@KnowGemini July ’21 Scope

With your planetary ruler Mercury stepping out of its post-shadow period this month, you’re starting to gain momentum when it comes to creative projects. The Cancer New Moon on the 9th (and the 10 days that follow) will provide you with wonderful creative inspiration that can lead to you investing much time, energy and resources in new projects that speak to you most. This is a wonderful month for evaluating your relationship with wealth and security. You may feel the urge to have greater emotional security in your life this month, which means making more intentional decisions about who you connect with and why.

@KnowGemini June ’21 Scope

With eclipse season and a whole lot of retrogrades it’ll feel like a lot has been thrown up into the air Gemini. But this is a place where you can actually flourish. With the Lunar North Node in your sign, there’ll be a powerful healing medicine in simply being yourself, and moving forward in the way that you naturally do.

@KnowGemini May ’21 Scope

This month will feel like a positive build up for you Gemini. At the start of the month we have both Mercury and Venus entering and supporting your sign. This means themes of communication, love and value systems will feel simply clearer in your life. On May 20th, the Sun enters your sign; initiating Gemini season! The weeks surrounding your solar return is a time to deeply celebrate yourself.

@KnowGemini April ’21 Scope

This month is one to focus on bringing energy and momentum to any loose ends that need tying up. Are there any passion projects of yours that have been waiting for a little love? Gemini, you can use the concentration of Aries energy to infuse them with some fire. If you’ve been on the fence about starting something new, now’s the time to do it!