@KnowSagittarius July ’21 Scope

Sag, with your planetary ruler Jupiter currently retrograde all month long, you should focus on your dream world as much as possible, because you’ll receive many cosmic downloads from that space, helping you feel re-aligned with your most current passions and purpose. The Cancer New Moon on the 9th (and the 10 days that follow) help you cultivate a deeper relationship with your intuition, and in doing so you may realize that you’ve outgrown many things you once committed to. By the time the Aquarius Full Moon takes place on July 23, all of your introspection will have paid off beautifully and you’ll be able to express what you once needed time to unpack…

@KnowSagittarius June ’21 Scope

June has you bringing fresh intention to your partnerships, love life, and friendships. Both Jupiter and Neptune retrograde in Pisces also has you reevaluating your relationship to home, family, and your emotional foundation. Be gentle on yourself through some pretty potent emotions and opportunities for healing.

@KnowSagittarius May ’21 Scope

May is social, expressive, and richly emotional for you. You’re completely rethinking how you relate to partners, lovers, and community, and should give yourself space to work through your needs and desires around connection moving forward. Jupiter entering Pisces shifts your perspective and awakens you to untapped potential abundance in your home and emotional foundation. Call in the comforts and support you need this month, both from others and from yourself. Passionate energy builds through the second half of May, leading up to a vibrant Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius. Milestones alert you to how much you’ve grown and signal toward ways for you to nourish and nurture your body, mind, and spirit more actively in this new era of being.

@KnowSagittarius April ’21 Scope

April is all about getting organized, expressing care, and showing up for the causes, work, and people who matter most to you — starting with yourself. Check in with your mind & body, and whether there are ways to bring further ease and strength to your day-to-day. April is also a beautiful time to create. You’re confidently playful and creative under Mercury in Aries from the 3rd until the 19th. Saturn forming a trine with North Node on April 9th offers you the opportunity to address lingering conflicts or unspoken truths and transform your experience within a partnership or relationship. Venus, Mercury, and the Sun moving into Taurus through the second half of the month awakens you to feelings of passion about where you are most called to invest your time and energy.