Key themes: New vibes, writing and recording, self-love and romance, emotional release

Darling Sagittarius, August is going to feel new in multiple ways. We’ve just had the lunar nodes shift (after 18 months), steering us collectively into new learning curves. The North Node is back in a fire sign (Aries), which you may be feeling as heightened charge or motivation. You’re also invited to explore some new retrograde challenges, all with the Sun in its home sign for the bulk of the month.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We start the month with an Aquarius Full Moon on August 1st. This moon will feel potent for you Sag, as it forms a tension with your planetary ruler (Jupiter). Yet at the same time, Mars will harmoniously connect with Jupiter, providing relief and an outlet for any frustration. This cosmic signature suggests you may feel an inner conflict, which could be healthily explored and transmuted by taking action. That might mean anything from going for a long walk, to taking the practical first steps that allow a course redirect.

On August 9th, some clues regarding your next steps may come through as inspiration, conversations or epiphanies. Mercury in Virgo will harmoniously connect with your planetary ruler, evoking a sense of mental and practical clarity. If you’ve been experiencing a sense of groundlessness or brain fog, it’ll likely start to lift here. Use this time to bring pen to paper (a symbol of bringing the energetic into physical manifestation). It’ll be a powerful time to write down any ideas, lists, plans, timelines or goals that you currently have.

On August 15th, your love life and desires might take on a more distinctively romantic note, with Juno (the partnership asteroid) entering Leo. With Juno here, the go is being noticeably loved and valued for who you are. Physical and verbal gestures of appreciation might feel more necessary, which ultimately speaks to a very natural human desire to be seen. It might be time for a date night, to rekindle an old flame, or put yourself out there again in all your glory. The very next day (August 16th), we have a Leo New Moon, so either way, the self-celebratory vibes continue. Enjoy – and take this as a cosmic invitation to love on yourself.

On August 23rd, the month shifts into more pragmatic flavors, with the Sun entering earthy Virgo (and consequently your sector of physical manifestation, long term goals and career).

Later the same day, we have Mercury stationing retrograde through Virgo. Despite its notoriety, this retrograde can be extremely helpful when it comes to refining your life. What the “perfect” day looks like is entirely specific to you, and therefore only you can figure out what your version of an aligned life looks like. Now’s the time to pay attention to what isn’t working (the retrograde will make that clear!) to adjust, shift and make space for what does.

Four days later (August 27th), Mars – the planet of action – enters Libra, suggesting that your path forward could benefit from collaboration with others.

The month wraps up with a Full Moon in Pisces on August 30th, 9:35pm EST. This dreamy moon activates your sector of emotional healing, so get ready to feel all the feels Sag. This will be a powerful time for journaling, solitude and creating sacred space to allow the universe’s messages to flow through.