Key themes: Wrapping up chapters, creating, realizing visions, self-love, re-aligning your life with your values

Leo, it’s right around the corner… that magical time of the year where the sun shines your glorious sign, and we enter Leo Season! But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves, there’s still a fair bit of Cancer season to wrap up.

First, we have our Capricorn Full Moon on July 3, activating your sector of service and refinement. This one’s a particularly “pragmatic” moon, in the sense there’s a high degree of energy around physical manifestation. Capricorn energy is all about progressive building, and the long-term. This moon will dial up the ambition, making it the perfect time to ask yourself some major questions before your solar return. What have you been doing up until now? What really matters to you? Our last New Moon (in its tension to Neptune) asked us what’s real, and what’s not. This Lunar conversation furthers that by saying “let’s make it real.” What can you build, to create the changes you’d like to see in the world Leo? Reminder: the bigger you dream, the wider your scope of possibilities becomes.

A week later, re-examining these possibilities with a magnifying glass will become the go, with Mars (planet of action) entering earthy Virgo. This energy is about refining, streamlining, organizing and systemizing. As a fire sign, this can all sound quite boring, but as a fixed sign – there’ll be a high degree of appeal in this for you Leo. With Mars here, think: vision boarding, mind maps, lists and goal setting. Identify the areas of your life where energy isn’t flowing as well as it could, and systematically introduce changes to shift this. One step at a time, you’ve got this (and the universe supports you).

On an inner level, your mental processing will probably start to feel a whole lot lighter, and perhaps more like you – with Mercury entering your sign on July 11th. With the planet of communication here, life tends to feel lighter, more inspired and simply fun. This will be a nice time to connect with loved ones and a sense of play. What’s your inner child craving lovely Leo?

We have some major Astro unfoldings on and around July 17, with our New Moon in Cancer taking place on the same day that the Lunar Nodes shift into a new zodiac polarity (Aries-Libra). This evolutionary transit affects everyone on the planet at this time. We’re each (individually and as a group) wrapping up a mini cycle that unfolded over the last 18 months, and initiating a new chapter, with whole new flavors.

On July 22nd, the Sun will be going back into its home sign, yours. And… you guessed it! It’s Leo season baby! This next four weeks initiates a portal of self-celebration, closure and new beginnings. Honor and spoil yourself darling Leo, you deserve that.

Funnily on the same day Venus (planet of beauty, love and relationships) is stationing retrograde in your sign. Retrogrades have a bad reputation for causing disarray, but you can consider this as a layering of meaning and depth onto your journey. Activating your sector of self-identity, empowerment and sovereignty; this transit (which unfolds all the way up until early September) is one for re-aligning your life with your personal values. Even if there’s a bit of natural discomfort as your more stagnant spheres reveal themselves, when you begin to make the necessary changes, it’ll feel oh so rewarding.