Key themes: Evolutionary growth, life purpose, shaking stagnation, grounding and minimizing, new inspiration

Sagittarius, July is a month of shifting landscapes, all oriented in the direction of evolutionary growth, adventure and purpose. You’re here for it.

We start the month with our Capricorn Full Moon on July 3, activating your sector of health and abundance. This is a particularly powerful moon, as it aligns with the planetary nodes of your ruler, Jupiter. Jupiter tends to magnify and expand all energies it contacts. Or in other words, this is big! Taking place in Capricorn, this moon evokes a theme of building, growing and physical manifestation. This energy asks us to connect our short-term choices with our long term goals. You may feel this as a burst of ambition, inspiration or simply the desire to get your life back on track.

It’s easy to fall into a sense of monotony without realizing, and this moon invites you to (if so) shake it off. That doesn’t just mean quitting your job or buying a plane ticket without a second thought though Sag. Capricorn energy is also all about accountability, consistency and seeing decisions through.

One week later (July 10th), more earthy and practical vibes infuse the month, with Mars (planet of action) entering Virgo. This signature is about prioritizing clarity, efficiency, organization and wellbeing. On one hand, the above might seem a little slow or dull for you Sagittarius. Yet, you can access a deep resonance with these vibes, as both Virgo and your sign share a mutable nature. Ultimately, you have a shared orientation towards transformation. In your case, that’s generally through experiences and broadening your horizons. Yet here, you’re being invited to transform your life, by adjusting and tweaking the many details that it’s composed of.

On July 17th, some epic astrology brings waves – with the Cancer New unfolding on the same day that the Lunar Nodes shift. The transiting Nodes flavor the current evolutionary lessons of our human family, on individual and collective levels simultaneously. They’re moving from Taurus and Scorpio, where (for the last eighteen months) we experienced a focus on themes like wealth, finance, security, healthy living, exploitation and corruption.

Now, heading into Aries and Libra – we embark on a journey that highlights the balance between our individual sovereignty and the relationships we share. Highlighting your sectors of self-expression and community, might begin to notice a shift in the ways you express yourself in the world Sagittarius.

Huge transits such as these tend to charge the collective , so it’ll be a good time to actively ground yourself. Perhaps a tech detox or new exercise regime is in order, maybe more sleep or a renewed focus on mental hygiene. This will help as you experience some more cataclysmic (not in a bad way!) astrology unfolding on July 22. Here, Venus (planet of beauty and love) stations retrograde in Leo, until early September. This transit invites you to go deep Sagittarius. It’s time to reflect on your life’s purpose and meaning. How connected do you feel to your soul journey? That’s one of the major themes you’ll see playing out over the next few months.

On July 27th, Mercury joins Venus in Leo, activating your sector of adventure. This is going to feel like a burst of inspiration, focus or drive. It’s the perfect time to plan, or take a spontaneous trip. Notice any epiphanies, downloads or ideas that flow through.