check in and ask yourself if you’re hanging out with the kind of crowd that allows you to grow personally and professionally. If uncomfortable conversations come up with your friends, don’t try to escape, make space for what needs to be explored.

When Mars goes direct on the 12th, things will speed up within your professional world. You’ve most likely been ruminating about how you want to tackle your goals this year. If you haven’t yet, I encourage you to make a detailed plan during the first 11 days of the year, so you have a clear path to direct your energy towards once Mars begins its forward motion.

Mercury retrograde comes to an end on the 18th, and so the messenger goes direct in the sign of Capricorn, activating new conversations and reviving the exchanges that might have brought up miscommunications or misunderstandings. What do you feel has been left unsaid within your romantic relationships, with the children in your life, within your creative spaces, or even with your art? This is a wonderful time to activate conversations that bring release through pleasure and joy.

On the 20th, we welcome Aquarius Season, followed by the New Moon in the same sign, happening on the 21st at 3:53 pm EST. Your rituals and routines will come to focus. You’ll feel the need to get organized within the more mundane details of your life, especially after you’ve been putting so much into your career. It’s a nice time to find a balance, and to get in touch with the goals you desire for your personal life, especially regarding your health. Then on the 22nd, Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius will go direct in Taurus, and this need will be even more felt, as you may feel inspired to bring meaning and spiritual significance into the rituals that shape your day-to-day life.

Venus will enter the dreamy sign of Pisces, where its energy is exalted, on the 26th. Themes of compassion, unconditional love and intimacy through spiritual connections will be present for us all until February 20th. And for you, this will be especially present within your love life.