Key themes: Refining your focus, what really matters, health and vitality, accessing empowerment

Dear Leo, you’re officially out of your solar season but that doesn’t mean the world has to feel any less magical!

Reminder of this, is Venus ending its retrograde by stationing direct in your sign (September 3rd). If life’s been feeling a little wonky over the last few weeks, know that this is completely natural. We’ve had a predominance of retrograde energy, as well as a few more along the way. Yet, just like the caterpillar entering a dark chrysalis of primordial goop and transformation – you too will emerge as an even more vibrant and flying butterfly.

There’s still a little more untying of knots to go though, and you’ll feel this with Jupiter beginning its retrograde (September 4th) through Taurus. Jupiter retrogrades are interesting, to say the least. Because this planet rules lived wisdom, you’re invited into broadening your perspectives on the world, specifically through experience. As well as lived wisdom, Jupiter rules how we interpret our unique worlds, and come to our own sense of meaning. This sense of meaning is totally individual, and (ideally) one that widens, grows and evolves alongside us.
With all of the above moving through your sector of wealth, finance and career – you’re invited to look at what areas feel stale. Where can you invite energies of expansion and movement into these spheres? And how? The good (or bad, depending on how you look at it) news is, there’s no rush to figure it out. You’ll be working with this retrograde all the way through to December 31st of this year.

Our new lunar cycle begins with a New Moon in Virgo (Sep 14th), which lands almost on top of Mercury concluding its retrograde (also through Virgo). This beautiful energy will feel clarifying and gently uplifting. Because it activates your sector of health and nature, it’ll be worth using the comforting cosmic vibes to nourish your body and nervous system. Virgo has a distinctly pragmatic element to it, so identify and use whatever tools work for you; perhaps a certain kind of tea, more (or even less) sleep, swapping to spring water and so on. New Moon energy always invites us into creating and seeding something new. What do you want the next four weeks to look like Leo?

On September 17th you’ll notice more challenging energies arise with Jupiter retrograde forming a square to Venus in your sign. This could manifest as a closed door, rejection or obstacle coming through. Here, you’re reminded of your innate sense of empowerment, which in so many ways comes from being able to adapt to your circumstances. Remember, if one door closes, it’s because you are meant to take a different turn. Even though as a fixed sign, it may feel natural to keep pushing and trying to squeeze something into a solution – know that this is a place where you can waste a lot of energy. Instead, try and channel this momentum into broadening your perspective and seeing any and all new options. Trust and honor that’s what meant for you, will be.

Besides, it will pass. The Aries Full Moon (September 29th) brings more playful vibes as it illuminates your sector of romance, pleasure and inner child energy. This will be a time where movement feels particularly nourishing, so I encourage you to spoil yourself your way, break up your routine, and perhaps visit a place that you’ve never been before…