Key themes: Heart medicine, moving from mental realms into body wisdom, releasing cycles of fear, green lights and clearing of obstacles, healing

Sag, if 2023’s been a challenging year for you, you’re in luck. December will bring fresh waves of joy, opportunity and full circle moments. You’re doing wonderfully, and affirmation of the fact is being sent your way. On the other hand, if the year has felt pretty good thus far, this month will just be the icing on top. We’re still in Sag season after all!

Venus will be entering Scorpio on Dec 4th, which initiates a deepened way of relating to others, and the world around you. You’ll be seeing (or rather feeling) dynamics that exist beneath the surface, as this transit collectively takes us into a deep dive of intimacy. And where there’s intimacy, there can also be conflict. Your new shades of reality might feel like anything from a deepened understanding of the unspoken love between you and your family; to a competitive power dynamic friendship, which actually feels quite toxic. Use your discernment here, and allow your gut to inform your words and choices. You’ll naturally be in a chapter of “release” around your solar return. Use this wisely, and you’ll set yourself up for an expansive year ahead.

Neptune going Direct (December 6th) will further illuminate any areas of confusion, so tune in with yourself for epiphanies around this time. Ask, and you shall receive.

On December 12th we have a powerful New Moon in your sign, turning momentum, fire and motivation up a gear. This will feel like a green light from the universe for you lovely Sag.

Even though Mercury goes retrograde the next day (through Capricorn), you’ll be feeling clear and ready. This retrograde specifically invites you to tune into the simple (yet profound) wisdom of the body; to move out of your head and into the inner truths of your heart. In our modern context it’s all too easy to compartmentalize our lives. Often we apply logic to most spheres (for example career and finances), and intuition to only a select few (perhaps travel, or new relationships). Learning how to hear your inner guidance is like strengthening a muscle; and carrying your intuitive wisdom across all spheres of your life is a practice. It takes a relaxed focus, mental hygiene, discipline and faith – but oh, is it worth it. This retrograde journey has the potential to cultivate spiritual winds that can fill your sails, and take you beyond your wildest dreams Sag.

On Dec 21st, the Sun will enter Capricorn (marking our Winter and Summer Solstice, depending on your hemisphere), furthering a theme of Heart Wisdom for you Sagittarius. You’ll have set goals (if not, now’s the time) around your solar return – and here the universe is inviting you to approach them in a new and different way. The planet has been shifting its energetics over the last few years, and that includes the ways that we’re co-creating alongside it. Experiment with different modalities, practices and affirmations. What can you speak into existence? What answers can you hear, if you ask? Can you trust in a divine plan that’s being uniquely orchestrated for you?

A few days later (Dec 23rd) Mercury Retrograde moves into your sign, inviting you to slow down and observe any mental patterns which no longer serve you. Are you spending time thinking of the past? Living the future? Or residing within patterns of “worst case” scenarios? At this time you’re encouraged to pause, and become truly present with your present moment. What would life feel and look like, if you trusted all your dreams would be fulfilled Sag? Tip: why not live this way for three weeks? Each time you’re presented with a choice, simply ask yourself “what would I do right now, if I knew with certainty that I would reach my dream end goal?” Wait and see (with an open mind and curiosity) what happens.

Because the path is becoming clearer. On Dec 26th the Full Moon in Cancer powerfully activates your sector of transformation, fears and shadow work. This will be one of the most powerful healing portals of the entire year for you Sag, particularly with Chiron (asteroid of our deepest wounds) going direct the same day, in your sector of self-expression and inner child healing. If there were ever a time for journaling, video diaries, sharing or solitude – now would be it.

You’ll already feel like you’re on a roll with Venus entering your sign on December 29th, and Jupiter going direct in Taurus the next day (December 30th). As if that wasn’t enough, Mercury will go direct in your sign on the very first day of the new year. Auspiciousness, dear Sag. Love this for you.