KnowGemini June ’23 Scope

Key Themes: Self-love, discerning your truth and honoring your individuality, slowness and smelling the roses

It’s Gemini season baby! At least for the bulk of this month (up until the equinox on June 21st), the sun will be shining down on your sign, imbuing you with the warmth and celebratory vibes that you deserve. This month is all about honoring, and loving yourself. Love that for you.

We start off with a conjunction (meeting) between Jupiter and the Lunar North Node (June 1st). This portal of cosmic abundance will initiate the flavor of June; a kind of “anything’s possible” vibe. It’s a particularly auspicious day so if you’ve been contemplating a leap of faith, now might be the time.

Just a few later a powerful Sag Full Moon (June 3rd) invites you to release anything that holds you back from launching into your powerful future. Because it activates your sector of relationships, you’re being invited to specifically let go of any unhealthy dynamics that may be playing out. Maybe you’re allowing yourself to be influenced to the point of losing your own truth, perhaps a balance of reciprocity is not yet being met. Either way, it’ll be a good time to hone in on your individual journey. Does life (and the elements that fill it currently) feel in alignment?

Speaking of self-prioritization…Venus enters Leo a few days later (June 5th), and due to some retrogrades, will be there until early October. This transit will be a further emphasis on your individual needs and desires, which do not need to be compromised. It’ll feel like an empowering charge up to your birthday season, and a reminder that self-love shouldn’t just be concentrated on just one day of the year!

The fiery flow of the month might slow down a little when on June 11th, Pluto retrograde enters the sign of Capricorn. Pluto retrogrades reveal truths… and tend to bring upheaval along with them. In the best way though. If anything feels at odds with your soul journey, there’s a high likelihood you’ll notice it here. Maybe an opportunity you thought you wanted doesn’t work out, or a door closes in some other way. The reminder here is to trust your unfolding Gemini. If it’s meant to be, it will be.

Besides, just a week later (June 18th) presents you with a potent opportunity to plant new seeds. We have a New Moon in your sign, powerfully activating your sector of identity, will power and desire. This will be a wonderful time for leaning into your dream life through visualization. Imagine an ideal future point (don’t worry too much about form, it’s allowed to change), and work backwards from there. What’s one tangible step you could take to move in that direction? A Gemini New Moon means the cosmos is reminding you: you’ve got this.

Cancer season (June 21st) and Mercury in Cancer (June 26th) invites you into a space of ease, simplicity, embodiment and presence. You’ll officially be at the first chapter of your new solar cycle, and rather than getting hyped in an initiatory fire – the guidance from the universe here is to slow it down and ground in your intentions for the next twelve months.

Besides, it’s not the time for rash decisions with Neptune going retrograde through its home planet of Pisces on June 30th (until December 6th). This surreal and boundary-shattering retrograde tends to amplify the emotional and subtle realms. This is a time where the universe invites everyone in it, into the art of surrender. Not to say stop what you’re doing… but rather remember to go with the flow, allow what comes and release what no longer works.

KnowGemini May ’23 Scope

Key Themes: decluttering, deeper layers of life, celebration, remembering your power

Gemini, May is going to feel like a magical month as there’s a whole lot of cosmic energy activating your sector of spiritual connection. We do have our Retrogrades unfolding (which tend to shake things up), but this just means that what your life looks like as we leave this month, may be completely different – in the best way possible. If you’ve been looking for change, here it comes!

We kick off the month with a Pluto retrograde in Aquarius on (May 1st). Pluto Retrogrades are intense at the best of times and catastrophic others. They tend to reveal the spheres we’ve been ignoring in our lives, as well as blind spots swept under the rug by society. Because this retrograde takes place in the sign of Aquarius (ruler of society and community), you might start noticing the more ugly shades of society: injustice, war, exploitation etc. If so, try not to get too caught up, angry or down about it. It may not feel great, but know that the first step to healing and change is awareness being shed on these matters. Trust that progress is inevitable Gemini. Sometimes it feels worse before it gets better. Because this retrograde activates your sector of higher life purpose, you might start feeling some dissonance between what society expects of you and what you feel is your true calling. Trust that between now and October, you’re going to receive insights as to how you can find alignment between the two.

Eclipse season continues with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on May 5th. This one activates your sector of wellbeing and organization, making it the perfect time to get your life admin affairs in order. Think: tidying, clearing out or wrapping up loose threads that have been bothering you for a while. Our less enjoyable responsibilities do tend to carry a weight… and you’re going to feel so much lighter, freer and ready for more when you create the space.

A week later, we have Mercury going direct in the sign of Taurus (May 14th). For you this activates a sense of clarity and connection to your more spiritual spheres. This might come through as a renewed sense of wonder with the world, or simply a more grounded feeling of being a human being on this magical planet.

There’s a sense of grounding, purpose and self-love that comes from having a relationship to the broader meaning of life. That is: what goes beyond all the achievements, career, societal power and wealth. This month will be about learning to listen to the subtle whispers that point to your more fulfilling purpose.

A few days later we’ve got Jupiter entering Taurus (May 16th) – and for you, turning up synchronicity and opportunities, particularly in the three-dimensional spheres. Get ready for sudden shifts in your career and financial situation Gemini.

Speaking of new, just a few days later (May 19th), we have a potent New Moon in Taurus which invites you to revisit the idea of your wider life purpose. Sometimes, the attention it takes to stay afloat can make it harder to stay connected to your dreams. Yet, this New Moon reminds you of your ability to reach them.
Plant seeds and visions of whatever feels most alive and resonant to you at this time Gemini. It will provide the perfect foundation for you to launch into your solar cycle and the magic of Gemini season from May 20th.

This time of celebrations is going to wrap up the month with a sense of lightness, play and the remembrance that for you, the sky’s the limit.

KnowGemini April ’23 Scope

Key Themes: Speaking your soul truth, authenticity, love and connection, manifestation, trust

Gemini, April brings your life into a powerful alignment with your truth… if you so choose it. For you the month will carry hints of magic, and glimpses of the deeper spiritual threads which connect and support your divine journeying on this earth.

You might feel this immediately, with your planetary ruler (Mercury) entering Taurus on April 3rd. Taurus energy evokes a natural slowing down and a return to the body. It tends to highlight the simple (yet profound) aspects of life. Think: health, beauty and nature.

Because this transit activates your sector of spiritual connection, you might find that this three-week window begins to shift your perspective on what really matters to you. You’ll probably notice this reflected in the conversation you’re having, which will take on a distinctively more grounded and deep flavor. There’s a message here for you, of speaking your truth fearlessly and authentically. It’s time to gently (and lovingly) release any fears you have around standing out or coming off as “weird.” Your uniqueness is what makes you most beautiful, and the good news is – this will only naturally flow from you, as you lower your guard.

Speaking of lowering your guard, a Libra Full Moon on April 6th will light up your sector of play, romance and self-expression. You’re going to feel a heart-activation here, as well as a burst of confidence. It will be the perfect time to consciously release (maybe have a little ritual around it) any limiting beliefs which have kept you “smaller” than you are. Your world is shifting Gemini, and you’re ready to receive more than ever before.

In keeping with the auspicious tone of the month, Venus (planet of love and relationships) will be entering your wonderful sign, on April 11th. This could be the perfect window to either deepen an existing relationship, or open your heart towards the idea of a new one! Reminder: the universe supports you in finding love, connection and intimacy.

You’ll be presented with the perfect opportunity to call it in on April 20th, where a potent New Moon Eclipse takes place in the sign of Aries. This night (and days surrounding) are powerful days for manifestation, planting seeds and taking first steps towards visions. Take some time and space to be with your thoughts: what do you want to see over the next six, and twelve months? The fiery Sun-Moon meeting in Aries reminds you that realizing your wildest goals is not just a luxury, but a birthright.

Though… you are being reminded that getting there might take some patience. The very next day we have our first Mercury Retrograde of the year (up until May 14th). Mercury retrogrades encourage us to think twice, or three times about what it is that we’re pursuing. Normally, they slow things down a little – but now taking place in one of the slowest moving signs (Taurus), this retrograde may feel like life’s coming to a standstill. Trust your instincts, and know you’ll be ready when opportunities do come back online.

KnowGemini March ’23 Scope

Key Themes: Career, emotional healing, spiritual connection, emotional spaciousness, closing cycles

Dear Gemini, March will be one of those months that turns everything upside down. You may not recognize your environment (or even self) on the other side, but you can trust you’re on your way to a magical place.

We begin the month with Mercury (your planetary ruler) entering Pisces on March 2nd. This powerful transit activates your sector of physical manifestation/career/finances. Pisces rules all things spiritual, and while that might almost seem like two contradictory energies – you’re being invited to recognize that’s not actually the case.

On March 7th, a major astro event furthers this theme for you. Saturn will be shifting out of Aquarius, into Pisces. You’re on a clear path of learning how you can incorporate spirit, passion and play into all of your endeavors…even tasks like completing tax returns! These next two years may see a shift in the nature of your work, as you align your career path with your soul desires.

This transit also means you’re wrapping up a major cycle regarding travel, life purpose and/or truth. It’ll be a good time to reflect on where your life was 2.5 years ago, and the many specific ways in which you’ve grown wiser.

This shift might feel quite charged, especially as we have a Full Moon in Virgo on the same day. If you’re feeling more emotional than usual, honor this. This moon activates your sector of home, family and emotional safety. If you feel inclined towards spending time in solitude, cancel your plans and create space for yourself. This can be an act of self-love.

On March 16, Venus will enter its home sign of Taurus (until May 11th). Venus is very comfortable here, and the collective tends to feel it. You might experience this as a feeling of more gratitude and love for everything around you, and now will be the perfect time to express that to anyone who needs to hear it!

On March 20th the Sun enters Aries, initiating Aries season and the start of a new astrological year. This potent energy tends to kick things up a gear, and the winds of change may start to churn. In fact, they almost certainly will with our Aries New Moon on March 21st. The first New Moon of the astro year, this one will be key for setting intentions over the next twelve months. Activating your sector of community and belonging, it could be a powerful chapter to share with loved ones or a group. Why not join your local (or online) New Moon circle?

A few days later (March 23), we have the third major astro event of the month. Pluto (planet of radical transformation) will leave Capricorn, to enter Aquarius. This cycle began all the way back in 2008, and is finally coming to a close. Gemini, because it was activating your sector of life purpose, you may have experienced more turbulence (but also growth!) than usual during these last years.

The Pluto cycle isn’t completely wrapped up though… a few more retrogrades mean Pluto will revisit Capricorn (June 11), transiting back and forth until completely moving on (November of 2024). We haven’t had this kind of slow transit between the two signs since the 1700’s, where we saw all kinds of global revolutions. This is big Gemini, And you’re ready for it.

KnowGemini February ’23 Scope

Key Themes: Self-expression and communication, planning practically to ground and realize dreams, sharing your personal journey

Gemini, you know those chapters in your life that you look back on as being gamechangers? February has that potential for you. This month begins with a light and powerful Full Moon in Leo, which activates your sector of communication. Because the Leo archetype is about self-expression and authenticity, you’re being invited into a space of sharing. This might mean calling up a friend, or posting something honest and from the heart on social media. Your sign rules communication so you’ll likely be feeling more embodied and confident than you have in a little while.

The good vibes continue on Feb 7th, with a harmonious connection between Jupiter and the Lunar North Node. This cosmic signature could look like a sudden idea, burst of momentum or change of circumstance – all in the direction of your personal expansion. Stay adaptable and get ready to act at a moment’s notice. If you have any ideas that begin to arise around now, write them down and let them ruminate in your mind and subconscious. With the next New Moon, you’ll be provided with an opportunity to plant seeds.

Speaking of seeds… February 18th brings Pisces season, and with it an activation of your sector of career and finance. The combination of practicality and dreaming can be the perfect recipe for your next growth spurt Gemini. You’ll be able to use the remainder of the month (particularly around the Pisces New Moon on Feb 20th) to begin practically planning your way to the life of your dreams.

February 16th sees asteroid Pallas Athena move into the watery sign of Cancer. Because Pallas carries a creative, feminine energy – this will be a time to pay attention and honor your intuitive, emotional and creative impulses. You may feel the desire to slow it down, spend more time alone, and in a state of nurturance. Yin, as opposed to Yang.
If this is the case, trust that. Often our ‘progress’ comes from a state of receptivity and surrender, rather than a continuous powering through.

Venus entering Aries on Feb 20th will re-emphasize the month’s theme of sharing with others. Here, the planet of love and beauty is activating your sector of networking. When it comes to making your goals happen, you might just notice the incredible momentum that can arise from the support of the community.

Your ruler Mercury (planet of communication), will be in Aquarius from Feb 11th – and this further supports the idea of finding beings to vibe with. Maybe this means expressing your vulnerability, ambitions and ideas with a good friend. Tip: sometimes when we’re too close to a problem (especially if it’s our own), we can’t see all the solutions – but another can. This month, the universe is inviting you into remembrance: you don’t have to do it alone.

KnowGemini January ’23 Scope

Key Themes: Adventure, honoring health, transformative conversations, new ways of living

Gemini, we’ve arrived at 2023 and it’s going to start with a bang! On January 2nd, Venus (the planet of love) enters a fellow air sign. Because this transit illuminates your sector of adventure, travel and life purpose – you could be feeling restless, inspired, spontaneous or all of the above. This will be a great time to set the tone for the year. Take a trip, go explore and mix it up.

On Jan 6th, the pace slows a bit – or at least the focus moves from outward to inward – with our first Full Moon of the year. This takes place in your sector of health, and because it’s a Cancer Moon, you’ll be working with themes of emotional processing and healing. It will be a powerful time to pay attention to the link between your emotions and physical state. As many of the ancient traditions have taught us over and over: releasing suppressed emotion, grief or shame will catalyze better health, vitality and ease within the body. Take these days (or the week), to slow it down and simply be with yourself and your healing process.

A different energy arises a week later (Jan 12th) with Mars, ending its retrograde and going direct in your sign. If the start to the year has felt like a bit of a blur, life will start to feel more grounded right around now. Because this transit activates your sector of identity and sovereignty, note that you may feel a heightened sense of empowerment. This could also look like a desire to express yourself authentically. Enjoy.

The universe furthers this idea a week later (Jan 18th) as we end our Mercury retrograde, with the planet of communication going direct in the sign of Capricorn. Here, conversations become practical, helpful and illuminating. This will be a particularly good time to collaborate, and as it activates your sector of transformation – you might have some very powerful chats.

A few days later on Jan 20th, Aquarius season begins, followed with an Aquarius New Moon on Jan 21st. This airy energy will feel like the winds under your sails are lit again Gemini. It will be a powerful time for manifestation and planting new seeds, particularly around ideas of life purpose and fulfillment. How can your life journey reflect the depth, poetry and magic that you contain?

The next day (jan 22nd), Uranus goes direct in Taurus – and here you may just start receiving answers. This transit is all about revolutionizing the way you live your life, from the ground up. How you work, play, rest, relate and eat. Stay open, flexible and ready for all the positive changes yet to come.