KnowGemini December ’22 Scope

Key Themes: Self-identity, finding clarity, transformation, what do you want to create?

Gemini, with the Full Moon in your sign this month, December is going to be powerful and potent in more ways than one. The last month of the Gregorian calendar year offers you a chance to deepen your sense of self, find clarity in your visions, and to begin bringing them into reality. It’s a big one!

The month starts with Neptune (planet of dreams and spirit) going direct in its home sign, Pisces (December 3rd). If you’ve been feeling a little disconnected from the universe, spirit and deeper meaning… this is likely about to change. Interestingly, this energy activates your sector of career, finances and physical manifestation. Now will be a good time to start reflecting on how you can bridge the gap between the mundane, practical aspects of life and work – with a more rich, meaningful and spiritual way of existing.

On December 7th we have a powerful Full Moon in your sign. This is one of the times of the year where your power feels more palpable than ever. This Moon gives you an opportunity to reinvent yourself Gemini, to step into the shoes of your highest self and live life from there. But first, any Full Moon calls for recognition of a cycle and gratitude for the fact. You can use this time to reflect on the many profound moments of your journey so far.

Venus entering Capricorn on December 8th initiates a major theme of this month: self-transformation. Because your sector of shadow work, deep healing and the subconscious is being activated, you may notice yourself experiencing life in a more multi-layered way. Questions like ‘why?’ become more important, and small talk will become far less interesting. This is because your development as an individual soul is being highlighted. Create space for this process and enjoy a deepening of self-intimacy.

On December 20th, Jupiter moves into Aries – meaning the planet of luck and expansion is lighting a fire up under our individual journeys. You might experience this as more synchronicity, lucky breaks and opportunities. Listen to your intuition as to what’s right for you.

The very next day, (December 21st) your deep journey of self continues as we shift into Capricorn season. The next four weeks will be a time to connect with the essence of who you are, what you want and how to get there. Capricorn season tends to open up manifestation tools, and suddenly your practical steps forward may seem more clear. You’re ready to shed any limiting self-beliefs that hold you back, so it’s worth paying close attention to what arises within you around the Capricorn New Moon on Dec 23rd. Gemini, you’re ready to step into 2023 with clarity, focus and ease.

KnowGemini November ’22 Scope

Key Themes: somatic healing, health, relationships, freedom, destiny

Gemini, the month begins in the midst of Eclipse season and, with the recent Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, what insights revealed themselves in matters of health and wellness? If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to get honest about how your daily habits are supporting your growth or hindering it. Gemini, what is needed for you to be at your best on a mind-body-soul level in the next 6 months? Write down your reflections and visualize them as if they were already your reality. As this anonymous quote highlights, “Don’t fill your head with worries, there won’t be space for anything else”, so focus your brilliant mind on how these intentions feel in your body and soul.

By the Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in sensual Taurus on November 8th at 6:02am, along with Mars retrograde in Gemini, your energy may be totally depleted, Gemini. Since this Lunar Eclipse conjoins with Uranus, the planet of Awakening, in your sector of spirituality and healing, you may receive surprising insights about your body’s wisdom, including the traumas and repressed emotions you’ve been holding onto somatically. This Lunar Eclipse also makes a square to reality-striking Saturn, challenging you to take responsibility for your healing process. Gemini, this is a good time to engage in ceremony and to breathe, make music, scream, intuitively dance, and shake it out. Once the sand has settled, consider, how does your body tell you that you need to withdraw, slow down, and be taken care of? Now, remember this quote from philosopher Lao Tzu: “Nature doesn’t hurry, yet it is accomplished.”

On November 16th, Venus emerges out of intense Scorpio into exuberant Sagittarius, your opposing sign, where it will bring warmth to your sector of relationships until December 9th. With the planet of Love & Connection in the seeker of the Zodiac, you may be in the mood to take a more direct approach to romantic relationships with exciting shared experiences (pssst: use your charm and flirt a little – or a lot!). With Venus in Sagittarius, consider: Who sets your heart on fire, uplifts your ideals, and makes your belly ache from laughing so hard? As your ruling planet Mercury enters optimistic Sagittarius on November 17th through December 6th, open your mind to seeing the bigger picture of your one-to-one partnerships and how they bring meaning to your life.

These themes become highlighted as the Sun enters adventurous Sagittarius on November 22nd through December 21st. Welcome to Sagittarius season, Gemini! As the Sagittarius Sun spotlights your sector of relationships, you might understand why it’s so important to fill your cup: So you can generously exchange energy with the people you love and want to connect with, Gemini!

The next day on November 23rd, the Sagittarius Sun merges with luna, initiating a New Moon in your sector of relationships at 5:57pm, which provides an opportunity to refresh and expand through personal partnerships. With this New Moon, Gemini, what does freedom mean and look like for you in the context of relationships? Allow these answers to inspire your intention for this lunar cycle and, get ready, as next month’s Full Moon is in your sign.

Moments after the New Moon, Jupiter stations direct in go-with-the-flow Pisces in your sector of career and reputation. Gemini, think back to how much you’ve expanded in this area of life since the Spring and what you’ve learned over the past 12 years on this level. Jupiter in Pisces is here to remind you that you are so much more than your titles, status, education, and accomplishments. How would you approach your “destiny” if you knew, in your heart, that you are a conduit for sacred energy to flow through, Gemini? Now, let go of any extra baggage you no longer need to carry.

KnowGemini October ’22 Scope

Key Themes: daily habits, holistic health, friendships, future direction, needs and desires

Gemini, the month begins with Mercury, your ruling planet, stationing direct on October 2nd in detail-oriented Virgo in your sector of home and family. Keep in mind there is a 10-day shadow period before the planet of Communication resumes its natural wit and speed, Gemini. What did you learn about the story you tell yourself in the privacy of your mind and domestic sector over the past three weeks? It’s time to take these lessons forward when Mercury enters graceful Libra on October 10th through October 29th, as the cosmic currents emphasize your social air energy in your sector of creativity and self-expression. Gemini, Mercury in Libra provides harmonious openings for friendly conversations with people whom you can share your brilliant mind with. How do beautiful conversations reverberate in your body and mind, Gemini?

As Pluto, the planet of Transformation, stations direct in Capricorn on October 8th after a 6-month retrograde, reflect on the deeper truths that have been revealed in matters of sex, power and your attitudes toward change. You may have unearthed some rough edges, fears, and destructive tendencies, Gemini, so take a deep breath and use your gift of curiosity to simply acknowledge what’s there. Now, Gemini, what does it have to say about what you truly need and desire?

Consider journaling your reflections as the Full Moon in fiery Aries strikes on October 9th. As this Full Moon conjoins Chiron and Jupiter, you may feel emotionally sensitive about your healing and expansion process relative to friendships and future goals. The intentions you set out last April have come full circle, and what’s been percolating under the surface demands courageous action, Gemini. Whether it’s claiming your need for authentic belonging and humanitarian pursuits or severing outdated friendships, the future is in the now. How will you be harnessing this Full Moon’s momentum, even if it scares you a little, Gemini?

October 23rd is a cosmically charged day as Saturn goes direct in progressive Aquarius after a 5-month retrograde in your sector of travel and philosophy. In which ways have your beliefs and worldviews been challenged, Gemini? With Saturn’s retrograde, your social responsibilities may have weighed heavy on your (normally wondrous) outlook. Now that the planet of Reality is going direct, how will you ground your changes in perspective into your life’s structures?

A few hours later, Venus, the planet of Love and Connection, enters passionate Scorpio, providing opportunities for regrouping and restoration in your sector of health, wellness, and service until November 16th. Plus, the Sun shines a beam of awareness on this arena of life as it enters the witch of the Zodiac until November 22nd. Welcome to Scorpio season, Gemini! Although it’s in your nature to be invigorated by mental stimulation, Scorpio energy reminds you to tend to your emotional and physical health for functioning optimally and making the most out of each day.

The New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on October 25th reckons as a powerful portal for unexpected new beginnings in your health and wellness sector. Gemini, what is needed for you to feel and be at your best on a mind-body-soul level? Whether it’s dedicating yourself to daily rituals, experimenting with plant medicines, or committing to a sustainable health routine, use your body’s wisdom as a portal for holistic healing and intention setting.

Jupiter, the planet of Expansion, retrogrades into compassionate Pisces on October 28th, activating your sector of career and reputation until December 20th. Gemini, you’ve been so brave when it comes to initiating a new chapter in your life and Jupiter’s retrograde in Pisces invites you to revisit your heart and process any grief from the culmination of past accomplishments or shortcomings. What helps you trust that everything is happening in divine timing, Gemini? Whether it’s art, dance, music, singing, ceremony, poetry, or writing a memoir – let it flow and let it go.

As the nights grow longer in the Northern Hemisphere, Mercury’s transit in Scorpio from October 29th to November 17th sharpens your perception of matters of health and wellness. With Mercury in Scorpio, be open to receiving new information about how you can improve your health. As a Gemini, your quick intellect is as much of a gift as it can be a burden and, with Mercury in introspective Scorpio, checking in with your mental and emotional states daily, without judgements, can be a transformative practice.

The month ends with Mars stationing for its first of three retrogrades on October 30th in your sign, Gemini. As the planet of Action slows down and retracts until January 12th, 2023, challenges with decisive action and self-assertion may arise as this transit activates your sector of personality. Gemini, while your adaptable persona and scattered attention may be a natural part of who you are, how might this be hindering you from achieving your goals? Mars retrograde can help you revisit any fears or hesitancy towards the pursuits you’re pioneering.

KnowGemini September ’22 Scope

Key Themes: career, letting go, home life, inner beauty, play, creativity

Gemini, the month of September invites you to slow your mind and connect with the beauty all within you and around you. While this month’s astrology highlights domestic responsibilities and culminations in Gemini’s career sector, they also facilitate beautiful opportunities to restore your nervous system with love and creativity.

The month kicks off with Venus entering earthy Virgo on September 4th, activating Gemini’s sector of home and family until September 29th. Gemini, this Venus transit challenges you to use Virgo’s pragmatic realism and attention to detail for recognizing opportunities for restoration and recovery in your private sector. With Venus in Virgo, you may feel an increased responsibility to help your family members and improve your domestic environment

On September 9th, your ruling planet Mercury turns retrograde in diplomatic Libra, a fellow air sign, activating Gemini’s sector of self-expression and creativity until September 23rd. At this point, Mercury will retrograde back into analytical Virgo as it re-enters Gemini’s domestic sector. Your mission with this Mercury retrograde period until October 2nd is to review the personal myth you inherited from your family and reassess how the story you tell shapes your ability to express yourself creatively. During Mercury retrograde, make an intention to slow down enough to appreciate the beauty within you and around you, and witness how it reverberates calm within your mind.

The mystical Full Moon in dreamy Pisces on September 10th has the potential to heighten emotional sensitivities in Gemini’s sector of career and reputation. With this Full Moon, a sense of culmination or disillusionment related to your career and societal roles may rise to the surface. While your curious mind may be scattered across diverse paths wondering “what’s next?”, use the healing waters of this Full Moon to help you let go and make space for your next chapter, Gemini. As this Full Moon conjoins Neptune, the planet of Illusion & Imagination, this Full Moon reminds you that, regardless of your titles, you are a channel for divine inspiration to flow through.

On September 22nd, the Sun enters graceful Libra, enhancing life force energy in Gemini’s sector of self-expression and creativity until October 23rd. Welcome to Libra season and the Fall Equinox is the Northern Hemisphere! Just as nature displays an orchestra of beauty with its changing leaves and colours in parts of the world at this time, Libra season invites you to harmonize yourself with creative activities that express how beautiful you are from the inside out.

The New Moon in Libra on September 25th sets the tone for the next four weeks and provides serene winds of renewal in Gemini’s sector of self-expression and creativity. At the same time, this New Moon makes a tense opposition to Jupiter in fiery Aries, challenging you to balance your engagements with others by courageously envisioning your personal goals and future direction.

Venus’ entrance in its home sign of Libra on September 29th catalyzes the New Moon’s energy by enhancing elements of love and beauty in Gemini’s sector of self-expression and creativity. Until October 23rd, Venus in Libra is a beautiful time for prioritizing activities that facilitates a sense of calm, joy, and pleasure. As Venus in Libra emphasizes your sociable charm, be receptive to falling in love, having friendly encounters and allowing playful spontaneity to restore your nervous system.

KnowGemini August ’22 Scope

Key Themes: personal life, rooting, heart-to-hearts, attitudes, self-expression

Gemini, while the month of August is ripe for warmheated interactions, you’re also compelled to discern what truly aligns with you and to focus on the details on your personal life to support your transformation On August 4th, your ruling planet Mercury enters earthy Virgo activating Gemini’s sector of home and family until August 25th. With Mercury in Virgo, your thoughts may be centered on domestic concerns and improving and organizing matters related to your personal life, home, and family.

Venus enters warmheated Leo on August 11th through September 5th, providing an opportunity to place your circuits of information through a filter of love and to have heart-to-heart conversations. With Venus in Leo, you may enjoy short distanced-travel and cheerful interactions with others, especially with siblings and people in your local community.

The Super Full Moon in progressive Aquarius on August 11th illuminates self-defeating attitudes and limiting beliefs as it conjoins with Saturn, the planet of Challenge, in Gemini’s sector of travel and philosophy. This Full Moon compels you to take an emotional inventory of your social network and educational pursuits and to discern whether it aligns with who you truly are – despite conventional norms. This Full Moon also welcomes you to dissolve attachment from the Ego, as it forms a challenging square to Mars in Taurus in Gemini’s sector of spirituality. While this may initially disrupt your inner peace, this Full Moon’s release can support long term healing and satisfaction. As you continue to integrate the lessons of the powerful Full Moon, Mars’ entrance in Gemini on August 20th invites you to sharpen your sense of identity and to get clear your life’s direction. Until November 13th, Mars in Gemini activates your sector of personality and energizes your natural curiosity and social openness as inherent parts of who you are.

On August 22nd, the Sun enters earthy Virgo, lighting up Gemini’s sector of home and family until September 22nd. Welcome to Virgo season! Virgo season is ripe for both inner and outer “house cleaning”. While your sense of wonder can lead you in so many directions, Virgo season challenges you to organize your home life and fill up your cup.

On August 24th, Uranus turns retrograde in sensual Taurus, compelling you to awaken to what makes you feel restricted, especially subconsciously, as it activates Gemini’s sector of spirituality and healing for the rest of 2022. With Uranus retrograde, pay attention to any dreams or fantasies of you embodying your individuality, for they are omens on your path.

The next day on August 25th, your ruling planet Mercury enters graceful Libra, bringing uplifting winds of beauty to Gemini’s sector of creativity and self-expression until September 23rd. Along with Venus in Leo, Mercury in Libra welcomes you to harmonize your mind with colours, shapes, movements, textures, people and activities that help you express the beauty within yourself.

The New Moon in Virgo on August 27th provides an opportunity to renew your sense of belonging and connection to your intuition. Gemini, this New Moon reminds you that getting clear on who you are and where you’re going requires you to tune inwards, listen to your gut, discern what is truly useful, and crystalize your needs.

KnowGemini July ’22 Scope

Key Themes: spiritual grounding, nourishment, core values, sovereignty, friendships

Gemini, the month of July calls for prioritizing wholesome restoration and shining the spotlight on your words. Activities such as cuddling, beach days, earthing, cooking, crying, singing, writing, and spending time with people that like home may be particularly lavishing throughout the entire month of July.

On July 5th, Mars enters earthy Taurus, activating Gemini’s sector of spirituality until August 20th. Mars in Taurus invites you to connect to your body’s primal wisdom and direct your actions towards a sense of spiritual grounding. On the same day, Mercury enters sensitive Cancer, directing your thought process to matters of safety and security as it highlights Gemini’s sector of money and self-esteem until July 19th. Together, Mars in Taurus and Mercury in Cancer welcome a slower pace for focusing on what nourishes you. 

The lunar cycle peaks on July 13th with the Full Moon in sober Capricorn, illuminating Gemini’s sector of death, sex, and shared resources. Emotional issues regarding deep commitments as well as attachments to ambition, power, finances, and possessions may surface during this Full Moon, perhaps in relation to family, inheritance and legacy.

Venus enters nurturing Cancer on July 17th and, as the Planet of Love activates your sector of money and self-esteem, it’s a great time to consider the intuitive, sensitive parts of you as important assets until August 11th. Your mission with Venus in Cancer is to reflect on what helps you feel safe to love, accept, and trust against all odds, and to make this a part of your core value system, Gemini.

The circuits of the mind and communication take an expansive spin as your ruling planet Mercury enters fiery Leo on July 19th through August 3rd, lighting up Gemini’s sector of communication and learning. Mercury in Leo excites your natural wittiness by encouraging you to express yourself more boldly and creatively. 

Retrograde season continues as Chiron in assertive Aries begins a 6-month retrograde on July 19th through December 23rd. As the wisdom of the Wounded Healer turns inwards, become aware of the ways in which your sense of aliveness may be wounded in your sector of friendships and future goals, Gemini.

On July 22nd, the Sun enters charismatic Leo, lighting Gemini’s sector of communication and learning until August 22nd. Welcome to Leo season! With the New Moon in Leo on July 28th, the whispers of your Inner Royalty call for your attention and set the tone for the next four weeks. Your mission with this lunar cycle, along with Mercury in Leo, is to see your mind as sovereign and to know deep within your heart that you are worthy of being seen and heard, as is everyone else, Gemini.

As Jupiter in Aries turns retrograde on July 28th through November 23rd, the Planet of Expansion compels you to realign your belief system with a courageous receptivity to opportunity in Gemini’s sector of friendships and future goals. The month ends with Uranus conjoining with the North Node in Taurus on July 31st, sending lightning bolts of awakening for your soul’s evolutionary path in Gemini’s sector of spirituality and healing.