Key themes: Planning and goal-setting, synchronicity, your place in the world, spiritual connection, home

Dear Sagittarius, as a mutable fire sign; you love adventure, change, connecting your life with meaning and expanding beyond all that you already are. So, good news! October and eclipse season are going to bring you all the above.

On October 8th, Venus enters Virgo activating your sector of finances, wealth and long-term goals. Because Venus governs our personal values, this will be an opportune time for you to ask yourself some big questions regarding what it is that you want to achieve in the next six, twelve, eighteen and twenty-four months. With Venus here you’re encouraged to get pragmatic about reaching your goals, and that might mean determining what they are, before working backwards to come up with practical steps to get there. You are a spontaneous sign Sagittarius, but remember: just because you make a plan, it doesn’t mean that you’re married to it.

On October 12th, Mars (our planet of action) will enter Scorpio, which for you profoundly illuminates your sector of spiritual connection and higher meaning. You’re going to receive an influx of trippy, synchronistic vibes all the way up to Scorpio season, particularly around the eclipses.

The first of these takes place on October 14th, with the Libra New Moon. Sag, this solar eclipse provides an opportunity for you to plant new seeds of intention, as well as to reflect on the ways that you’re a member of your community, friend group, society and the world around you. You’ll specifically have experiences arising around the ways that you relate to others around you, as well as themes of reciprocity and exchange. As a very sovereign and independent sign, finding a balance between Self and Other can be tricky. But with the Lunar Nodes on the Aries-Libra axis, this is a journey that we’re collectively on for the next year.

On October 22nd, Mercury will enter Scorpio, with the Sun joining the very next day for our official 2023 Scorpio season. This is one of the most profound months of the year for you Sag. The season before your solar return, this chapter activates your most spiritual spheres. You may notice yourself with a growing inclination to get deep about life; why you’re here, what it means, and what it means for others around you. This will be a good time to journal, reflect and take up as much time and space as required. That might mean a few days of solitude and disconnecting temporarily, or sharing and creating.

A powerful catharsis will be initiated up to and around our Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus (October 28th) which activates your sector of wellness, detoxification and wellbeing. If there was ever a time to shake some not-so-desired habits it would be now Sagittarius. You’re nearing your solar return, plus we’re wrapping up a major lunar cycle that encourages you to do exactly this. What are you ready to let go of, grow out of, and shed? What version of yourself are you ready to become instead?

“Becoming” will be a theme going into November, with Saturn going direct finally in Pisces (Nov 4th). Saturn relates to what we’re building in the world and with this transit activating your sector of home, family and belonging… there’s a strong possibility that you’ll be seeding or creating visions for your foundations of your dream life, now through to Feb of 2026.