KnowLeo December ’23 Scope

Key themes: Focus, self-reflection, higher guidance, evolving, your vulnerability, gratitude and what’s next

Dear Leo, what a ride 2023 has been. For you, December will be a time for picking the fruits of your labor. Health, detoxification, play, vitality and shining bright like a diamond – are all on the cards.

We kick off with Mercury entering Capricorn on Dec 1st, which activates your sector of wellbeing and lifestyle habits. You’ll likely notice a shift in your preferences towards “less is more.” Communication that gets straight to the point will feel refreshing, and you’ll witness a new focused flavor within your mental realms. This will be the perfect time to clear up any loose threads, overdue errands, or life admin before the end of the year. You might feel inspired to draw up some plans for 2024, create a vision boarding or start job seeking. The question here is: how can I bring tangible positive change into my life? No pressure – and it doesn’t matter if zero answers immediately arise. Simply asking the question, can often be a seed.

On December 6th, Neptune goes Direct in its home sign of Pisces. This trippy transit powerfully activates your sector of transformation, shadow work and evolution. You’ll feel a subtle (yet profound) sense of things clicking into place around this time, and I encourage you to spend time in solitude to truly witness this. Journaling, yoga, tarot, meditative walking or any other practices which evoke introspection will be extra powerful for you around now. If you feel so inclined – connect with your ancestors, guides, or anyone else that watches over you. They’ll feel closer (or louder) than ever.

On Dec 12th, the New Moon in Sagittarius illuminates your sector of play, romance and self-expression. This will initiate a mini portal of lightness and joy, which will feel easy (and like a relief) to fall into. Honor your inner child around this time, in whatever ways feel good to you. Think: sushi train, bubble baths, a hike or a new community class. What makes you feel alive and in love with life dear Leo? If you’re nowhere near that place (no cause for concern, you’ll make your way back) – what sparks your interest? Go from there.

The next day (December 13th), Mercury goes retrograde in Capricorn, which will begin a process of self-reflection. Over the next few weeks, the universe will be nudging you into new revelations of what choices, places, connections, actions and words are most aligned with your highest self. You’ll be shedding old and redundant patterns, and making space for shiny new energy. Simply witnessing this with intention will allow emotions to flow, and the whole process to be navigated with grace. You’re evolving as ever darling Leo. This is a beautiful thing.

Mercury retrograde will shift into Sagittarius on December 23rd, and you may notice a key theme in your life arising around the ways that you communicate and express yourself. This cosmic signature invites you to notice the ways that you make yourself smaller than you are, where you feel insecure, and where (as a result) you become inauthentic. As a Leo, all of the above can be hard to admit… but doing so, is step one to finding empowerment. “Fake it ‘til you make it” can be appropriate for navigating certain situations, but that doesn’t mean faking or lying to yourself! Honor your fears, with love and patience Leo. Allow your vulnerability, care, and big heart to come through. Funnily enough, that’s usually where you’re most magnetic.

We close out the year with some glorious transits (Chiron and Jupiter go direct), as well as the biggest Full Moon of 2024, in its home sign of Cancer (December 26th). This activates your sector of spiritual connection, magic and meaning. This can truly be a heart activating time, and you’re here for it. Find gratitude for what was in 2023, and embrace the new infinite opportunities of a brand new year. It’s your time to shine.

KnowLeo November ’23 Scope

Key themes: stepping into your power, green lights, wider perspectives, exploring the unseen, your broader impact

Dear Leo, following the tumultuous eclipse season you’ve just traversed, November will bring you a fresh wave of energy. Wherever you’re at; recovering or just chilling… this month offers gifts of emotional catharsis, play, and an invitation into even more empowerment.

The month kicks off with asteroid Vesta beginning its retrograde through Cancer (November 2nd). Vesta reflects the sacred feminine fire within us (regardless of gender) which maternally yet ferociously, protects and defends. With this transit, you may find yourself increasingly called to stand up for what you believe in: to become a warrior and protector of those who are unable to speak for themselves. This could simply mean offering loving intention towards unfolding global events, or extending more to the vulnerable in your own life. Regardless, this retrograde (here until February 2024), encourages you to rise up in power and strength – yet with equal parts softness, and grace. Vesta reminds us that it’s not enough to rely on anger or passion when it comes to having a positive impact on the world, but rather about keeping our actions and words rooted in Love.

Saturn goes direct in Pisces on November 4th, and a weight will feel as though it’s been lifted lovely Leo. Because this transit moves through your sector of transformation, you’ll notice a sense of closure coming through. Take a look back on the themes that arose and continued through from June of this year – specifically any challenges and obstacles which arose… because these might just start to shift. This may arise as clarity, momentum, direct solutions, or major green lights. Love this for you.

On November 8th, Venus will enter Libra (one of its home signs). Here, the world feels more playful, less sticky and far less serious. Activating your sector of mental health, you’re reminded not to sweat the small stuff, while also invited to try on a broader (Libra energy) lens. It could be a valuable time to play with the thought experiment: what would life be like if I took things 10% less personally?

On November 13th, we have a penetrative New Moon unfolding in Scorpio. Scorpio energy is known for shedding a light on the unseen, and with this energy activating your emotional realms, you’ll be able to see your inner world with far more clarity than usual. Naturally, this will be a wonderful time for journaling, video diaries, therapy – and just generally getting to the bottom of the barrel in terms of your needs, desires and fears. New Moons are always potent times for manifestation, so bring extra awareness to what you’re surrounding yourself with (or accepting for yourself), and the energies you’re inviting into your future.

The Sun shifts from Scorpio, into Sagittarius on November 22nd, with Mars following suit on November 24th. We’re officially in Sagittarius season! This is one of the most playful solar seasons of the year, which for you Leo, appropriately activates your sector of play, romance and pleasure.

With Ceres (the asteroid of nurturing) also entering Sagittarius on November 25th, you’re invited to have a love affair with yourself Leo. Treat yourself as if you were your own crush and spoil yourself with flowers, adventures, bubble baths, and/or anything else that fills your cup. This transit invites you to consciously nurture your own appreciation of who you are, to invest in a journey of self-discovery, and embrace your uniqueness. You deserve all this and more!

On November 27th we wrap up with a Full Moon in Gemini. Activating your sphere of community and belonging, this moon connects you to more global and collective events. It’ll be a powerful time to reflect on the energy you bring to the world. What color is it? Does it carry shades of conflict, division or apathy? Or is it the opposite of love, forgiveness and compassion? If there were ever a time that your intentions, words, and thoughts were amplified in their energetic impact on the world, it would be now.

KnowLeo October ’23 Scope

Key themes: New habits, accepting fear, radical self-love, family, release, connecting your work with meaning

Dear Leo, October is going to bring some epic waves of change. As a Fixed sign, this could feel a little alarming… but if you flow, trust and use your discernment – October can be one of the most beautiful, fruitful and course-corrective months of the year.

On October 4th, Mercury will join Mars to enter Libra. Mars here has been reminding us of the benefits of taking in inspiration, impressions and influences from others. Mercury will now reflect a similar journey, specifically relative to the ways that we communicate, express ourselves and share ideas. Because this transit activates your sector of communication, you may notice yourself feeling more expressive than usual, and I encourage you to lean into it! Write, paint, sing or share… and see what returns to you.

On October 8, Venus enters Virgo; a powerful transit which will illuminate your sector of health and physicality. Virgo is all about wellness, minimization and refinement. So! If you were ever going to start a health kick, the time would be now. Why not implement a set of new habits, or even start with one for the next month and see where it takes you?

October 10th sees Pluto going direct in Capricorn wrapping up a long retrograde, as the planet of subconscious fears moves through its last stretch of Capricorn. This has been a major transit for you Leo, and one that has probably overhauled many of the ideas you’ve carried relative to yourself. Pluto retrograde tends to reveal fears, shame, embarrassment, and all of the things that you generally avoid like the plague. Yet, know that with humility, comes growth and there’s a special kind of self-love. It’s the self-love that says “I’ll be here for myself and I’ll love myself, no matter what. No matter what I do, what mistakes I’ve made, or how I fail.” This is a profound gift Leo.

Times of change are upon us with our New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra, on October 14th. This eclipse is encouraging you to question where you’ve solidified your opinions, to think outside the box and broaden your perspective. As Leo Tolstoy wrote: “we can know only that we know nothing. And that is the highest degree of human wisdom.”

On October 22 Mercury enters Scorpio, with the Sun joining the next day. Here, our conversations will be becoming more penetrative, real and healing-oriented. As it does activate your sector of family, this could be time to initiate some meaningful conversations with family members. Maybe there are things that have been left unsaid or feelings that have not been properly expressed and given space. If direct communication isn’t an option, remember that simply writing letters (that remain unsent) can also be a highly cathartic and spiritually profound exercise.

On October 28th, we have our Full Moon Lunar eclipse in Taurus which ends a major nodal cycle for you specifically related to themes of finance, career wealth, and security. Leo, if you’ve been feeling squeezed over the last year, in flight or fight, or under extreme pressure… know that these circumstances will pass. Full Moon Eclipses are powerful times for releasing. Now is the opportune moment to reflect on what you’ve learned, how you’ve learned; what’s next for the next 18 months and what you’re ready for next.

And the good news is it will seem like your path is clearing, with Saturn going direct in Pisces on November 4th. Saturn is connected with structure, time, responsibility…so in the dreamy sign of Pisces it teaches us how to fuse our dreams, spiritual nature, and creative expressions – with the more three-dimensional aspects of life. Maybe for you that means picking up a paintbrush and starting a new hobby. Or maybe it’s figuring out how to monetize your passion. Either way until February of 2026, a journey of fusing your work with meaning will be prevalent in your life.

KnowLeo September ’23 Scope

Key themes: Refining your focus, what really matters, health and vitality, accessing empowerment

Dear Leo, you’re officially out of your solar season but that doesn’t mean the world has to feel any less magical!

Reminder of this, is Venus ending its retrograde by stationing direct in your sign (September 3rd). If life’s been feeling a little wonky over the last few weeks, know that this is completely natural. We’ve had a predominance of retrograde energy, as well as a few more along the way. Yet, just like the caterpillar entering a dark chrysalis of primordial goop and transformation – you too will emerge as an even more vibrant and flying butterfly.

There’s still a little more untying of knots to go though, and you’ll feel this with Jupiter beginning its retrograde (September 4th) through Taurus. Jupiter retrogrades are interesting, to say the least. Because this planet rules lived wisdom, you’re invited into broadening your perspectives on the world, specifically through experience. As well as lived wisdom, Jupiter rules how we interpret our unique worlds, and come to our own sense of meaning. This sense of meaning is totally individual, and (ideally) one that widens, grows and evolves alongside us.
With all of the above moving through your sector of wealth, finance and career – you’re invited to look at what areas feel stale. Where can you invite energies of expansion and movement into these spheres? And how? The good (or bad, depending on how you look at it) news is, there’s no rush to figure it out. You’ll be working with this retrograde all the way through to December 31st of this year.

Our new lunar cycle begins with a New Moon in Virgo (Sep 14th), which lands almost on top of Mercury concluding its retrograde (also through Virgo). This beautiful energy will feel clarifying and gently uplifting. Because it activates your sector of health and nature, it’ll be worth using the comforting cosmic vibes to nourish your body and nervous system. Virgo has a distinctly pragmatic element to it, so identify and use whatever tools work for you; perhaps a certain kind of tea, more (or even less) sleep, swapping to spring water and so on. New Moon energy always invites us into creating and seeding something new. What do you want the next four weeks to look like Leo?

On September 17th you’ll notice more challenging energies arise with Jupiter retrograde forming a square to Venus in your sign. This could manifest as a closed door, rejection or obstacle coming through. Here, you’re reminded of your innate sense of empowerment, which in so many ways comes from being able to adapt to your circumstances. Remember, if one door closes, it’s because you are meant to take a different turn. Even though as a fixed sign, it may feel natural to keep pushing and trying to squeeze something into a solution – know that this is a place where you can waste a lot of energy. Instead, try and channel this momentum into broadening your perspective and seeing any and all new options. Trust and honor that’s what meant for you, will be.

Besides, it will pass. The Aries Full Moon (September 29th) brings more playful vibes as it illuminates your sector of romance, pleasure and inner child energy. This will be a time where movement feels particularly nourishing, so I encourage you to spoil yourself your way, break up your routine, and perhaps visit a place that you’ve never been before…

KnowLeo August ’23 Scope

Key themes: Celebration and solar return energy, healthy habits, collaboration and flexibility

Lovely Leo, we’re officially in your season. The magical time of the year where the Sun enters its home sign and you (and our collective Leo fam) celebrate your solar return. With Venus having begun its retrograde through your sign, this month might feel a little more nostalgic than previous birthday seasons, yet this also brings a special flavor of depth and reflection. Over the next four weeks you’re going to be revisiting memories, as well as finding gratitude for the present, and simultaneously honoring your future. The point is, the focus this month is on your journey; your unique path, relationships, work, health, mental balance – and of course, your big lion heart.

The month begins with a Full Moon in your opposite sign (Aquarius), which activates your sector of relationships. This will be a good time to reflect on who sits within your inner circle, and why. Do you feel honored, supported and seen – in your relationships? Do you offer the same to the ones you love? What more would you love? What more could you offer, without overextending yourself? No rush with drawing conclusions. With the Lunar Nodal shift into the Aries-Libra axis, this is a balance you’ll be refining all the way through to January of 2025.

August 9th brings a wave of mental clarity, and/or (if the spark has been snuffed out) inspiration. Mercury in its home sign of Virgo will be harmoniously connecting with Jupiter; reminding you of the potential that each day (and indeed moment) carries when you bring your best to the table. There’s an invitation here to notice the way that you conduct yourself. Are you performing tasks out of love? Or on autopilot? Are your thoughts nurturing you? Or detracting from your experience. Virgo energy is all about refinement and wellbeing – both of which you’ll be deep diving into later on in the month.

And what a month it is! Our New Moon falls in your lovely sign on August 16th, and Leo, if there were ever a time to enjoy your own company, it would be around now. This moon invites you to deeply honor your sign’s signature vibes; pleasure, celebration, laughter and solar inner child energy. That could mean anything from dinner with your favorite people; spending an evening journaling; to watching that one movie that makes you cry-laugh. At its most elevated, Leo energy doesn’t take life too seriously. It non-judgmentally sees the divine in everything, and everyone – and that includes yourself.

Virgo season on August 23rd (on the same day that Mercury retrograde begins), invites you to take the momentum of your new solar cycle, and carry it into tangible and consistent steps. This might mean initiating new habits (think: more hydration, daily stretching or meditation). It could simply mean making an active effort to have a kinder self-dialogue, or to declutter your environment. With the retrograde going all the way through to September, you’ll be made aware of what areas of your life could use improvement – so a high degree of flexibility will be your friend here Leo.

That flexibility hint is taken a step further with Mars (the planet of action) entering Libra on August 27th. As one of the earlier signs of the zodiac, a fire sign, a fixed sign, and an archetype of individuality… working and relying on others may not be your natural instinct or cup of tea. This transit invites you to lean into what you don’t know – to honor the art of collaboration, and surrender. Tips: ask for more advice. Delegate. Suggest a brainstorming session with your team.

KnowLeo July ’23 Scope

Key themes: Wrapping up chapters, creating, realizing visions, self-love, re-aligning your life with your values

Leo, it’s right around the corner… that magical time of the year where the sun shines your glorious sign, and we enter Leo Season! But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves, there’s still a fair bit of Cancer season to wrap up.

First, we have our Capricorn Full Moon on July 3, activating your sector of service and refinement. This one’s a particularly “pragmatic” moon, in the sense there’s a high degree of energy around physical manifestation. Capricorn energy is all about progressive building, and the long-term. This moon will dial up the ambition, making it the perfect time to ask yourself some major questions before your solar return. What have you been doing up until now? What really matters to you? Our last New Moon (in its tension to Neptune) asked us what’s real, and what’s not. This Lunar conversation furthers that by saying “let’s make it real.” What can you build, to create the changes you’d like to see in the world Leo? Reminder: the bigger you dream, the wider your scope of possibilities becomes.

A week later, re-examining these possibilities with a magnifying glass will become the go, with Mars (planet of action) entering earthy Virgo. This energy is about refining, streamlining, organizing and systemizing. As a fire sign, this can all sound quite boring, but as a fixed sign – there’ll be a high degree of appeal in this for you Leo. With Mars here, think: vision boarding, mind maps, lists and goal setting. Identify the areas of your life where energy isn’t flowing as well as it could, and systematically introduce changes to shift this. One step at a time, you’ve got this (and the universe supports you).

On an inner level, your mental processing will probably start to feel a whole lot lighter, and perhaps more like you – with Mercury entering your sign on July 11th. With the planet of communication here, life tends to feel lighter, more inspired and simply fun. This will be a nice time to connect with loved ones and a sense of play. What’s your inner child craving lovely Leo?

We have some major Astro unfoldings on and around July 17, with our New Moon in Cancer taking place on the same day that the Lunar Nodes shift into a new zodiac polarity (Aries-Libra). This evolutionary transit affects everyone on the planet at this time. We’re each (individually and as a group) wrapping up a mini cycle that unfolded over the last 18 months, and initiating a new chapter, with whole new flavors.

On July 22nd, the Sun will be going back into its home sign, yours. And… you guessed it! It’s Leo season baby! This next four weeks initiates a portal of self-celebration, closure and new beginnings. Honor and spoil yourself darling Leo, you deserve that.

Funnily on the same day Venus (planet of beauty, love and relationships) is stationing retrograde in your sign. Retrogrades have a bad reputation for causing disarray, but you can consider this as a layering of meaning and depth onto your journey. Activating your sector of self-identity, empowerment and sovereignty; this transit (which unfolds all the way up until early September) is one for re-aligning your life with your personal values. Even if there’s a bit of natural discomfort as your more stagnant spheres reveal themselves, when you begin to make the necessary changes, it’ll feel oh so rewarding.