Key themes: New habits, accepting fear, radical self-love, family, release, connecting your work with meaning

Dear Leo, October is going to bring some epic waves of change. As a Fixed sign, this could feel a little alarming… but if you flow, trust and use your discernment – October can be one of the most beautiful, fruitful and course-corrective months of the year.

On October 4th, Mercury will join Mars to enter Libra. Mars here has been reminding us of the benefits of taking in inspiration, impressions and influences from others. Mercury will now reflect a similar journey, specifically relative to the ways that we communicate, express ourselves and share ideas. Because this transit activates your sector of communication, you may notice yourself feeling more expressive than usual, and I encourage you to lean into it! Write, paint, sing or share… and see what returns to you.

On October 8, Venus enters Virgo; a powerful transit which will illuminate your sector of health and physicality. Virgo is all about wellness, minimization and refinement. So! If you were ever going to start a health kick, the time would be now. Why not implement a set of new habits, or even start with one for the next month and see where it takes you?

October 10th sees Pluto going direct in Capricorn wrapping up a long retrograde, as the planet of subconscious fears moves through its last stretch of Capricorn. This has been a major transit for you Leo, and one that has probably overhauled many of the ideas you’ve carried relative to yourself. Pluto retrograde tends to reveal fears, shame, embarrassment, and all of the things that you generally avoid like the plague. Yet, know that with humility, comes growth and there’s a special kind of self-love. It’s the self-love that says “I’ll be here for myself and I’ll love myself, no matter what. No matter what I do, what mistakes I’ve made, or how I fail.” This is a profound gift Leo.

Times of change are upon us with our New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra, on October 14th. This eclipse is encouraging you to question where you’ve solidified your opinions, to think outside the box and broaden your perspective. As Leo Tolstoy wrote: “we can know only that we know nothing. And that is the highest degree of human wisdom.”

On October 22 Mercury enters Scorpio, with the Sun joining the next day. Here, our conversations will be becoming more penetrative, real and healing-oriented. As it does activate your sector of family, this could be time to initiate some meaningful conversations with family members. Maybe there are things that have been left unsaid or feelings that have not been properly expressed and given space. If direct communication isn’t an option, remember that simply writing letters (that remain unsent) can also be a highly cathartic and spiritually profound exercise.

On October 28th, we have our Full Moon Lunar eclipse in Taurus which ends a major nodal cycle for you specifically related to themes of finance, career wealth, and security. Leo, if you’ve been feeling squeezed over the last year, in flight or fight, or under extreme pressure… know that these circumstances will pass. Full Moon Eclipses are powerful times for releasing. Now is the opportune moment to reflect on what you’ve learned, how you’ve learned; what’s next for the next 18 months and what you’re ready for next.

And the good news is it will seem like your path is clearing, with Saturn going direct in Pisces on November 4th. Saturn is connected with structure, time, responsibility…so in the dreamy sign of Pisces it teaches us how to fuse our dreams, spiritual nature, and creative expressions – with the more three-dimensional aspects of life. Maybe for you that means picking up a paintbrush and starting a new hobby. Or maybe it’s figuring out how to monetize your passion. Either way until February of 2026, a journey of fusing your work with meaning will be prevalent in your life.