KnowSagittarius December ’23 Scope

Key themes: Heart medicine, moving from mental realms into body wisdom, releasing cycles of fear, green lights and clearing of obstacles, healing

Sag, if 2023’s been a challenging year for you, you’re in luck. December will bring fresh waves of joy, opportunity and full circle moments. You’re doing wonderfully, and affirmation of the fact is being sent your way. On the other hand, if the year has felt pretty good thus far, this month will just be the icing on top. We’re still in Sag season after all!

Venus will be entering Scorpio on Dec 4th, which initiates a deepened way of relating to others, and the world around you. You’ll be seeing (or rather feeling) dynamics that exist beneath the surface, as this transit collectively takes us into a deep dive of intimacy. And where there’s intimacy, there can also be conflict. Your new shades of reality might feel like anything from a deepened understanding of the unspoken love between you and your family; to a competitive power dynamic friendship, which actually feels quite toxic. Use your discernment here, and allow your gut to inform your words and choices. You’ll naturally be in a chapter of “release” around your solar return. Use this wisely, and you’ll set yourself up for an expansive year ahead.

Neptune going Direct (December 6th) will further illuminate any areas of confusion, so tune in with yourself for epiphanies around this time. Ask, and you shall receive.

On December 12th we have a powerful New Moon in your sign, turning momentum, fire and motivation up a gear. This will feel like a green light from the universe for you lovely Sag.

Even though Mercury goes retrograde the next day (through Capricorn), you’ll be feeling clear and ready. This retrograde specifically invites you to tune into the simple (yet profound) wisdom of the body; to move out of your head and into the inner truths of your heart. In our modern context it’s all too easy to compartmentalize our lives. Often we apply logic to most spheres (for example career and finances), and intuition to only a select few (perhaps travel, or new relationships). Learning how to hear your inner guidance is like strengthening a muscle; and carrying your intuitive wisdom across all spheres of your life is a practice. It takes a relaxed focus, mental hygiene, discipline and faith – but oh, is it worth it. This retrograde journey has the potential to cultivate spiritual winds that can fill your sails, and take you beyond your wildest dreams Sag.

On Dec 21st, the Sun will enter Capricorn (marking our Winter and Summer Solstice, depending on your hemisphere), furthering a theme of Heart Wisdom for you Sagittarius. You’ll have set goals (if not, now’s the time) around your solar return – and here the universe is inviting you to approach them in a new and different way. The planet has been shifting its energetics over the last few years, and that includes the ways that we’re co-creating alongside it. Experiment with different modalities, practices and affirmations. What can you speak into existence? What answers can you hear, if you ask? Can you trust in a divine plan that’s being uniquely orchestrated for you?

A few days later (Dec 23rd) Mercury Retrograde moves into your sign, inviting you to slow down and observe any mental patterns which no longer serve you. Are you spending time thinking of the past? Living the future? Or residing within patterns of “worst case” scenarios? At this time you’re encouraged to pause, and become truly present with your present moment. What would life feel and look like, if you trusted all your dreams would be fulfilled Sag? Tip: why not live this way for three weeks? Each time you’re presented with a choice, simply ask yourself “what would I do right now, if I knew with certainty that I would reach my dream end goal?” Wait and see (with an open mind and curiosity) what happens.

Because the path is becoming clearer. On Dec 26th the Full Moon in Cancer powerfully activates your sector of transformation, fears and shadow work. This will be one of the most powerful healing portals of the entire year for you Sag, particularly with Chiron (asteroid of our deepest wounds) going direct the same day, in your sector of self-expression and inner child healing. If there were ever a time for journaling, video diaries, sharing or solitude – now would be it.

You’ll already feel like you’re on a roll with Venus entering your sign on December 29th, and Jupiter going direct in Taurus the next day (December 30th). As if that wasn’t enough, Mercury will go direct in your sign on the very first day of the new year. Auspiciousness, dear Sag. Love this for you.

KnowSagittarius November ’23 Scope

Key themes: Solar celebration, lift off, clarity on your path, soul searching, receiving

Dear Sagittarius, a synchronistic and expansive November awaits. As we leave the eclipses behind and roll onwards towards your own solar season, you’ll be feeling shifts of finality and closure, but also potential and budding excitement. This month will lift lethargy, confusion and stagnancy almost immediately, so buckle up.

On November 4th, Saturn goes direct in Pisces, illuminating your sector of family and emotional safety. Saturn is one of our most practical planets; its energy provides us with the challenges and obstacles required for our growth. In other words, the experience of limitation (Saturn) is a driver for your evolution (there really is always silver lining!). Now moving through Pisces, those Saturnian challenges can take on a more abstract feel. This transit can (somewhat uncomfortably) highlight areas where you may have been a tad too dreamy, scattered or unclear when it comes to achieving our goals… before nudging you into a more aligned and clear state. Saturn in Pisces says you are more than capable of achieving the things you want Sagittarius. Or you wouldn’t want them in the first place. But it will take work, consistency and an honoring of time, in order to get there.

Mercury (our planet of communication), will be entering your glorious sign on November 10th, which you may feel like a calmed mind, or newfound confidence, when it comes to expressing your truth in the world. If you’ve been experiencing brain fog, don’t worry. After all, we’ve just had the Lunar Nodes squaring Pluto, as well as our last Full Moon Eclipse in opposition to Mercury. But this will start to shift around now.

Speaking of shifts, on November 13th, our Scorpio New Moon activates your sector of spiritual connection, making it one of the most potent New Moons of the entire year. Scorpio energy holds an ability to see hidden truths and what sits behind the surface of reality – whether that be in relationships, your own psyche, or general dynamics of life around. In other words, this New Moon will be an ideal time for illuminating areas that have been bothering you for a while, and/or tickling your curiosity. What don’t you know about yourself, Sagittarius? Why do you feel the way you do? Why do you love that one thing and hate that other thing? You’re reminded that your attractions and repulsions carry keys of self-understanding – and with the opposition to Jupiter, a divine portal arises for receiving answers that you may seek.

The above provides the perfect full circle vibes, as we get closer to the Sun shifting out of Scorpio (November 22nd), and into your powerful sign. We’re officially at Sagittarius season! Mars will join a few days later (November 24th), as well as asteroid Ceres (November 25). In other words: the cosmos is lit up with your passionate, optimistic, and ever-journeying sign. This is a time of celebration, empowerment, self-appreciation, receiving and sharing joy. The universe will be illuminating your life with solar gifts for your next cycle, and you’ll be feeling yourself. Enjoy!

The Gemini Full Moon on November 27th activates your sector of relationships. There’s an invitation here to work on your “receiving,” Sagittarius. Even if it feels a little unintuitive to bask in adoration, this will be a time for awareness on how you can receive compliments, gifts, and kind words. Tip: the more you can accept, the more you create space for the universe to provide even more blessings and abundance. This is your time to shine.

KnowSagittarius October ’23 Scope

Key themes: Planning and goal-setting, synchronicity, your place in the world, spiritual connection, home

Dear Sagittarius, as a mutable fire sign; you love adventure, change, connecting your life with meaning and expanding beyond all that you already are. So, good news! October and eclipse season are going to bring you all the above.

On October 8th, Venus enters Virgo activating your sector of finances, wealth and long-term goals. Because Venus governs our personal values, this will be an opportune time for you to ask yourself some big questions regarding what it is that you want to achieve in the next six, twelve, eighteen and twenty-four months. With Venus here you’re encouraged to get pragmatic about reaching your goals, and that might mean determining what they are, before working backwards to come up with practical steps to get there. You are a spontaneous sign Sagittarius, but remember: just because you make a plan, it doesn’t mean that you’re married to it.

On October 12th, Mars (our planet of action) will enter Scorpio, which for you profoundly illuminates your sector of spiritual connection and higher meaning. You’re going to receive an influx of trippy, synchronistic vibes all the way up to Scorpio season, particularly around the eclipses.

The first of these takes place on October 14th, with the Libra New Moon. Sag, this solar eclipse provides an opportunity for you to plant new seeds of intention, as well as to reflect on the ways that you’re a member of your community, friend group, society and the world around you. You’ll specifically have experiences arising around the ways that you relate to others around you, as well as themes of reciprocity and exchange. As a very sovereign and independent sign, finding a balance between Self and Other can be tricky. But with the Lunar Nodes on the Aries-Libra axis, this is a journey that we’re collectively on for the next year.

On October 22nd, Mercury will enter Scorpio, with the Sun joining the very next day for our official 2023 Scorpio season. This is one of the most profound months of the year for you Sag. The season before your solar return, this chapter activates your most spiritual spheres. You may notice yourself with a growing inclination to get deep about life; why you’re here, what it means, and what it means for others around you. This will be a good time to journal, reflect and take up as much time and space as required. That might mean a few days of solitude and disconnecting temporarily, or sharing and creating.

A powerful catharsis will be initiated up to and around our Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus (October 28th) which activates your sector of wellness, detoxification and wellbeing. If there was ever a time to shake some not-so-desired habits it would be now Sagittarius. You’re nearing your solar return, plus we’re wrapping up a major lunar cycle that encourages you to do exactly this. What are you ready to let go of, grow out of, and shed? What version of yourself are you ready to become instead?

“Becoming” will be a theme going into November, with Saturn going direct finally in Pisces (Nov 4th). Saturn relates to what we’re building in the world and with this transit activating your sector of home, family and belonging… there’s a strong possibility that you’ll be seeding or creating visions for your foundations of your dream life, now through to Feb of 2026.

KnowSagittarius September ’23 Scope

Key themes: New perspectives on life, making and sticking to plans, co-creation, sharing your authentic self

Dear Sagittarius, September brings a wave of fresh energy that invites you into empowerment and creational energy.

You’ll feel this almost immediately with Venus finishing its retrograde and stationing direct in the sign of Leo. This retrograde (since July) has been a little rough. It’s involved feeling the parts of our lives which aren’t yet quite ‘it,’ so we can move closer towards our true desires. And, given this is Venus we’re talking about – this has meant an upheaval of our relationships, wealth, as well as general sense of life contentment. Its stationing direct (September 3rd) will mark more soul-nurturing times. In other words, life won’t feel quite so wonky anymore.

You’re not totally in the clear though, with multiple planets still retrograde and another joining the party on September 4th. This time it’s your planetary ruler, Jupiter. If you consider Mercury retrograde (up until September 15th) as an invitation to redefine the way you logically perceive and operate in the world – Jupiter retrograde is the same, but through intuition. Here through to its conclusion (December 31st), this retrograde – particularly potent as it’s your planetary ruler – asks you to broaden the lens on what you’ve previously “learned” and concluded. Perhaps you’ve missed something, or could deepen your wisdom beyond what you already know. Practically, this could play out through new opportunities, meetings, conversations and connections. It could also mean new twists on old dynamics. Regardless, keep an open mind to radical shifts in your view of the world and life itself, during this time. Afterall, Jupiter is the planet of personal expansion.

If Jupiter Retrograde zooms life out to the Macro level, the Virgo New Moon on September 14th brings it back to the Micro. Activating your sector of finances, career and long term goals – this New Moon beautifully unfolds alongside Mercury going direct, also in Virgo. In other words Sag, if there were ever a time to hit the ground running on your life admin, it would be now. You can use this portal to plant new goals, visions and practical structures for your dream life. I encourage you to draw up a vision board, or even simply write down your goals for the next three, six, then twelve months.

On September 23rd, the Sun enters Libra and marks our equinox, as well as libra season. This time brings an emphasis to your sector of community, rendering the next four weeks a particularly potent window for any collaborative opportunities or ideas. As a highly creative sign yourself, it is worth remembering that your own talents can be amplified when provided an aligned co-creative container.

Besides, there is a theme of sharing your gifts coming through this month Sagittarius, with the Aries Full Moon (September 29th) activating your sector of self-expression. This fiery moon invites you to step into your authentic embodiment like never before – and to release all that holds you back from consistently doing so.

KnowSagittarius August ’23 Scope

Key themes: New vibes, writing and recording, self-love and romance, emotional release

Darling Sagittarius, August is going to feel new in multiple ways. We’ve just had the lunar nodes shift (after 18 months), steering us collectively into new learning curves. The North Node is back in a fire sign (Aries), which you may be feeling as heightened charge or motivation. You’re also invited to explore some new retrograde challenges, all with the Sun in its home sign for the bulk of the month.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We start the month with an Aquarius Full Moon on August 1st. This moon will feel potent for you Sag, as it forms a tension with your planetary ruler (Jupiter). Yet at the same time, Mars will harmoniously connect with Jupiter, providing relief and an outlet for any frustration. This cosmic signature suggests you may feel an inner conflict, which could be healthily explored and transmuted by taking action. That might mean anything from going for a long walk, to taking the practical first steps that allow a course redirect.

On August 9th, some clues regarding your next steps may come through as inspiration, conversations or epiphanies. Mercury in Virgo will harmoniously connect with your planetary ruler, evoking a sense of mental and practical clarity. If you’ve been experiencing a sense of groundlessness or brain fog, it’ll likely start to lift here. Use this time to bring pen to paper (a symbol of bringing the energetic into physical manifestation). It’ll be a powerful time to write down any ideas, lists, plans, timelines or goals that you currently have.

On August 15th, your love life and desires might take on a more distinctively romantic note, with Juno (the partnership asteroid) entering Leo. With Juno here, the go is being noticeably loved and valued for who you are. Physical and verbal gestures of appreciation might feel more necessary, which ultimately speaks to a very natural human desire to be seen. It might be time for a date night, to rekindle an old flame, or put yourself out there again in all your glory. The very next day (August 16th), we have a Leo New Moon, so either way, the self-celebratory vibes continue. Enjoy – and take this as a cosmic invitation to love on yourself.

On August 23rd, the month shifts into more pragmatic flavors, with the Sun entering earthy Virgo (and consequently your sector of physical manifestation, long term goals and career).

Later the same day, we have Mercury stationing retrograde through Virgo. Despite its notoriety, this retrograde can be extremely helpful when it comes to refining your life. What the “perfect” day looks like is entirely specific to you, and therefore only you can figure out what your version of an aligned life looks like. Now’s the time to pay attention to what isn’t working (the retrograde will make that clear!) to adjust, shift and make space for what does.

Four days later (August 27th), Mars – the planet of action – enters Libra, suggesting that your path forward could benefit from collaboration with others.

The month wraps up with a Full Moon in Pisces on August 30th, 9:35pm EST. This dreamy moon activates your sector of emotional healing, so get ready to feel all the feels Sag. This will be a powerful time for journaling, solitude and creating sacred space to allow the universe’s messages to flow through.

KnowSagittarius July ’23 Scope

Key themes: Evolutionary growth, life purpose, shaking stagnation, grounding and minimizing, new inspiration

Sagittarius, July is a month of shifting landscapes, all oriented in the direction of evolutionary growth, adventure and purpose. You’re here for it.

We start the month with our Capricorn Full Moon on July 3, activating your sector of health and abundance. This is a particularly powerful moon, as it aligns with the planetary nodes of your ruler, Jupiter. Jupiter tends to magnify and expand all energies it contacts. Or in other words, this is big! Taking place in Capricorn, this moon evokes a theme of building, growing and physical manifestation. This energy asks us to connect our short-term choices with our long term goals. You may feel this as a burst of ambition, inspiration or simply the desire to get your life back on track.

It’s easy to fall into a sense of monotony without realizing, and this moon invites you to (if so) shake it off. That doesn’t just mean quitting your job or buying a plane ticket without a second thought though Sag. Capricorn energy is also all about accountability, consistency and seeing decisions through.

One week later (July 10th), more earthy and practical vibes infuse the month, with Mars (planet of action) entering Virgo. This signature is about prioritizing clarity, efficiency, organization and wellbeing. On one hand, the above might seem a little slow or dull for you Sagittarius. Yet, you can access a deep resonance with these vibes, as both Virgo and your sign share a mutable nature. Ultimately, you have a shared orientation towards transformation. In your case, that’s generally through experiences and broadening your horizons. Yet here, you’re being invited to transform your life, by adjusting and tweaking the many details that it’s composed of.

On July 17th, some epic astrology brings waves – with the Cancer New unfolding on the same day that the Lunar Nodes shift. The transiting Nodes flavor the current evolutionary lessons of our human family, on individual and collective levels simultaneously. They’re moving from Taurus and Scorpio, where (for the last eighteen months) we experienced a focus on themes like wealth, finance, security, healthy living, exploitation and corruption.

Now, heading into Aries and Libra – we embark on a journey that highlights the balance between our individual sovereignty and the relationships we share. Highlighting your sectors of self-expression and community, might begin to notice a shift in the ways you express yourself in the world Sagittarius.

Huge transits such as these tend to charge the collective , so it’ll be a good time to actively ground yourself. Perhaps a tech detox or new exercise regime is in order, maybe more sleep or a renewed focus on mental hygiene. This will help as you experience some more cataclysmic (not in a bad way!) astrology unfolding on July 22. Here, Venus (planet of beauty and love) stations retrograde in Leo, until early September. This transit invites you to go deep Sagittarius. It’s time to reflect on your life’s purpose and meaning. How connected do you feel to your soul journey? That’s one of the major themes you’ll see playing out over the next few months.

On July 27th, Mercury joins Venus in Leo, activating your sector of adventure. This is going to feel like a burst of inspiration, focus or drive. It’s the perfect time to plan, or take a spontaneous trip. Notice any epiphanies, downloads or ideas that flow through.