Key themes: Focus, self-reflection, higher guidance, evolving, your vulnerability, gratitude and what’s next

Dear Leo, what a ride 2023 has been. For you, December will be a time for picking the fruits of your labor. Health, detoxification, play, vitality and shining bright like a diamond – are all on the cards.

We kick off with Mercury entering Capricorn on Dec 1st, which activates your sector of wellbeing and lifestyle habits. You’ll likely notice a shift in your preferences towards “less is more.” Communication that gets straight to the point will feel refreshing, and you’ll witness a new focused flavor within your mental realms. This will be the perfect time to clear up any loose threads, overdue errands, or life admin before the end of the year. You might feel inspired to draw up some plans for 2024, create a vision boarding or start job seeking. The question here is: how can I bring tangible positive change into my life? No pressure – and it doesn’t matter if zero answers immediately arise. Simply asking the question, can often be a seed.

On December 6th, Neptune goes Direct in its home sign of Pisces. This trippy transit powerfully activates your sector of transformation, shadow work and evolution. You’ll feel a subtle (yet profound) sense of things clicking into place around this time, and I encourage you to spend time in solitude to truly witness this. Journaling, yoga, tarot, meditative walking or any other practices which evoke introspection will be extra powerful for you around now. If you feel so inclined – connect with your ancestors, guides, or anyone else that watches over you. They’ll feel closer (or louder) than ever.

On Dec 12th, the New Moon in Sagittarius illuminates your sector of play, romance and self-expression. This will initiate a mini portal of lightness and joy, which will feel easy (and like a relief) to fall into. Honor your inner child around this time, in whatever ways feel good to you. Think: sushi train, bubble baths, a hike or a new community class. What makes you feel alive and in love with life dear Leo? If you’re nowhere near that place (no cause for concern, you’ll make your way back) – what sparks your interest? Go from there.

The next day (December 13th), Mercury goes retrograde in Capricorn, which will begin a process of self-reflection. Over the next few weeks, the universe will be nudging you into new revelations of what choices, places, connections, actions and words are most aligned with your highest self. You’ll be shedding old and redundant patterns, and making space for shiny new energy. Simply witnessing this with intention will allow emotions to flow, and the whole process to be navigated with grace. You’re evolving as ever darling Leo. This is a beautiful thing.

Mercury retrograde will shift into Sagittarius on December 23rd, and you may notice a key theme in your life arising around the ways that you communicate and express yourself. This cosmic signature invites you to notice the ways that you make yourself smaller than you are, where you feel insecure, and where (as a result) you become inauthentic. As a Leo, all of the above can be hard to admit… but doing so, is step one to finding empowerment. “Fake it ‘til you make it” can be appropriate for navigating certain situations, but that doesn’t mean faking or lying to yourself! Honor your fears, with love and patience Leo. Allow your vulnerability, care, and big heart to come through. Funnily enough, that’s usually where you’re most magnetic.

We close out the year with some glorious transits (Chiron and Jupiter go direct), as well as the biggest Full Moon of 2024, in its home sign of Cancer (December 26th). This activates your sector of spiritual connection, magic and meaning. This can truly be a heart activating time, and you’re here for it. Find gratitude for what was in 2023, and embrace the new infinite opportunities of a brand new year. It’s your time to shine.