KnowSagittarius June ’23 Scope

Key Themes: Seizing opportunities, adventure and spark, navigating relationships, healing past wounds

Sagittarius, June’s going to come in with a bang – just the way you prefer it. We (for the bulk of this month) are in your opposite sign’s season… but this just means you’re invited into a new state of balance, flow and empowerment.

You’re being supported in this too. On June 1 we have your ruling planet (Jupiter) conjoining (meeting) the Lunar North Node. This’ll feel like a cosmic “you can do it,” and you’ll be here for it.

You can use this building energy which will culminate on and around the Full Moon of the month, which is in your sign (June 3rd). If you’ve been feeling sluggish or lethargic (Taurus season hangover can have that effect), this moon will likely light a fire under your ass again.

The dynamic vibes continue with Venus entering Leo just a few days later (June 5th), and due to some retrogrades, will be there until early October. The planet of love and beauty in another fire sign is going to do wonders for your sense of optimism and excitement Sagittarius. This kind of transit will make you feel like the world is a magical place again.

That feeling will be the perfect remedy for a potential sense of upheaval that could unfold around June 11, where Pluto retrograde enters the sign of Capricorn. Pluto retrogrades tend to reveal the real, bad and ugly – but in the best way. If there are any pressing issues or fears that you’ve been ignoring, these retrogrades raise them to the surface to be transmuted and ultimately, healed. As it shifts into the final earth sign, Pluto is going to be shining a light on your sector of health, wealth and security. Pay close attention to any shifts, prompts or epiphanies regarding these spheres – so that you can pivot and adjust your life accordingly.

On June 18th we have a New Moon in your opposite sign of Gemini, activating your sector of relationships. This will be a wonderful mini portal for reflecting on who currently occupies your energy, connections and time. Pour love into those who feel aligned, and question if there are any ways that you can make less comfortable relationships any more harmonious? Maybe a few (kind) conversations are ready to be had. Here, the Gemini moon reminds you to avoid assuming you know how the other feels. The air sign reflects the fact that there are infinite perspectives, which are all (on some level) true, simply because they exist for someone. You can only ever know your own perspective, meaning a degree of openness will always be the more loving option.

With Cancer season (June 21st) and Mercury (the planet of communication) joining the sun in the water sign, you might notice an emphasis on your inner world Sagittarius. These energies activate your sector of deep healing, transformation and the subconscious. It’ll be a powerful time to go further in your thought processes, and travel back to their roots. What really motivates your actions? Are you being completely honest with yourself (and others) about what it is that you desire?

The soul-searching vibes turn up with Neptune going retrograde through its home planet of Pisces on June 30th (until December 6th). This trippy, and boundary-shattering retrograde tends to amplify the emotional and subtle realms. Because your sector of healing and belonging is being activated, it’ll initiate a particularly important window of releasing opportunity for you Sag.

KnowSagittarius May ’23 Scope

Key Themes: The nature of your mind, your sensitivity, healthier habits, learning from others

Sagittarius, May is going to evoke multiple shades of experience for you: potent inner transformation, clearing up your three-dimensional spheres, and exploring relationships. Taurus season is usually all about going slow and steady, but with an eclipse thrown in… this month will be a little different.

We kick off the month with a Pluto retrograde in Aquarius on (May 1st). Because this retrograde takes place in the sign of Aquarius (ruler of society and community), we’re going to experience an illumination of society’s underbelly. This will also likely mean major global and political shifts. On a personal level, because this activates your sector of mental processing – you might start exploring your relationship to your mind, in a new way. Notice the nature of your thoughts Sag. Which ones reflect old patterns, limiting beliefs or fears? Which are in alignment with your truth? This could be the time to bring your mental state into a deepened state of balance.
Note: this retrograde will be active until October. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so take your time and grant yourself patience.

On May 7th Venus enters Cancer, encouraging further journeying into your inner workings. This transit is one that makes us feel more soft and squishy. You’ll likely notice your sensitivity increasing around this time. That might just mean needing more solitude, space, or for the pace of life to slow down.

The good news is, we are in Taurus season, so all of this is definitely possible! If you feel so inclined, take out more time for yourself: enjoy nature, good books and nourishing food. This will be a wonderful time to seek inspiration. More specifically, inspiration that’s free of influence from those around you. It’s time to embark on your own soul exploration.

A week later, we have Mercury going direct in the sign of Taurus (May 14th). For you, this activates your sector of wellbeing, health and routine. It’ll be the perfect time to “spring clean” your life. Do you have clothes that need to be donated? An infinite t0-do list or awaiting assignments? As the sign of freedom Sag, trust me – you’ll feel so much lighter and clearer once you shift some of this energy. The worst part is starting, but here, the universe is giving you a push!

You’re further supported with this on May 16th, where your wellbeing sector is again activated by Jupiter entering Taurus. Because of Jupiter’s magical planetary signature, you’re going to notice a stream of synchronicity and luck, when you honor all of the above. Beautifully, making the choices that are right for you will pay off in a bigger type of way. Love that for you Sagittarius.

On May 19th, the New Moon in Taurus invites you to solidify these new healthy habits. What intentions do you carry for the next lunar cycle? What do you want the next month to look like? And how can you begin bringing exactly that into fruition? You’ve got this Sag.

The next day (May 20th), we officially move into Gemini season. As a result, you’ll likely feel almost instantly lighter, more balanced and social. Sagittarius, the universe is inviting you to open yourself up to new connections, or to deepen existing ones. For you (given it’s your opposite sign), this season is all about learning from others; expanding your horizons to grow even wiser.

KnowSagittarius April ’23 Scope

Key Themes: Inviting in slowness, balance and wellness, boundaries, sharing your gifts with the world

Sagittarius, the Sun is currently hurtling through your sector of play, celebration and self-expression… setting you up for what has the potential to be a glorious month.

You’ve just made it through some of the most intense transits of 2023, such as Pluto’s shift into Aquarius (where it will remain for two decades), and Saturn’s move into Pisces (where it will stay for roughly 2.5 years).

The collective energy is shifting increasingly fast by the day, but the good news is, with all of this fresh energy – a significant wave of heart-centered energy is going to infuse April. As a highly intuitive sign, you’ll both feel this, and be here for it.

With the cosmic currents turned up, you’re reminded to set the pace of your own life Sagittarius. Calming your nervous system with simple tricks like not checking your phone in bed, drinking more water, and stretching – will empower you more than you can imagine. Try it out for a week or two, and notice the difference within your auric field. Not only will you feel much more balanced, you’ll also be able to access clarity and focus that much more easily.

This is supported by Mercury’s move into Taurus on April 3rd. Because this activates your sector of wellness, health and routine, the universe encourages you to refine the elements that make up your day. Thinking of your life as a Lego building, what bricks could you add and subtract in order to stabilize the whole thing? If there are any negative habits that you’ve been meaning to shake off, now is the perfect time to muster up some self-discipline. Your future self will thank you Sag!

On April 6th, a Full Moon in Libra activates your sector of community. Libra is all about balance, so you’re being asked to examine what that means for you within your social (and family) circles. Have you established healthy support networks? How about healthy boundaries? If the answer is yes, celebrate this. If not, you may want to have some loving, open and transparent conversations. Being honest about your needs is always the right thing to do, and being mindful about your language can ensure that feelings are not too hurt. There’s a reminder here to be wary of your sign’s shadow aspects Sagittarius. Are you taking the time to really listen to the feelings of others? That is, trying to step into their shoes, to understand. As a sign that rules the pursuit of truth, this can be a challenging lesson for you.

The second powerful lunar event this month takes place on April 20th, a synchronistic and powerful day that sees the start of Taurus season, as well as an Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse. Activating your sector of self-empowerment and sharing, this energy could be the glow up you’ve been waiting for Sagittarius. It might be time to (at least consider) putting yourself, or your work out there in a bigger way. New Moons are, of course, all about manifestation… and this one is particularly potent as an eclipse. Be mindful of your thoughts and words around this time Sag – even more so than usual. What you think, you might just manifest.

KnowSagittarius March ’23 Scope

Key Themes: Honoring emotion, new beginnings, embracing health and wellness

Sagittarius, even though this month carries the fiery spark of a New Astrological Year, for you it’s going to be equally balanced with slowness, softness and self-love.

The month kicks off with Mercury entering Pisces on March 2nd, where it will stay for approximately two weeks. In other words, the planet of communication/mental processing is entering the sign of spirit and unconditional love.

For you, this activates your sector of emotional healing and home. There’s a high chance that you’ll be feeling more empathic, sensitive and intuitive during this chapter, and if this is the case – it’s important that you honor that. Keep your social calendar as clear as feels good to you, and exercise setting boundaries when required. If you set aside chill time, make sure you fill it with activities which actually replenish your energy levels. Of course your sign’s nature is more go-go-go, but there will be a time for that.

Almost a week later (March 7th), you’ll experience a Full Moon in Virgo. For you this activates your sector of career and physical manifestation. This is the perfect moon to bridge the practical (Virgo), with the more dreamy qualities (Sun in Pisces) of your future visions. What tangible steps can you take to begin carving out a life that feels perfect for you?

This theme is heightened – because on the same day, you’ll be experiencing Saturn shifting out of Aquarius, and into Pisces. Saturn is a place where we are learning responsibility and how to deal with the practical elements of life. It also rules themes like structure, time and authority. For the last 2.5 years you’ve been on a journey with a theme of self-expression. It’ll be worth reflecting on how that’s played out, and the ways in which you’ve gained clarity or closure. How have you put yourself out there? Are you proud of yourself? Is there still any work to do?

This next Saturn cycle activates your sector of emotional processing. This evokes a journey of balancing the inner world, with the outer; making sure you don’t bulldoze your emotions and softness, on your path of creation. The two can perfectly co-exist – in fact, your manifestation potential will be that much more potent if and when they do.

On March 16, Venus enters its home sign of Taurus for roughly a month. This is Venus’ happy place, which means we’ll collectively experience an exhale. Your sector of wellness and health is activated by this Sag, and with this the universe invites you to slow it down. Prioritize yourself in ways that have previously just stayed as ideas. Whether that means drinking more water, resting, stretching daily, or meeting your own needs before others – it’s your call to make.

A huge theme of new beginnings arises on March 20th with Aries season, as well as the start of the New Astro Year. This blank page energy will feel like the potential spark you’ve been waiting for. Stay aware of any synchronicities or opportunities that arise around now, as leaning into them may just flavor your whole twelve months.

The first New Moon of the Astrological year (March 21st), is going to activate this potential further. Remember the visions that you’d explored with the last Full Moon? It’s time to revisit them with this new spaciousness and a fresh pair of eyes.
What are you ready for? Or maybe a better question: what are you waiting for?

KnowSagittarius February ’23 Scope

Key Themes: taking back the reins, following (acting from) passions, emotional healing and release, celebrating and prioritizing yourself

Sagittarius, if last month felt a little more scattered than you would have liked, all good – February is going to look different. We’ve now come out of three major retrogrades, which will feel like life’s flowing that much more seamlessly. Rather than letting time go by without intention, this will be a month to take back the reins on your journey, joy and sense of adventure.

That theme kicks off with a Leo Full moon, on Feb 5th. This is one of those moons which tends to feel like a fire being ignited. A fellow fire sign, Leo is all self-empowerment and boldness. It has a lot in common with Sag energy. With this moon illuminating your sector of adventure and life purpose, it might feel like a fog lifting. Joy, momentum and excitement can be reignited – it’s your time to shine. If you’ve had any passions on the backburner, now’s the time to pick them up and act accordingly. Life’s too short to feel mundane, ever. You’re ready for more.

Being guided by your spark and passion is a theme which will be further emphasized with Asteroid Vesta entering Aries, on Feb 7th. The asteroids tend to be a little less known in popular astrology, but this does not accurately reflect anything about their importance. Vesta’s energy is all about reigniting that inner flame that illuminates our path forward. It makes taking action easy and effortless. This month you’re being invited into remembrance of what lights, warms, and fills you up. What have been the most meaningful and rich moments of your life? It’ll be a powerful time to reflect on what makes you feel nervous-excited. Then, lean into exactly that.

On Feb 18th, the sun shifting into the final zodiac initiates Pisces season. For you this dreamy season will activate your sector of emotional healing and self-love. This time, (particularly around the New Moon on Feb 20th) will be extremely powerful for deep diving into matters of emotion, the soul and your heart. If you’re feeling heavy in any way, ask yourself why? What’s sore?

A square between Saturn and Chiron on Feb 23rd may just make those answers clear. For a minute, it might feel uncomfortable digging through your emotional world – but coming out the other side lighter, clearer and more self-loving will absolutely be worth it. Prioritizing yourself by switching off your phone, saying ‘no’ to what doesn’t feel nurturing, and spending enough time in pure reflection with yourself, are all the tools you need for February to be potent.

Plus, with Venus entering Aries (and joining Chiron) on Feb 20th, you’ll feel this pull towards self-prioritization even more. Often, life does involve filling up your own cup first, so that it may then overflow out to others. Release any guilt around doing this. You’re exactly where you’re meant to be.

KnowSagittarius January ’23 Scope

Key Themes: Connecting to your visions, making plans, planting seeds, feeling the love

Sagittarius, if you already have the feeling that 2023 will be bigger and better than last year, you’re right. This year can be one of realizing your visions, being more connected to love and purpose, as well as manifesting desires faster than you ever have before.

On Jan 6th you’ll be diving into your feels with the first Full Moon of the year. It takes place in the moon’s home sign of Cancer, rendering this night (and those surrounding) one of the most powerful and emotional portals of the year. For you Sag, it specifically activates your sector of wellbeing and lifestyle. This will be a good time to take a microscope to your emotions and inner world, to see where you’re hurting – or what needs nurturance. If you have the option of clearing your schedule, it will be a particularly valuable week to spend some time in solitude and introspection.

A more externally dynamic energy arises a week later (Jan 12th), with the planet of action and momentum (Mars), ending its retrograde and going direct in the sign of Gemini. This is going to feel like your energy reservoirs received a nice little recharge. If you’ve felt like the year is off to a slow start, it will likely begin to shift right about now. Because this energy infuses your sector of relationships, it will be a time to deepen your connections, whether intimate or in a work sense. There’s also a chance you’ll meet someone new who becomes important to you!

About one week later (Jan 18th) we’re also collectively ending our Mercury retrograde, with the planet of communication going direct in Capricorn. If you haven’t already gotten around to it, this could be a time to sit down and make some tangible plans for the year. Think all things life admin. This could mean budgeting your expenses for the month, creating a visual career ladder for yourself or simply setting goals. Capricorn is all things structure and time, so it will feel far more natural and seamless than usual – to get practical about what you want to see unfolding over 2023.
This seed planting energy continues to unfold over the next few days, with Jan 20th initiating Aquarius season, as well as the New Moon on Jan 21st.

Plus, with Venus entering Pisces on Jan 26th, you’ll be feeling more inspired and connected to the universe than ever. The planet of love and beauty is very happy in the final sign of the zodiac, which makes themes like unconditional love feel ever-present. January was just month one of twelve in this chapter, and there is so much more potential for the year. You’ve got this Sag.