KnowPisces March ’23 Scope

Key themes: self-discovery, personal goals, spirituality, partnerships, balance between your needs and that of others, honest and loving communication, releasing old wounds, allowing for moments of pleasure

Dear Pisces, the month of March finds you feeling a strong sense of determination and purpose. This is a time to focus on your personal growth and development, as well as your financial stability. Trust in your intuition and don’t be afraid to take risks, as this can lead to new opportunities and experiences that will enrich your life.

As Mercury enters your sign on the 2nd, your urge to express yourself reaches a new level of intensity. Mercury will be here until the 19th, inviting you to let your innermost thoughts and feelings be known to the world. Whether you express yourself through singing, writing, painting, podcasting or any other creative means, this is a time to let your inner world spill out by sharing your personal brand of wisdom with others.

As the Full Moon arrives at the sign of Virgo at 7:40 am EST on the 7th, you’re being called to examine the commitments that have helped you expand and thrive, and to honor the relationships where there’s a dedication to learning and growing together. This Full Moon also serves as a warning to cleanse your system of the toxicity that comes from other people’s unprocessed emotions. Renew your partnership dynamics and release any toxic connections that may be holding you back. You don’t have to give those who don’t treat you with respect a free pass, no matter how much you love them.

As Saturn sets up camp in your sign for the next two and a half years, it brings a new cycle of growth and development for you. You have the opportunity to work with Saturn as a collaborator and teacher, consciously shaping your life and building the future you want for yourself. This is a time to reflect on your needs, boundaries, and ambitions, and to start taking action towards realizing your goals.

On the 12th, Jupiter will join Chiron in the sign of Aries in your area of value and self-worth, reminding you that even though your wounds may have left you feeling vulnerable in certain places, they also offer you the strength to empathize with others and to heal the world around you.

When Venus enters Taurus on the 16th, your communications, and your local and daily life will be imbued with sweetness, charm and beauty. With Venus here until April 11th, engage with the friendly faces you meet, introduce yourself. You may be surprised at the connections you make and the new opportunities that arise from this. Remember your connection to your body, and turn to your daily rituals to ground yourself.

Mercury enters Aries on the 19th, followed by the beginning of Aries Season on the 20th and the New Moon (also in Aries) on the 21st, all of this in your area of finances, value and self-worth. This is the time of the year that urges you to recommit to valuing your talent. Remember that what you bring to the table always adds to the whole, and it’s time for you to take part in enjoying it. Don’t diminish your returns by not recognizing your worth. While it’s important to have pride in your work, it’s equally important to stay humble and recognize that you’re merely a gateway for the gifts that have chosen you. Over-identifying with them can lead to taking yourself way too seriously.

Starting on the 23rd, and extending until June 11th, Pluto will be giving us a taste of its new chapter in the sign of Aquarius. For you, this great generational transit will bring profound experiences related to your life’s choices up until now. Don’t let your past fears haunt you, instead work towards transforming them into a source of power.

The month begins to come to a close with Mars entering Cancer on the 25th. With this surge of martial energy you may feel a rising hunger to create and release something of your inner realm out into the world. During this transit that extends up to May 20th, tap into this creative fire. Take bold steps towards bringing your ideas to life. It’s also a time to have fun, to carve out the space for things that bring you pleasure and joy.

Overall, the energy of the month will definitely bring intense self-reflection and experiences of potential transformation. If they come up, confront your deep-seated fears and insecurities instead of ignoring them. It’s time to bravely face the unknown. Know that the Universe has your back. Find ways to connect with your spirituality, as this may help keep you centered.

KnowPisces February ’23 Scope

Key themes: taking care of your body, needs and well-being, cultivating healthier routines, dream, fantasize, trust, tend to your emotional world, align your finances with your core values.

Dear Pisces, the month of February opens up with Ceres, the asteroid of motherly nurture, going retrograde in Libra on the 3rd. As this happens in your area of one-on-one relationships, use this time to shed light on any imbalances or power dynamics in your connections and committed partnerships.

The Full Moon in the passionate sign of Leo will happen on the 5th, at 1:28 pm EST, in your area of physical needs and work routines, it’s a reminder to take care of yourself and your well-being. Your body is worthy of royal treatment and it’s important to tend to the places that may get rusty, scratched up, or worn down. This is a time to focus on self-care and rejuvenation, so make sure to schedule in some rest and relaxation. With the Full Moon in your work sector, your talents are on full display and you may get a well-deserved recognition for your hard work.

Vesta, the asteroid of devotion and commitment, begins a new run around the zodiac on the 7th as it moves into Aries, bringing a renewed sense of passion and commitment to the things you hold dear. This is a time to focus on what truly matters to you and to align your actions with your core beliefs and values.

On the 11th, Mercury —the Messenger— moves into your area of introspection, in the sign of Aquarius. As you delve deeper into your inner chambers, allow yourself to dream and fantasize about what you truly want. Trust that the universe is working behind the scenes to bring you breakthroughs and opportunities. Don’t be afraid to shake things up and reorganize your thoughts and beliefs. Embrace the power of change and trust the process of self-discovery. The darkness eventually leads to the light.

Pallas, the asteroid of wisdom and strategic thinking, will enter your area of creative self-expression in the sign of Cancer on the 16th. You’ll be feeling especially inspired and motivated to share your talents with the world. It’s a powerful time to tap into your inner wisdom and trust your instincts when it comes to your creative pursuits.

On the 18th, the Sun’s exit from Aquarius will give way to Pisces Season, followed by the New Moon also in the dreamy sign of Pisces, on the 20th at 2:06 am EST, activating your area of self-discovery. This is a time for self-reflection and inner growth. Be patient and understanding with your emotional responses to the ups and downs of life. Remember that healing is a journey, and it starts with being kind and compassionate towards yourself. Tend to your wounds, both physical and emotional. Recognize that they are gifts, not curses, and that by working through them, you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself. Become your own shelter, be the nurse to your own fractures, breaks, and bruises.

Also on the 20th, Venus starts a new cycle around the zodiac as she comes out of Pisces and moves into Aries. Happening in your area of resources, the fire of passion and ambition burns bright within you. This is a time of growth and abundance, but it’s important to remember that these opportunities won’t necessarily be available forever. Take advantage of this moment and be proactive in your financial pursuits.

KnowPisces January ’23 Scope

Key themes: dream world, honoring your need to slow down, communities that inspire you, making a home for yourself, connecting with your inner child.

Happy New Year Pisces! For you, 2023 will be a year to connect with your intuition and your inner wisdom, to acknowledge it. Allow yourself to be supported and sustained by it. It’s also a time to have the hard conversations. Don’t postpone the things that need to be said and explored. Find support in your friendships and with loved ones.

The year kicks off with Venus, the Goddess of Love, joining forces with Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld, in Capricorn on January 1st, right before she moves into the sign of Aquarius on the 2nd, where she’ll be hanging out until February 20th. The year starts out with a check in regarding how our intimacy is impacted by the structures that are falling apart and transforming all around us. It’ll be easier for you to notice the dynamics that aren’t working within your groups and communities. Bring in the necessary conversations to the table in order to transform things. You have such a way to do so, that it’ll make it easier for others to respond. As Venus moves into Aquarius bringing some sweetness into your inner landscape, give yourself the chance to rest as much as you can this month.

On January 6th we have the first Full Moon of the year in its home sign of Cancer, happening at 6:08 pm EST, highlighting and intensifying your emotions when it comes to your romances, the children in your life and your creative self-expression. Look back at how far you’ve come with your creative projects during the past 6 months. How would you like to reinvent your emotional relationship with your creative life? Try not to let feelings of unworthiness get in the way of your ability to connect to your pleasure, your joy and to bring your creations to life from that space of expansion.

When Mars goes direct on the 12th, things will heat up within your home and family life. Let your fire, your passion and your heart fill your home. Redecorate, have fun experimenting with new recipes, play new games with your kids or old ones that you haven’t played in a while, have soothing conversations with your partner or your roommates. Give yourself whatever your inner child wants in order to feel safe, held and delighted within your dwelling.

Mercury retrograde comes to an end on the 18th, and so the messenger goes direct in the sign of Capricorn, activating new conversations and reviving the exchanges that might have brought up miscommunications or misunderstandings. What do you feel has been left unsaid within your networks, friendships, communities, and regarding your future visions and the causes that move you? This is a wonderful time to activate conversations that bring new and inspiring collective movements.

On the 20th, we welcome Aquarius Season, followed by the New Moon in the same sign, happening on the 21st at 3:53 pm EST. This Moon reaffirms Venus’ invitation to allow yourself to rest and recoup, without guilt, without fear of the social activities you’ll be missing. You give so much to the world and the people in your life. You deserve to retreat, regather and center your self-care. Then on the 22nd, Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius will go direct in Taurus, and this need will be even more felt, inspiring you to write about what’s going on in your inner world, start therapy, or have healing conversations with the ones that are there to hold space for you.

Venus will enter your dreamy sign, where its energy is exalted, on the 26th. Themes of compassion, unconditional love and intimacy through spiritual connections will be present for us all until February 20th. And for you, this will be especially present within your personal goals and journey of self-discovery.

KnowPisces December ’22 Scope

Key themes: journey of self-discovery, community and friendships, causes and visions for the future, resources, sense of self-worth, abundance.

What a wild ride 2022 has been, after two years deep in a life changing pandemic, we’ve been able to start taking steps out of a life with so many restrictions (depending on the reality of each part of the world) and step into a life where enjoying the outside world and planning for a future seems more tangible. None of us are the same as who we were three years ago, the collective trauma is real, but so are the ways in which we’re thriving to heal and mend, collectively and individually.

We start December with your ruler, nebulous Neptune, going direct in your sign on the 3rd, sparking our imaginations and our ability to dream. Don’t give so much weight to how others perceive you or how they think of you. Make sure that you’re staying true to yourself no matter what. You can’t control the outside world, but you do have agency over your own actions, and acting in alignment with your truth will be the most healing thing right now for your body, mind and spirit.

On the 6th, Mercury, the messenger, leaves the expansive fire of Sagittarius, to enter the earthy focus of Capricorn, followed by Venus, the goddess of love, doing the same on the 9th. This happens in your area of community, friendships and the causes that move you. This is a beautiful time to make plans with friends. Also to reevaluate and reaffirm who gets to be a part of your inner circle. You want a community that’s empowering.

The last Full Moon of 2022 is happening in Gemini on the 7th at 11:08 pm EST, reminding us, in the midst of so much chatter, to be in deep exchange with ourselves. Illuminating your area of home, family and ancestry, this Full Moon highlights the importance of staying close to what grounds you. This is a good time to bring balance to the aspirations that you have for your career with the desire you might have to go inward for a while.

On the 20th, Jupiter leaves Pisces for good and will enter Aries, starting a new twelve year cycle of expansion and wisdom around the zodiac. This will bring more action, expansion and mobility into your financial life. It’s an ideal time to clear away the stories of lack and undeserving, especially when it comes to money. Work on making way for stories of worthiness, wealth and abundance to reside within you.

We welcome Capricorn season on the 21st! Beginning with the winter solstice, the sun’s journey through Capricorn reminds us of the power of our commitments. Followed by the last New Moon of the year happening in Capricorn on the 23rd at 5:17 am EST, bringing a breath of fresh air into your friendships. You’ll be craving more depth in your friendships, networks, and community ties. Pay deeper attention to who is really down for you and the bond you share, and who might be there to drain your resources.

On the 23rd, Chiron, the wounded healer, will be going direct in Aries in your area of resources, mundane delights and sense of self-worth. Chiron wants to help you see and confront where you’ve been wounding yourself when it comes to your capacity of survival. Don’t forget the system is rigged, and how much you’re able to make of it has nothing to do with your worth.

2022 comes to an end with Mercury going retrograde in Capricorn on the 29th. The end of the year will be asking us to review our commitments, to see how much we truly want to be invested in them. Keep this in mind when making your new year’s resolutions. In your case there will be a special focus on community, friends, your visions for the futures, visions that you share and expand with others, and the causes that light your fire.

KnowPisces November ’22 Scope

Pisces, as we begin the month of November in the midst of Eclipse season, pay attention to outside-the-box experiences that remind you of the impermanence of life. These synchronicities are the Universe’s way of telling you to sharpen your awareness of the present moment for this is all we have and the next moment it could be gone. As Juliet said to Romeo, “Parting is such sweet sorrow”. As the recent Solar Eclipse in Scorpio ignited your sector of philosophy and adventure, what did you realize about what’s most important to you in this lifetime, Pisces?

By the Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in down-to-earth Taurus on November 8th at 6:02am, Pisces, it becomes increasingly important to thread these realizations into your mindset and mundane interactions. This Lunar Eclipse conjoins with Uranus, the planet of Awakening, in your sector of communication and learning, which may compel you to radically shift your perception and simplify the way you share and gather information. Does the sweet fragility of the here-and-now show up when you’re running your errands, talking to your neighbour, or going for your go-to walk in the neighbourhood? This Lunar Eclipse also forms a challenging square to Saturn, the planet of Reality, so pay attention to how and when your mental and emotional states signal the need to set boundaries for recentering yourself with what matters most. Remember this quote by Radhanath Swami: “Mother Nature speaks in a language understood by the peaceful mind of a sincere observer.”

By mid-month, Eclipse season wanes with Venus entering uplifting Sagittarius on November 16th, activating your sector of career and reputation until December 9th. With Venus in Sagittarius, you may feel more optimistic and confident in the public sphere and receive opportunities for business alliances. As the planet of Communication, Mercury, enters fiery Sagittarius the day next through December 6th, open your mind to collecting visions, ideas, and goals for engaging in a satisfying role in society. Pisces, let yourself be inspired by Emily Weiss’ words: “And if you hear ‘that’s not possible,’ then ask ‘what is possible’.”

On November 22nd, the Sun shifts into exuberant Sagittarius which intensifies the life force energy in your sector of career and reputation until December 21st. Welcome to Sagittarius season, Pisces! Since Scorpio season may have clarified what’s more vital for you, you may notice that your understanding of ambition and accomplishment holds elevated meaning. What does “fulfilling your destiny” mean for you now, Pisces?

Pisces, while it’s in your nature to go with the flow and trust that everything will work out, Sagittarius energy challenges you to believe in big-picture thinking. The New Moon in visionary Sagittarius on November 23rd at 5:57pm opens a powerful portal for renewing your sector of career and reputation. Look beyond your title, status or type of work you do, Pisces, to a higher ideal of aligning with what it is you incarnated to be.

The possibilities are limitless as your traditional ruler, Jupiter, stations direct in Pisces a few minutes later. As the planet of Expansion & Opportunity culminates a 12-year cycle, what kind of knowledge have you gained about what it’s like to be an empathetic soul navigating a human experience? Pisces, the world might feel overwhelming at times and it’s because you’re so intuitively sensitive. With Jupiter in Pisces, it’s time to let go of the illusion that “love” can only be found in the world of dreams and fantasy – there is no need to escape. Pisces, turn the compassion, that you so easily give out, inwards and know that you carry a beacon of universal love everywhere you go, which lifts the spirits of those in need. Use your powers of creative imagination during this Jupiter-New Moon portal to make a vision board or an altar to symbolize and ground this inner knowing.

KnowPisces October ’22 Scope

Key Themes: self-esteem, social group, long-term goals, “memento mori”, closure

Pisces, Mercury retrograde has challenged you to reassess issues of cooperation, compromise, and respect in relationships. What did you learn over the past three weeks, Pisces? It’s time to methodically integrate these lessons to improve your relationships as Mercury in Virgo goes direct on October 2nd. When the planet of Communication re-enters diplomatic Libra on October 10th, remember the power of your breath for calming the mind and bringing grace to the dark parts of your psyche, especially when others mirror your vulnerabilities. Mercury’s transit in Libra until November 29th is also a great time to balance your shared financial ventures.

Retrograde season continues to wane as Pluto in Capricorn stations direct on October 8th, after a 6-month retrograde in your sector of friendships and future goals. Pisces, have your attitudes towards your social group and long-term goals transformed since the Spring? With Pluto retrograde, you may have reconnected to a deeper sense of mission, and as the planet of Transformation slowly begins direct motion, be discerning of people who empower the vision you have for the world from those who steal away your power.

Luna shines in its fullest expression on October 9th with the fiery Full Moon in Aries, illuminating your sector of money and self-esteem. With this Full Moon, celebrate the times you’ve acted courageously and leaped outside your comfort zone since April 2022. Every lesson learned from each step made to claim your self-worth is a valuable asset for your inner warrior.

After a 5-month retrograde, Saturn in progressive Aquarius stations direct on October 23rd. With Saturn retrograde, you may have felt a heightened weight of your subconscious fears and perceived limitations. Pisces, what did you learn about taking responsibility for your emotions? What helps you feel safe to let go and surrender? Pisces, the weight of the world was never yours to hold in the first place. With Saturn direct, consider integrating structures for containing and grounding your vast sensitivity and psychic energy.

A few hours later, both Venus and the Sun enter fellow water sign Scorpio, activating your sector of travel and philosophy. It’s Scorpio season until November 22nd, Pisces! As the Scorpio Sun merges with the planet of Love and Connection, you may have an increased desire for passionate encounters, perhaps even foreign or unusual sexual experiences that invigorate the intensity of the present moment.

This crystallizes with the New Moon Solar Eclipse in magnetic Scorpio on October 25th. How would it feel if you lived every moment as your last? What would be of utmost importance to you, Pisces? This New Moon provides a powerful portal to weave these answers into the fabric of your life’s philosophy. As Pema Chodron wrote, “To live is to be willing to die over and over again.” The Scorpio New Moon also coincides with the Lunar Samhain, a day in which the veil between the living and the dead is thinnest. Our unity to all there implies that we are living not just for us, but also for those who came before us, Pisces. When Mercury enters witchy Scorpio on October 29th through November 17th, “memento mori” can be a transformative omen to clarify your priorities and sharpen the meaning of your existence.

Your traditional ruler Jupiter retrogrades into imaginative Pisces on October 29th, activating your sector of personality until December 20th. While you’ve been expanding your self-confidence, Jupiter retrograde provides an opportunity to bring closure to old ways of projecting your self-image. Pisces, you are highly adaptable to the energies around you, so much so that you may get confused about who you are at times. Imagine how abundant it would feel if you had faith that you are loved, no matter what?

From October 30th through January 12th, 2023, Mars stations for its first of three retrogrades in Gemini in your sector of home and family. Intellectual Gemini challenges your easy-going nature and, with Mars retrograde, you may find it difficult to assert yourself in productive ways in your domestic environment. Pisces, how does your body tell you when your boundaries have been crossed and that you need to protect yourself and your loved ones? Pay attention to these cues from your nervous system during this Mars transit.