KnowLibra December ’23 Scope

Key themes: plans for the home, material security, worldly delights, worthiness, creating healthy habits, communication and the power of your words, roots and lineage, long-term goals and aspirations, healing old wounds, co-creation

Dear Libra,

The month of December begins with Mercury moving into Capricorn on the 1st, offering you the focus to take action towards the structures you want to create within your home. You’ll have the mental clarity to face any important or pending conversations with family members or the ones you share your intimate space with.

Venus, the Planet of Love and Beauty, will enter the depths of Scorpio on the 4th, where it will be until the 29th. This happens in your area of resources and self-worth, inviting you to heal any limiting beliefs that you hold when it comes to your value and your security. Venus wants to bring material blessings, and it wants to help you release any shame that surrounds your ideas of how much you deserve. This will also come up in your intimate relationships, and you’ll be more sensitive to how much your worth is recognized and valued. Stay where you are seen and appreciated.

Neptune will go direct on the 6th in Pisces, where it has been allowing you to come into a deeper relationship with your body, and understand how your work routines and daily structures impact it. Check in to see where your boundaries are at when it comes to how you respect your body, your health, and the routines that structure your day. Check in to see where you’d like to be with all of this. Be soft, careful and loving with the realizations and with the shifts. Letting go of habits and creating a healthier lifestyle is never as simple as it seems.

We have the New Moon in Sag on the 12th, at 6:32 pm EST, happening in your area of communication and daily activities. Remember the power of your words. Remember the power available in the simple act of listening to another. Remember how powerful it can be to truly listen to yourself and your needs. Remember how powerful it is to communicate your needs once you’ve acknowledged them.

On the 13th, Mercury goes retrograde until January 1st, giving the end of 2023 a reflective mood. Check in on your ancestral stories, traditions, sorrows and joys, the things that inform you of your sense of rootedness. You want to feel secure within your home, and within your body and your foundations. The first 10 days of this transit will be about really understanding what you need in order to feel this kind of safety.

We welcome Capricorn season on the 21st, shining a light on the reflective journey that Mercury retrograde is taking you through. For you the end of the year is always about home and family. About renewing your stories of not belonging. About reclaiming your roots.

Then on the 23rd Mercury moves back into Sag, connecting you with whatever was going on around the last week of November involving your communications and daily interactions, offering a deeper perspective.

On the 26th, we have the Full Moon in Cancer, becoming exact at 7:33 pm EST, shining a light on professional aspirations and long-term goals. Check in on your career path. Where are you at? How did you get here? In which direction do you wish to keep directing your efforts? How can you make the most out of your efforts? Take a chance on yourself and your dreams.

Also on the 26th, Chiron goes direct in Aries in your area of partnership and intimate connections. I know about the wounds that have been coming up for you within your relationships, I know it hasn’t been easy. But I also know that even if you aren’t able to see it right now, you’re healing so profoundly, and you are coming to understand what drives your urge to come together with another.

On the 29th, Venus will enter Sag, where it will be for the next 26 days, and you’ll be feeling extra flirty. Your compliments will be real gifts for others, so don’t hold back. Those sweet words of yours will go deep and have the ability to uplift the ones they’re directed to. You’ll be more sensitive to where there’s too much politeness and where words are disingenuous, steer clear from these environments, and don’t get too caught up in these interactions.

Jupiter will go direct in Taurus on the 30th, awakening your generative nature. Open up to collaboration, co-creation and receiving support from your partners. This is a great energy to close the year and to think about your New Year’s Resolutions.

2023 hasn’t been easy, personally or collectively, and 2024 will be a year of big shifts and revelations with Pluto moving into Aquarius. We are moving towards the world we want to see come true, and even if at times we may feel close to losing hope, we’ll all be creating the kinds of connections and communities where we feel more supported within our personal and collective dreams. Connection is what will create the possibilities that will overshadow the feelings of hopelessness.

As Mercury goes direct in Sag on the first day of 2024, start the year with this mantra “I see the abundance available even in the most mundane experiences. I remain flexible and allow my mind to roam free. I don’t control or define, I make space to explore and for life to surprise me”.

KnowLibra November ’23 Scope

Key themes: vulnerability and intimacy, intentional daily rituals, enjoying yourself regardless of what others want and expect of you, to-do lists, sustainable spending, using your voice, tapping into your inner wisdom

Dear Libra, we may all still be feeling a bit jet lagged from the eclipse season. What hunger have you been left with when it comes to your desire for profound and empowering connections and exchanges? Act on overcoming your fear to go deep and to be vulnerable. This is what will take your current relationships to a whole new level, and help you attract the kind of partnerships you’re yearning for.

November arrives with Saturn shifting to go direct on the 4th in the ethereal sign of Pisces. This is happening in your area of work and health and wellness routines, where for the past months you’ve been reviewing your need to commit to daily practices and rituals that help you remain centered and balanced throughout your day-to-day. How do you want to show up for yourself, for your body, for your health, for your life, for your vocation and your service? How can you help yourself be less burnt out?

On the 8th, Venus, the Planet of Love and Beauty, will leave Virgo to enter your sign where it feels at home, and where it will be until December 4th. You’ve been touching the depths of what it means for you to share yourself with another. A weight will be lifted. What you’ve been seeing and shedding and letting go of, will now allow you to feel so much more at ease in your own skin. Enjoy yourself. Indulge in beauty, in sweetness, in pleasurable experiences. Don’t feel shame for giving yourself what you need, even if that means not giving as much time to others as they’re used to. Trust your desires, and take good care of your needs.

On the 10th, Mercury, the Planet of Communication and Exchange, will enter the wisdom-seeking sign of Sag, where it will be until December 1st. This happens in your area of communication and daily rituals, and things will begin to speed up for you. Don’t allow for all of the noise and chaos of daily life to steal your focus, and your ability to prioritize and to remain in connection with your inner world. Make daily lists that can help guide you throughout your day, this can help if you begin to get lost in all the chatter. If you find yourself getting too lost in your mind or giving into self-doubt; move, act, don’t let yourself get stuck there for too long.

The New Moon in Scorpio is happening on the 13th, exact at 4:27 am EST, in your area of resources and self-worth, emphasizing the energy you’ve been swimming in since Scorpio Season began on October 23rd. What has been shifting and what reflections have you been roaming around in when it comes to your material security and the ways in which you make a living and support yourself and your family? There’s something especially empowering and transformative for you when it comes to making money and materializing your talents. Allow yourself to slow down and to tap into the things that have the ability to bring sustainable wellbeing into your life.

On the 22nd, we move into Sag Season, as the Sun shifts into the sign of the Centaur, in the area of your life that has to do with exchange, communication and daily life. Remember the power of your words and the power of your presence. Keep refining this. Remember that for your needs to be met it’s important that you communicate. Remember that for your relations to work it’s important for you to be present, and to listen. Stop saying it’s ok when it’s not. Stop saying yes when you mean no. Stop remaining silent when your voice is needed. On the 24th, Mars moves in the sign of Sag as well, where it will be until January 4th, helping you to bypass your fears and come into your confidence.

The Full Moon in Gemini is happening on the 27th, exact at 4:16 am EST, in your area of adventure, expansion and philosophical pursuits. Remain on the lookout for the messages that serve as reminders that you are not trapped in a life of little excitement. Don’t let life’s burdens drown out your intuitive wisdom. Find ways to fuel your connection to your inner sage. It knows the way towards the life you aim for.

I’ll leave you with a poem from Nayyirah Waheed that says: “when i am afraid to speak is when i speak. that is when it is most important”

KnowLibra October ’23 Scope

Key themes: communication, spaces of peace and centering, exploring and owning the depths and beauty of your inner world, honoring what you know to be true at the root, cultivating spaces of belonging, protecting your resources, investing smartly, necessary transformations within your finances, cultivating real connections

Dear Libra, as we welcome the month of October, your mind will be on fire. You suddenly have so much to share and exchange, and your need for communication will be high. As Mercury will be transiting your sign until the 22nd, you’ll be all about the give and take within your interactions. Many signals will be coming from all over, so try to cultivate peace. Remember to breathe and return to your center if you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of the information. This will definitely be a good time to get clear with others, and with the desires of your inner self.

On the 8th, Venus will enter Virgo, inviting you to shift your focus on others and on the outside world inward. There’s so much love and beauty to be witnessed, explored and owned within your inner realms. Get curious about your unconscious drives. Discover what’s happening beneath the surface. This can help you to notice if your current connections are honoring who you are at the root.

Pluto is going direct, where it will make its last stretch through Capricorn before heading back into Aquarius in January. Reaffirm your ability to say no, especially when the situation isn’t honoring your boundaries. This is a wonderful time to continue creating new spaces and new stories of belonging.

On the 12th, Mars will enter its home sign of Scorpio, helping us all get deep and serious about the pursuit of our goals. You’ll feel more encouraged to secure your money and resources. Don’t feel selfish for wanting to defend what you’ve worked hard to earn and preserve. Your gifts and talents are worth it. If you find that there’s something suddenly burning a hole though your pocket, don’t avoid it. Be honest about it, ask yourself if you think it’ll be worth it in the long run or if it’s time to create some boundaries and reassess where your money is going.

Eclipse Season is back, as we welcome the New Moon Annular Solar Eclipse in Libra becoming exact at 1:55pm on the 14th. This Eclipse is happening in your sign, and it may bring challenges, and also a huge current of energy. This Eclipse is here to remind you that you can no longer hide from the work that is yours to do. Whatever happens, make sure that you don’t get lost outside of yourself, in others or in the chatter of social media. Bring your focus back to yourself and what you know it’s time to do; that may be focusing on a certain project, or just giving yourself permission to rest. Feel into where the urgency is at.

We welcome Scorpio Season, with Mercury entering Scorpio on the 22nd, followed by the Sun on the 23rd. Your finances will be on your mind and in the spotlight. It’s a time to allow yourself honest inner reflections regarding your material security and the ways in which you make a living. Allow yourself to make the transformations that you know are necessary even if they bring some initial discomfort. Trust that it’ll be worth it in the long run. Cultivate sustainable pleasures that help you tap into your abundance.

The month of October comes to an end with the second Eclipse of the Season, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, becoming exact at 4:24 pm on the 28th. You’re feeling the need for new ways of collaboration and exchange. The old way is outdated, it no longer fills you, it leaves you dry. I know how much you yearn for connection, dear Libra. But it’s time to stop sharing your energy with just anyone in order to fulfill this need. It’s time to cultivate discernment. I know it’s hard for you, but I also know that you can do it. Separate your energy from the ones that take more than they give, and even from the ones where things are just stale because there’s not much to exchange. Make space for what’s real.

KnowLibra September ’23 Scope

Key themes: deep rest, quality time with yourself away from screens, activities that renew and nourish, recommitting to your truth and your path, honoring your boundaries, knowing who to share your energy with

Those unconscious habits that end up hindering your daily schedules may feel out of control lately. But this is a wonderful time to understand where they’re coming from, and the deeper needs that are longing to be met. As Mercury has been retrograding through the deepest area of your chart since August 23rd, give yourself the chance to dial down the hustle-bustle of the outside world. Find spaces within your days to have some quality alone time to tune into your inner world. Your intuition is strong, and making this space for yourself can help you find hidden treasures about your path ahead or whispers from your inner nature that have been drowned out by the noise of daily life.

Venus is finally stationing to go direct on the 3rd, after having taken you on a ride during the past 40 days through your relationships with your friends and the communities you’re a part of. Things will still be falling into place until October 7th when Venus comes out of its post-retrograde shadow phase. What part of the past regarding your sense of belonging, the sense of being a part of something bigger, the causes that move you, and the people you feel aligned to, have you been reconnecting with? What parts of yourself do you wish to keep reclaiming?

The next day, on the 4th, Jupiter will station to go retrograde for what is left of the year. Jupiter is currently transiting your area of collaborations, intimacy, and shared energy, inviting you to be more observant about where you’re putting your trust. These next four months of Jupiter’s retrograde motion will be about reevaluating your give and take, especially within the relationships where there’s a real investment of energy (e.g. money, resources, emotions, time) on one or both parts.

On the 6th, Mercury will enter the heart of the Sun during its retrograde motion bringing crucial information to light. It can feel like a gentle uncovering of thoughts and emotions that might have been tucked away for far too long. This is a chance to understand and release old patterns, so allow for quiet introspection if you can find the space and the time for it.

We have the New Moon in Virgo on the 14th, at 9:40 pm EST, doubling down on all of this Virgo energy that for you has to do with dream time, resting, and releasing. This is a call to claim retreat as a radical act. You are a social sign dear Libra, so I’m not asking you to fully distance from others. Deep sharing is definitely nourishing for you. But follow your inner wisdom and know when to disconnect if energetic exchanges are getting to be too much, especially if there’s drama involved and it’s taking a toll on you.

On the next day, the 15th, Mercury will station to go direct, and things will begin to speed up a bit. The need to reinforce your boundaries, and the things that have been causing you to feel drained and exhausted mentally, emotionally and physically will begin to loosen up little by little, until the 29th where we’ll all be more in the clear once the post-retrograde period is over.

We welcome Libra Season on the 23rd, shining a light on your personal journey of self-discovery, so get ready to begin to come back to life! You’ve been in the dark lately, letting go of a lot. Maybe at times you’ve been feeling lost, but this has all been helping you to make space for the renewal that wants to take place. Things haven’t been easy during the past couple of months with your ruling planet going retrograde and the south node of the Moon setting up camp in your sign for the next 18 months. Have patience with yourself and your process, don’t push yourself too hard. This is a time to insist on your commitment to yourself. Take your time but refuse to play it small when it comes to what you know is yours to take on. This is definitely a time of growing pains. You got this.

The ways in which you exist within your commitments are in a moment of transformation with the north node in Aries in your area of partnerships, and the Full Moon in Aries happening on the 29th, at 5:57 am EST, will highlight this. The more you face your fears of being misunderstood and just let yourself come as you are, the more honesty you can bring to your bonds and the conversations that need to happen. I know it’s scary, but it’s time to embrace the conflicts that come up time and again within your intimate one-on-one relationships. Remember that this can be done with care.

KnowLibra August ’23 Scope

Key themes: indulge in creativity, pleasure and play, reach out to old friends, set boundaries that protect your energy levels, well needed and deserved rest, standing your ground, go where you’re valued, take control of your daily life

Dear Libra, we kick the month of August off with the Full Moon in Aquarius becoming exact at 2:31 pm EST, on the 1st. This happens in your area of creative self-expression, fun and romance, giving you many reasons to indulge. Don’t ask yourself if you’ve earned a break. Know that you have, know that you deserve to let loose. No matter where you are in the process of your creative projects, please don’t fixate on what you have yet to accomplish. Instead acknowledge the quality of what’s shined through you so far. Look into the structures that support your leisure time, rearrange and strengthen where needed. Plan your play time, set boundaries around it. Protect your need for fun, pleasure and relaxation.

Venus will be retrograde throughout all of the month of August and into the first days of September. This is an event that happens once every 18 months, and brings with it a deeper understanding to what we want from our relationships, how our current relationships are flowing and how open we are to intimacy. This 40 day transit is happening in Leo in your area of friendships, community and causes that move you. If you’re thinking about old friends and relations, reach out. Connect with the one you used to be, what have you forgotten about yourself that you would like to recover? Don’t say yes to every invite. If you’re feeling introverted, honor that. A firm ‘no’ can prove to be a very self-loving practice.

On the 16th, we have the New Moon in Leo, highlighting this Venus retrograde process. This will be an especially intense Moon, as it will also be conjunct Black Moon Lilith and square Uranus. How can you honor yourself and your needs while honoring the needs of your people? How do you give space when needed? And how do you honor your boundaries when you’re not being taken into account. There may be some uncomfortable revelations coming through when it comes to your friends and community, and you may be faced with a decision of how to better deal with this depending on how it affects the relationship and you personally.

Welcome Virgo season! This is always a time of closure for you. What can recharge you this month are cat-naps, cozying up with a movie, bubble baths, retreating, giving yourself more alone time, paying attention to your dreams, allowing space for your emotions to flow through you, identifying where there’s pain. Mercury also goes retrograde here in Virgo on the same day, the 23rd, so don’t try to juggle too many things at the same time. Know when to say no and when to delegate.

On the 27th, Mars shifts from Virgo to your sign, inviting you to stand your ground. Asserting yourself isn’t really your strong suit, but Mars is here to help, and it’s here to remind you that you don’t have to be perfect at it. You’re the master of balance, and you can face self-assertion as a balance act. When you shift a bit from the center, you can come right back, and again and again, and the more you persist, the more in alignment you’ll be. You don’t have to follow others’ ideas for bravery. Find your own.

On the next day, Uranus will be going into its yearly retrograde phase for the next 5 months. Pay attention to the collaborations you’re being invited to be a part of. What are your reasons for accepting or rejecting them? Pay attention to your current collaborations and energy exchanges. Is there anything that feels off, or any unaddressed power struggles? This will be a good time to bring more clarity to the things that feel out of balance, especially if you feel you’re being talked advantage of or not given the value you deserve. In which spaces of your life do you feel like you’re given the value you know you deserve?

We end the month of August with the Full Moon in the sign of Pisces becoming exact at 9:35 pm EST, on the 30th. This happens in your area of work, health and day-to-day routines. This Moon is here to remind you that the tiniest of choices you make within a day and reorient your whole schedule, and even affect your long-term goals. It’s shining a light on what works for you and what doesn’t, what allows you to flow and what adds stress. Tap into that intuition.

The north node in Aries and the south node in Libra have been settling into your area of partnerships and your area of self-discovery, respectively. These next 18 months will be crucial for you. You’re letting go of so much of what you identify with. Make space to play around with your looks, explore new activities that you’re feeling called towards. Your energy levels may decrease at times, and when they do, instead of pressuring yourself to do more, allow yourself as much rest as you can get.

KnowLibra July ’23 Scope

Key themes: roots and foundation, quality rest and sleep, support groups, seeing yourself through others, causes that move you, speaking your truth within your partnerships, belonging, inner truth.

Dear Libra, the month of July brings a sense of grounding with the Full Moon in Capricorn becoming exact on the 3rd at 7:38 am EST. A recurring urgency may also be present. An urgency to get yourself clear enough and centered enough to be able to follow your life path without hesitation. Where do you think this urgency is coming from? What do you feel you should be doing so that life will have your back? I invite you to explore these commands. It may be time to weed out the ones that have no real basis and that keep holding you back from the freedom you desire and deserve.

Mars is moving into Virgo on the 10th, and this burst of energy in your area of culmination and what’s behind the scenes will connect you with your need for rest and will help you act upon it. What tweeks can you make in order to sleep better? Sett a bedtime alarm? No caffeine after a certain hour? No cellphone or any screens in bed? More alone time can also do you good to help get back on track with your desires during the next month and half.

On the 11th, we have another shift in energy when Mercury moves into Leo in your area of friendships and community, activating your creative juices and inviting you to speak up. There’s nothing like a support group to keep you accountable to your dreams, plans, and what you stand for. Who is your support group? You may find yourself overwhelmed with everyone wanting a bit of your attention. Make sure you prioritize who you give your time to. It’s ok to turn off your notifications from time to time.

As the North Node enters Aries in your area of partnerships for the next 18 months on the 17th, it will help you learn to love yourself more. This will be a reminder that you don’t have to love yourself completely or be completely healed in order to be in a relationship. Being in healthy one-on-one relationships —with lovers, besties, co-conspirators— can be such a beautiful aid in your own healing. You learn to love yourself even more when you experience true love and acceptance coming from someone else.

The Sun enters the passionate sign of Leo on the 22nd, shining a light on the groups you’re a part of and the causes that move you. Venus goes retrograde on the same day, and will be in backwards motion for the next six weeks, inviting you to review your connections with communities and networks that feel resonant. Don’t say yes to any invitation. Being true to yourself and your needs is what allows you to be true within your friendships and collectives.

On the next day, Chiron goes retrograde in Aries, giving you the chance to pause and explore the reasons why you have this urge to merge with another. This is especially important if you’re currently going through a break up or are having relationship issues. Knowing why you wanna be there will help you not be subject to the will of the other person. It will help you take back your power and cultivate more balanced and healthy bonds.

Pluto will find itself right in the middle between the North and South Node on the 23rd, 25th and 28th. Here Pluto is serving as a link between the past and the future, pointing towards what we need to let go of in order to move forward. Pluto is inviting you to explore the patterns that you carry from your upbringing, and daring you to reweave new stories of belonging that feel more empowering. Allow yourself to say no when you need to within your family dynamics.

On the 28th, Mercury will enter Virgo, bringing with it some lessons, and even though they may be hard, they can most certainly lead to expansion and growth. This is no time to look outside for answers. Instead of paying attention to what others are doing, put your focus into centering yourself so that you can cultivate a life more in alignment with your truth.