Key themes: New perspectives on life, making and sticking to plans, co-creation, sharing your authentic self

Dear Sagittarius, September brings a wave of fresh energy that invites you into empowerment and creational energy.

You’ll feel this almost immediately with Venus finishing its retrograde and stationing direct in the sign of Leo. This retrograde (since July) has been a little rough. It’s involved feeling the parts of our lives which aren’t yet quite ‘it,’ so we can move closer towards our true desires. And, given this is Venus we’re talking about – this has meant an upheaval of our relationships, wealth, as well as general sense of life contentment. Its stationing direct (September 3rd) will mark more soul-nurturing times. In other words, life won’t feel quite so wonky anymore.

You’re not totally in the clear though, with multiple planets still retrograde and another joining the party on September 4th. This time it’s your planetary ruler, Jupiter. If you consider Mercury retrograde (up until September 15th) as an invitation to redefine the way you logically perceive and operate in the world – Jupiter retrograde is the same, but through intuition. Here through to its conclusion (December 31st), this retrograde – particularly potent as it’s your planetary ruler – asks you to broaden the lens on what you’ve previously “learned” and concluded. Perhaps you’ve missed something, or could deepen your wisdom beyond what you already know. Practically, this could play out through new opportunities, meetings, conversations and connections. It could also mean new twists on old dynamics. Regardless, keep an open mind to radical shifts in your view of the world and life itself, during this time. Afterall, Jupiter is the planet of personal expansion.

If Jupiter Retrograde zooms life out to the Macro level, the Virgo New Moon on September 14th brings it back to the Micro. Activating your sector of finances, career and long term goals – this New Moon beautifully unfolds alongside Mercury going direct, also in Virgo. In other words Sag, if there were ever a time to hit the ground running on your life admin, it would be now. You can use this portal to plant new goals, visions and practical structures for your dream life. I encourage you to draw up a vision board, or even simply write down your goals for the next three, six, then twelve months.

On September 23rd, the Sun enters Libra and marks our equinox, as well as libra season. This time brings an emphasis to your sector of community, rendering the next four weeks a particularly potent window for any collaborative opportunities or ideas. As a highly creative sign yourself, it is worth remembering that your own talents can be amplified when provided an aligned co-creative container.

Besides, there is a theme of sharing your gifts coming through this month Sagittarius, with the Aries Full Moon (September 29th) activating your sector of self-expression. This fiery moon invites you to step into your authentic embodiment like never before – and to release all that holds you back from consistently doing so.