Key themes: Celebration and solar return energy, healthy habits, collaboration and flexibility

Lovely Leo, we’re officially in your season. The magical time of the year where the Sun enters its home sign and you (and our collective Leo fam) celebrate your solar return. With Venus having begun its retrograde through your sign, this month might feel a little more nostalgic than previous birthday seasons, yet this also brings a special flavor of depth and reflection. Over the next four weeks you’re going to be revisiting memories, as well as finding gratitude for the present, and simultaneously honoring your future. The point is, the focus this month is on your journey; your unique path, relationships, work, health, mental balance – and of course, your big lion heart.

The month begins with a Full Moon in your opposite sign (Aquarius), which activates your sector of relationships. This will be a good time to reflect on who sits within your inner circle, and why. Do you feel honored, supported and seen – in your relationships? Do you offer the same to the ones you love? What more would you love? What more could you offer, without overextending yourself? No rush with drawing conclusions. With the Lunar Nodal shift into the Aries-Libra axis, this is a balance you’ll be refining all the way through to January of 2025.

August 9th brings a wave of mental clarity, and/or (if the spark has been snuffed out) inspiration. Mercury in its home sign of Virgo will be harmoniously connecting with Jupiter; reminding you of the potential that each day (and indeed moment) carries when you bring your best to the table. There’s an invitation here to notice the way that you conduct yourself. Are you performing tasks out of love? Or on autopilot? Are your thoughts nurturing you? Or detracting from your experience. Virgo energy is all about refinement and wellbeing – both of which you’ll be deep diving into later on in the month.

And what a month it is! Our New Moon falls in your lovely sign on August 16th, and Leo, if there were ever a time to enjoy your own company, it would be around now. This moon invites you to deeply honor your sign’s signature vibes; pleasure, celebration, laughter and solar inner child energy. That could mean anything from dinner with your favorite people; spending an evening journaling; to watching that one movie that makes you cry-laugh. At its most elevated, Leo energy doesn’t take life too seriously. It non-judgmentally sees the divine in everything, and everyone – and that includes yourself.

Virgo season on August 23rd (on the same day that Mercury retrograde begins), invites you to take the momentum of your new solar cycle, and carry it into tangible and consistent steps. This might mean initiating new habits (think: more hydration, daily stretching or meditation). It could simply mean making an active effort to have a kinder self-dialogue, or to declutter your environment. With the retrograde going all the way through to September, you’ll be made aware of what areas of your life could use improvement – so a high degree of flexibility will be your friend here Leo.

That flexibility hint is taken a step further with Mars (the planet of action) entering Libra on August 27th. As one of the earlier signs of the zodiac, a fire sign, a fixed sign, and an archetype of individuality… working and relying on others may not be your natural instinct or cup of tea. This transit invites you to lean into what you don’t know – to honor the art of collaboration, and surrender. Tips: ask for more advice. Delegate. Suggest a brainstorming session with your team.