KnowLeo June ’23 Scope

Key Themes: Abundance, your inner spark, authenticity, community and your place within it, soul deep diving and healing

Leo, you’re approaching an abundance gateway. The Lunar North Node (in Taurus) has been activating your sector of wealth and abundance since mid 2022, which means you’ve probably experienced shifts in finances, the way you’re earning a living and indeed, living.

Nodal transits tend to follow a boiling water type of trajectory, and we’re nearing that sweet spot where everything cools down and flows. June is the last full month where the nodes sit on the Taurus-Scorpio axis, which means we’re wrapping up some significant lessons. It’s a big one for clearing out limiting beliefs, and stepping into your power when it comes to abundance. Trust that it’ll pay off.

And remember; you are being supported with this. On June 1st we see Jupiter conjoining (meeting) the Lunar North Node. This portal invites you to expand your ideas on what “abundance” really means to you. Perhaps your path has felt more stagnant than it should because you’re chasing something you’re not really committed to. Either way, reflecting on your prosperity journey here will likely catalyze key epiphanies.

The Sag Full Moon a few days later (June 3rd) activates your sector of self-expression, confidence and play. This will be a fun energy, where you’ll probably enjoy getting social and keeping things light Leo. Since this moon falls on the Sag-Gemini axis of “truth,” it’ll be worth reflecting on the ways that you act and speak in alignment with your authentic truth. Are there any fears holding you back? If so, Full Moons provide the perfect opportunity for release.

The fiery vibes continue with Venus entering your magical sign a few days later (June 5th). The planet of love and beauty in your sign is going to feel like a cosmic hug darling Leo. You’ll be noticing the beauty, potential and love inherent to the world more than ever, and this will radiate from your being. Whether this manifests as quiet empowerment or confident magnetism, you’ll be feeling gooooood.

On June 18th our New Moon takes place in Gemini, activating your community and belonging. This will be a potent portal for reflecting on your current connections, and how they feel. Maybe it’s time to show up for your community in new and supportive ways, or maybe it’s the opposite and you’re feeling too influenced. Either way, New Moons give us the opportunity to tweak, refine and then initiate new ways of being.

Cancer season begins on June 21st, powerfully activating your sector of spiritual connection and higher meaning. This potent four-week portal is ideal for connecting to yourself and life on a deeper level than usual. Cancer season evokes inwardness, sensitivity and empathy – all of which are a natural part of our annual solar cycle. There are seasons where solitude serves us best, and where deep diving into the soul (rather than externally moving mountains) is what’s needed. Use this as an invitation to heal and learn more about yourself. If you’ve been considering finding a therapist, this is your sign!

The existential feels continue with Neptune going retrograde through its home planet of Pisces on June 30th (all the way through to December). This retrograde activates your sector of deep healing, shadow work and transformation. You’re about to enter a chrysalis Leo, trust that you’ll emerge – not as a better person, but as more of who you already are.

KnowLeo May ’23 Scope

Key Themes: Seeing relationships differently, patience, emotional release, acceptance

Leo, eclipse seasons are always notable points of the year – full of surprises, transmutation and growth. May is going to carry all of the above, and you’ll be here for it. You’re moving closer towards creating the life of your dreams, full of abundance, self-love, and supportive relationships (some of the key themes for the month of May).

On May 1st, we have a Pluto retrograde kicking off in your opposite sign of Aquarius. While Mercury Retrogrades tend to have hype around them, it’s really Pluto that we should all be looking out for. Because Pluto represents our subconscious realms, fears and conflict – this flavor of retrograde tends to bring out the skeletons in the closet, on both personal and collective levels.

Leo for you, this takes place in your sector of relationships. Whew. You’ll likely begin noticing previously unseen dynamics in your relationships, or others around you in a new light. This doesn’t have to be super dramatic, but it could soon be time to reset boundaries or have some clear conversations about expectations.

Breathe space into any conflict that arises, because ultimately, conflict is not always bad. Sometimes, it’s simply a necessary journey to travel through with a loved one – in order to come out more aligned together, on the other side.

Do your best to avoid blowing up or making any impulsive decisions. This retrograde is going to play out for the next few months, so know that you’re not going to have all your answers all at once! (As a fixed sign I know that hurts to hear).

On May 5th, we have our Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Scorpio which activates your sector of emotional healing and family. Leo, this is going to be a time to go deep, into (for you) one of the most emotionally cathartic windows of the year.

Tune into your inner world, and be honest with yourself about how you feel. It might be time for a big cry, or to bliss out within your happiness. Remember: neither of those states are better or worse, and to feel “negative” emotions does not mean that you’re failing. Either way, feel all the feels. Allow them to flow through your body, to release any stagnant emotion which may be manifesting physically. You’ll feel so much lighter for it.
Tip: if it’s an option, it could be a good time to get a massage around now. Or self-massage!

On May 14th, Mercury ends its retrograde in Taurus, activating your sector of physical abundance, career, and finance. You might start to feel some cogs begin turning around this time, or doors being opened. There’s a reminder here that even if your sphere of abundance isn’t exactly where you would like it to be just yet – try not to lose your sense of self-empowerment lovely Leo.

Often, we’re brought to our knees (or at least into “unwanted experiences) in order to gain wisdom, empathy, and the tools required to cultivate our dreams. Trust this process.

On May 20th, the sun enters the playful sign of Gemini bringing a lighter sense of existence, as we move out of earthy Taurus. While inspiration here flows more freely, try your best to keep some Taurus medicine with you through this season. Stay connected to your breath, body and personal sense of being. Gemini season can evoke confusion, as everyone’s voices are turned up energetically. Still Leo, know that you can always find your own truth (as cheesy as it sounds) within your big heart.

KnowLeo April ’23 Scope

Key Themes: Manifesting practical dreams, trusting your power, collaboration with others, playfulness

Leo, April may just be one of those months that you remember as a “checkpoint.” It’s from here that your path may take a significant turn, in terms of abundance – but more specifically – relative to how empowered you feel in manifesting this abundance within your life. A healthy dose of focus, trust and consistency are going to be key here… as well as remembrance that the universe supports you in achieving your best life.

Lovely Leo, you’re ready to step into your personal power in a new way, and to have this shine outwardly into the world. The question now simply is: what do you want to do?

This invitation kicks off for you with Mercury (planet of communication and mental processing) entering Taurus, on April 3rd. Because this transit activates your sector of career and manifestation, you’re going to feel a wave of grounding and empowerment in these spheres. Suddenly, financial goals won’t seem like such unachievable visions, as you start receiving downloads of how you can practically work your way towards them.

It’ll be wise to set some intentions around this date, as later in the month (April 21st) we’ll collectively experience our first Mercury Retrograde of the year, also in Taurus. With us up until May 14th, this retrograde period will be about refining your manifestation goals. Remember: that might mean meeting some curve balls, obstacles or closed doors. Have faith here though. Ultimately, the universe is conspiring to bring you your highest good – and sometimes that means showing you what you don’t want, first. Because you have all of this astro-awareness, there’ll be no need to panic. Rather than chargin full steam ahead – revisit your goals with a sense of quiet empowerment, and get ready to act when the cosmos permits. You are a highly intuitive sign Leo: trust that you’ll know when the time is right.

On April 11th, we have the planet of love entering the multi-faceted sign of Gemini. Activating your sector of community and networking, this transit will have you feeling more social and collaborative than usual. Maybe it’s time to expand your work team, meet new people or join a class. Here, you’re being encouraged to tune into what you can learn from those around you.

April 14th brings auspicious energies with Saturn forming a harmonious connection with the Lunar North Node. This synchronistic and expansive cosmic signature once again activates your sector of manifestation and finance. You might feel an epiphany coming on, or even simply a deep sense of comfort. You will continue to reach your goals as they evolve and shift, it’s really just a question of when. With this truth in mind, the great news is, you can lean back and truly enjoy the journey.

This playful and relaxed energy will be the perfect foundation to a fiery and potent activation on April 20th. Here, as well as shifting into Taurus season, we have an Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse. Illuminating your sector of adventure, travel and exploration, this is a night where you’re encouraged to expand by playing. Honor your sense of wonder and awe at the world Leo. Stepping (or leaping) out of your comfort zone will be extra cosmically supported here.

KnowLeo March ’23 Scope

Key Themes: Embracing closed doors, patience, embodiment, a softer side, a new way of experiencing abundance

Leo, there’s been a challenging cosmic unfolding for you over the last month, and you may have gotten to a point of starting to feel somewhat defeated. The Lunar Nodes are tightening in a tension to Pluto (planet of radical transformation), and this tends to raise both our fears and discomfort. Perhaps you’ve had the feeling that you’re watching countless opportunities pass you by.

The month of March carries a message of: trusting that what’s meant to be yours, will be. Even if it feels like you’ve been experiencing non-stop closed doors, that simply means that you’re clearing out the path towards your perfect match.

Mercury entering Pisces (March 2nd) also reminds you that it’s okay to admit your vulnerability, both to yourself and others. Carrying a persona of having it all together is a big one for us Leos, but the downside to this is that it tends to cut us off from receiving support. If you constantly bury your struggle, how can anyone know that you’re reaching out for help?

The last Full Moon of the astrological year takes place in Virgo on March 7th. This provides you the perfect opportunity to connect deeply, with your own personal sense of empowerment. After challenging times, you can be the best person to hype yourself up. Affirm: this is your life, your path and you get to do it the way that suits you best. Next, step is simply figuring out (as you go) how you’ll do it. This moon offers you a huge portal of release. Let go of anything that has grown redundant, heavy or stagnant over the last twelve months, and that includes the relationships where you’re repeatedly being taken for granted.

Powerfully (on the same day as the Full Moon), we experience Saturn shifting out of Aquarius, into Pisces. Saturn is the place where we become self-authorities. This planet also rules society, tradition and time… all the serious stuff. In Aquarius, Saturn had everything to do with networking, community, and our global collective. The internet (an Aquarian invention) boomed over this last 2.5 year cycle, as the pandemic pushed us all further out of our physical lives, and into connecting within the digital ether.

As this planet now moves into Pisces, you’ll observe society shifting once again. Trends will likely take more of a distinctly spiritual flavor – and like all things Saturn, this has both light and shadow sides to it. Light side: a deeper sense of shared One-ness. Dark side: spiritual bypassing and culture wars.

On a personal level, for you this can mean embracing a softer side of yourself, even in the spheres where you usually place pressure on yourself. Dissolving the line of categorization between “work” and the rest of life, will offer you a whole new way to experience abundance Leo. In fact, it will redefine it.

The slowed pace of March turns up a gear on March 20th, the sun moves into Aries, initiating the start of a whole new astrological year. Plus, a day later (March 21st) we have our first New Moon of the Astrological year, a powerful portal for planting seeds and visions for the next twelve months. Here, the sky’s the limit Leo.

KnowLeo February ’23 Scope

Key Themes: A clearer you, self-honesty, sparks ignited, transformation, depth and healing

Leo, you have a big month ahead of you – in the best possible way. February will be one of those months where you discover and ground in new habits, perspectives and standards for the way you want to live your life moving forward.

Evidence of that, is the month starting with a Full Moon in your sign, on Feb 5th. This auspicious portal will be one of celebrating yourself, how far you’ve come, and the path ahead of you. It’ll be the perfect time to tap into that wellspring of self-love, confidence and power. You have the force of the universe reminding you: you’re magnificent – and the desires you carry, can be met.

Self-reflection through practices like journaling will be particularly potent around now. Being truly honest with yourself will be the best way to stay free and aware of shadow-Leo traits such as tying a (self-protective) bow of pretense around everything. That is: artificially pretending. that life feels perfect, that you know everything, and have no sore spots. Because that’s almost certainly untrue.

Life may not feel great in all its aspects, you might feel like you have no clue what you’re doing, and very wounded in some areas or relationships (including the one with yourself). You might even feel quite scared. The Leo magic is in accepting that, and knowing it’s okay. None of the above has anything to do with your self-worth, which is both unchanging and infinite. From here, you’ll be able to (with clarity) access your ability and creative potential to change anything in your life that doesn’t align with your desires, one step at a time.

On Feb 7th, this empowering energy continues with Asteroid Vesta entering Aries. The asteroids tend to be a little less known in popular astrology, but this isn’t an accurate reflection of their importance. Vesta’s energy is all about reigniting that inner flame that illuminates our path forward. It tends to make taking action towards our goals natural, and effortless. Here, you might suddenly notice your ability to follow through on your goals is accelerated. Time will fly, and you’ll enter flow state more easily than ever. That being said, if you feel out of alignment… it may just feel worse than ever. Apathy and boredom can be indicators that you need to shift course. Find what lights you up, lovely Leo.

On Feb 16th , we’ll collectively experience a natural deepening of life, with asteroid Pallas Athena entering the sign of Cancer. Pallas’ energy is all about our creative, intuitive intelligence, and feminine energy (not in the gendered sense). It tends to reflect where our inner Knowing is (and has been) sacrificed at the expense of a logic and ‘progress’ driven world.

Because this transit activates your sector of spiritual connection, you may feel this deeply. Now is the time to tap into your intuition, prayer or whatever higher connection resonates with you. Ask any questions that sit in your heart, and in knowing that you’ll receive the answers, they will come. Speaking of spiritual connection, the Pisces New Moon on Feb 20th collectively blurs lines between this dimension and the others. Activating your sector of transformation, this will be a deep time for you. It’s likely you’ll feel inclined to spend some time alone. If so, honor this, and enjoy.

KnowLeo January ’23 Scope

Key Themes: Finding ease, slowing down, networking, career, seeing the world differently

Leo, your year has arrived! 2023 will be the year to build, develop and grow the themes that you so brilliantly navigated in 2022. This year can be lighter, bigger and better – but more than that, it can be so much more easeful than the last. A key theme you’re working with for the whole year will be honoring your nervous system and rhythms. In other words, no longer relying on stress, adrenaline or pressure to drive you through life – but rather taking all of your actions from a space of abundance, spaciousness and balance.

On Jan 6th we have our first Full Moon of the year, a reminder of all the above. It takes place in the moon’s home sign of Cancer, rendering this night (and those surrounding) one of the most powerful and emotional portals of the year. For you, this activates your sector of health and physicality – so as mentioned earlier, it’s a time to honor your body deeply. Slow life down around now if possible, to really just be with yourself. Notice your breath, stretch your body, drink plenty of water – and enjoy the spaciousness of your mind when you do pause life around you. As a fire sign, often this is the best medicine.

Besides, a week later the pace turns back up on Jan 12th with Mars ending its retrograde and going direct in the sign of Gemini. This specifically illuminates your sector of community and networking. In other words, get social! This will be the perfect time for collaboration, group projects or simply sharing ideas and inspiration. You’re a highly independent sign, but as they say – no man is an island Leo. Notice how much creativity opens up when you do allow yourself to be supported and enhanced by others around you. Remember: asking for help doesn’t imply any weakness, but rather: intelligence! Simply because it means you’re able to see and use the resources around you. This in itself can be a hack to fast track your path.

It really is all systems go, because a week later (Jan 18th) we also end our Mercury retrograde, with the planet of communication going direct in Capricorn. As this activates your sector of transformation you might be having some huge epiphanies, downloads and realizations right around now – particularly within the sphere of career and finances. Get ready and stay open to the whispers of the universe. Listen to your intuition and pay close attention to the lessons which flow through here.

On Jan 20th, Aquarius season begins, as well as its New Moon the very next day. This could be a social time for you, or one to deepen an intimate relationship. There’s an invitation to be vulnerable here Leo. Not only will it feel better for yourself to shed your defenses and simply be… it’ll likely pay off, because your gigantic heart can be quite magnetic.We end the month on a dreamy note with Venus entering Pisces on Jan 26th. Venus here tends to reflect themes of unconditional love, spiritual connection and the intuitive language which invisibly governs the universe. This time could feel like your lens is being defogged, and the world can become that much more interconnected and beautiful.