KnowGemini December ’23 Scope

Key themes: creative inspiration, life falling into place, self-inquiry, the magic of silence, good vibes and new chapters

Gemini, December is set to be one of those months where life seems to click into place. We’ve just had a powerful Full Moon in your sign illuminating a path of clarity, momentum and your continued expansion. Love that for you.

On December 4th Venus (planet of love and beauty) enters mysterious Scorpio, and a few days later (Dec 6th), Neptune ends its retrograde through Pisces. Both transits bring a new wave of passion and pragmatism into your life. On one hand you’ll be feeling more creative, sensitive and dreamy – but at the same time you may find yourself increasingly inspired to create in practical ways.

Our New Moon in Sagittarius (Dec 12th), activates your sector of relationships, making it the perfect time to hang out with friends or make new connections. The transiting lunar nodes will be reflecting lessons on relationships for the whole of 2024. As a collective, we’re specifically working on balancing our individuality, with our relationships. In other words, this New Moon offers you the perfect chance to invite in healthier ways of relating. Are there any friendships (or partnerships) where a shift in dynamics is overdue? As a mutable sign, you’re ever-evolving dear Gemini. Remember, your most aligned relationships will not necessarily just be with those you’ve known the longest. Do your connections inspire, support and encourage you into your highest (healthiest and happiest) way of existing? Mercury Rx in Capricorn (on Dec 13th) is going to initiate a process of deep inquiry, highlighting any dynamics in your life which are ready to evolve and change shape alongside you.

On Dec 21st we have the Winter and Summer Solstice (in both north and south hemispheres respectively), as the Sun enters Capricorn. This auspicious portal invites you into remembrance of our earth’s divine cycles (which you are a part of); to slow life down and focus on being truly present. It’s windows like these where simple, less, and quieter will feel better. If you can, spend time in nature, in meditation or near a body of water. Slow your thoughts, and empty your mind – to recalibrate and shift into receiving.

December 23rd sees Mercury Retrograde shift into Sagittarius. Here, you could experience some challenging conversations or interactions. The holiday season tends to collectively bring us together, which can of course be a beautiful thing. At the same, it’s important to honor your needs, boundaries and values. Be mindful of overexerting your energy. Just because someone has a different view than you, it’s not necessarily something that (always) needs to be understood, worked through or explored. This retrograde invites you to enjoy non-verbal communication; the pleasure in sharing space, physical touch and comfortable silence.

2023 goes out with a bang Gemini. We have one of the biggest Full Moons of the year, with the moon in her home sign of Cancer (December 26th), evoking nostalgic and reflective vibes – perfect for drawing the year to a close. On the same day, Chiron will go direct in Aries, catalyzing clarifying and full circle healing moments. A few days later (Dec 29th) Venus enters fiery Sagittarius, evoking more good vibes, optimism and adventure. Finally, an auspicious astro portal opens on December 30th, where Jupiter (our planet of expansion and synchronicity) finally goes direct. Here, you’ll feel *in your soul* that anything is possible. Activating your sector of spiritual connection, the last days of the year can (if you so choose) feel like pure magic. Journal, share, express and feel all the feels required to close this year with grace lovely Gemini. Bring on 2024.

KnowGemini November ’23 Scope

Key themes: Connection, clearing, bigger picture thinking, collective shifts, newfound lightness

Dear Gemini, bringing with it a focus on relationships and wellness, November has the capacity to catalyze waves of transformation through your life, and you’re here for it.

There’s a cosmic spring cleaning vibe coming through, as we’ve just had our Lunar Eclipse shaking up redundant energies, as well as the lunar North node’s ruler (Mars) moving through Scorpio. This will feel like old patterns finally being loosened up, giving you space to break free. On a personal level, you may notice some of your own behavioral patterns starting to feel unhealthy, misaligned, or simply ready to transform. Here, you’re reminded that every day, hour and moment offers you a fresh start Gemini. You can be the healthiest version of yourself, whenever you want. So why not start now? On a collective level, we can already see the themes of oppression, gender stigma, inhumane politics and capitalist greed through global structures – but all the above will be boiling up in intensity, as Pluto moves through its last leg of Capricorn.

But more on that soon. On November 4th, we have Saturn going direct in the first degree of Pisces. This astro signature invites you to take a big picture perspective, as your biggest dreams and goals (Pisces) are being tested (Saturn), for any weakness in their foundations. Consider any recent closed doors, “missed” opportunities, or failures – and notice where the universe is redirecting and guiding you. If you have a project or goal in mind already, this will be the time to plan thoroughly, identify any areas where reinforcement or more work is required – then get to it! Saturn here says we can build our dreams, through honoring the intersection of inner and outer work.

On November 13th, the New Moon in Scorpio unfolds, activating your sector of wellness and minimization. Any New Moon presents an opportune time for initiating new patterns and healthy habits, but this one will be particularly helpful. Why not create a mini lunar goal list and set out three key things that you would like to achieve by the next New Moon (in Sagittarius)? What would they be?

On November 19th, Pluto will enter Aquarius (until 2043!) and this is big, Gemini. As Pluto’s orbit takes its time, it could be a little while before we feel the full effect of this transit – which almost unfolds through more of a generational timeframe. Yet, this is a cataclysmic shift. Pluto is one of our most important planets in astrology, and one that turns to catalyze upheaval, by revealing the underbelly, hidden dynamics, and shadow elements of all it touches. It entered Capricorn in 2008, initiating some of the gnarliest global economic situations that we’ve seen in a long time (Saturn rules finance, wealth distribution, government and economics). Now, as we move through Aquarius – we have new themes. The planet of rebellion; Aquarius rules revolution, innovation, medical breakthroughs and societal progression. It does have a shadow (as every zodiac sign does) – which can look like discarding individuality for more collective/hive mentality, pushing technology to an unhealthy point (we’ll be establishing our boundaries with AI even more over the next two decades), as well as disconnection from the body. However it all plays out will be divinely intended, but it’s still worth bracing yourself for a lot of change.

November 22nd brings us a fiery Sagittarius season. At this point of the lunar cycle, as we collectively turn from the depths of Scorpio into lighter and brighter days – themes of celebration start to trickle through (enter: holiday season vibes). Plus, with the Sun activating your sector relationships it’ll be a wonderful time to reconnect with loved ones (old and new).

Finally, the month closes out with a gorgeous Full Moon in your sign (Nov 27th) – reminding you to embrace your journey, acknowledge how far you’ve come and celebrate yourself for every detail. A potent portal of culmination and release, perhaps there’s something you’re ready to release Gemini. Think: toxic relationships, patterns and/or vices. You’re supported and loved by the universe, you’ve got this.

KnowGemini October ’23 Scope

Key themes: Changes, home and family, plot twists, remaining unbothered, connecting with the universe, career green lights

Gemini as a mutable sign, Eclipse Season will probably just feel interesting for you. October will be a month of course correcting, opportunities or just smooth sailing.

On October 4th, your planetary ruler (Mercury) enters Libra, activating one of the most social transits of the whole year for you. It’ll be a wonderful time to tune into lightness, humor and play. If you’ve been considering dating, now may be the time… as you’ll notice, a new wave of confidence and empowerment is coming through, particularly when it comes to the ways that you share your truth.

Four days later (October 8th), Venus will enter Virgo after a long stint in Leo, shifting your focus to themes of home, family, and belonging. All of those words mean different things to each of us – and over the next few weeks, you’re encouraged to think about how you define them.

How deeply do you feel rooted in a sense of belonging? How safe do you feel to share and be vulnerable with your emotions? How nurtured do you feel by yourself and/or those around you?

On October 10th, Pluto going direct in Capricorn activates your sector transformation, so don’t be surprised if a plot twist comes through. This transit may just be here to remind you that things are not always as they seem.

And speaking of shadowy layers, just a couple of days later, Mars enters Scorpio (October 12th). This transit means the way we move through the world suddenly takes on a deeper and more penetrative turn. Mars in Scorpio can have us all collectively feeling a little more impulsive, reckless and easily triggered. Remember not to take anything too personally around this time and trust that you’ll be granted the same grace.

Our annual Solar Eclipse in Libra unfolds on October 14th, bringing you a wave of play, lightness and revelation. Any new moon marks a new cycle, but with an eclipse portal you’re particularly encouraged to plant seeds of intention regarding your desires for the next six months.

On October 23rd, the sun shifts sign and we officially enter Scorpio season. Gemini, this transformative season activates your sector of well-being, routine and wellness – meaning it’ll be clearer than ever what does (or does not) serve you. You’re being given an extra nudge from the universe to adjust your life accordingly.

After all, this month is all about transformation and change, and you’ll feel this leading up to the Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus. This is one of the most powerful full moons of the year, for you particularly so, as it activates your sector of spiritual connection and higher meaning. If you feel so inclined: create space, light a candle, slow life down, and just be with the cosmos. Tune into your place in this vast infinite universe, the way you’re carried, and the magic that pulls you and guides you forward.

Speaking of magic, it may feel as though it’s turned back on when (November 4th) Saturn goes direct in Pisces, activating your sector of career and finance. Gemini, if you’ve been facing obstacles or closed doors, know that this may start to let up around now. New opportunities, conversations and synchronicities are going to guide you into creating the career and life of your dreams.

KnowGemini September ’23 Scope

Key themes: Exploring life through new lenses, deepening your journey, emotional healing and safe space, reciprocity

Gemini, you’ll probably look back on September as being one of the lighter months of the year, as an abundance of nourishing energy is activated in your chart. We still have a plethora of retrogrades but a wave of cosmic empowerment is going to leave you feeling more than equipped to handle all that life throws at you.

On September 3rd Venus (planet of love, beauty and relationships) ends its retrograde in Leo, catalyzing a collective sigh of belief – and for you, a much calmer mind. This transit has been activating your sector of mental processing, and therefore likely shining a spotlight on your mental health. If your mind suddenly feels more spacious, lean into it and enjoy. This will be a time to cultivate deep presence, and a sense of being that emanates from the heart, rather than the head. Intentionally minimizing your social media and tech usage, as well as allowing more space between tasks, plus staying hydrated, will help here too.

The very next day (Sep 4th), Jupiter begins its retrograde through the sign of Taurus. This potent transit will activate your sector of spirituality and connection, so it’s a big one! Your planetary ruler (Mercury) continues its retrograde through Virgo until the 15th, inviting you to shine a spotlight on your thought processes and patterns. There’s a focus on how you mentally perceive the world, a lens which is expanding. Jupiter retrograde suggests a similar journey, yet this time it’s more about how you experience the world. As this transit takes us all the way until the last day of the year, the universe invites you to dive into new and exciting places, connections, environments and opportunities; which deepen your personal sense of meaning, and love for life. This can be quite a radical and magical chapter, Gemini. Think “leap of faith” energy.

There’s a deep self-focus theme coming through this month for you, highlighted once again by the Virgo New Moon on Sep 14. This activates your sector of emotional healing, and like all things Virgo, has a practical flavor to it. You’re being invited to look at the ways that you can provide yourself with safe containers to express, release and explore your feelings. Is your current lifestyle granting you time with your inner world? How’s your nervous system doing? Who are the ones that you can lean on and share with, without being judged? Mercury goes direct the very next day, so you’ll likely receive a wave of clarity or full circle moments around this time Gemini, enjoy.

With the Sun entering Libra (September 23), and our consequent equinox, your sector of play, romance and self-expression is activated. This initiates a four week window flavored by a higher degree of lightness and ease. Tune into your needs; spiritually, mentally and body-wise, to see how you can best nurture yourself while you have so much capacity for it. While you have a highly flexible nature, Virgo season has just reminded us that consistency can be our friend.

Anything that gets in the way of that, can be released on Sep 29, with our Full Moon in Aries. This one activates your sector of community and invites you to look at whether a balance is being met between your needs as an individual, and your relationships. Perhaps it’s a time to open yourself up to receiving more. Or, maybe if you’re honest with yourself, you’ve been overextending. Whatever the case may be, Full Moons are wonderful portals for letting go.

KnowGemini August ’23 Scope

Key themes: accessing joy and excitement, finding the gifts in challenges, practical steps, manifestation

Gemini, August kicks off with an Aquarius Full Moon (August 1st), which powerfully activates your sector of adventure and life purpose. Because this moon squares Jupiter, you could potentially feel a sense of restlessness or “stuckness” – yet a harmonious connection between Jupiter and Mars invites you to take your power back in its totality. It’s time to release that which holds you back; and get creative about how you can bring more joy, excitement and movement into your life. Feeling bored with the mundane simply means you’re opening the door to a more expansive perspective.

Furthering this idea, August 9th provides an insight into how “rich” your everyday life can feel. An auspicious portal that arises through Mercury (in Virgo) harmoniously connecting with Jupiter, could mean this is one those days where things just seem to “click.” Pay attention to the little moments that fill you with gratitude Gemini – and make mental notes of what these share in common. Virgo wisdom reminds us that cultivating magic in your life can be equal parts natural, as well as the result of discipline. How can you actively create the space for joy and blessings, everyday? Are there any habits you’re ready to shake?

August 16th sees our New Moon of the month, taking place in fiery Leo. As it activates your sector of communication, you might be feeling extra chatty, or flirty. Either way, this is the perfect time to lean into play and humor. When was the last time you laughed so hard your belly hurt Gemini? Leo energy reminds us all to take life (and ourselves) a little less seriously, to honor our quirky selves, and to have fun.

Bringing it back to a more focused space… we enter Virgo season (August 23rd), on the same day Mercury goes retrograde, through to mid-September. If there were ever a time to minimize, clear out and organize, now would be it Gemini. If you’ve had any abstract project ideas, it’s time to ground them into practical and incremental steps. Key word being practical. It’s time to plant those seeds; and this Virgo season – alongside its ruling planet’s retrograde – offers us a crash course in the discipline required to tend to them.

Another retrograde comes through on August 28th, where Uranus stations in Taurus. Uranus rules “tower moments” and plot twists; while Taurus rules wealth, health and the ways we earn our livings. There might be some unexpected surprises over the duration of this transit – so buckle up because (stationing direct on Jan 27, 2024) it’s a long one! Think: global financial shifts, career changes and so on.

The month concludes with a powerful Full Moon in our final zodiac sign (Pisces), on August 30th, at 9:35pm EST. Gemini, this auspicious and boundary-blurring moon will activate your sector of finance and long-term visions, making it the perfect time for some goal-setting, dreaming and manifestation magic. Journaling or creating a vision board will be particularly potent here.

KnowGemini July ’23 Scope

Key themes: Changes, inner clarity, your communication style, shifting energy from mind to body

Gemini, July is going to bring more change than perhaps any other month of this year… and you’re here for it.

The month kicks off with a Capricorn Full Moon on July 3rd, which activates your sector of deep healing and transformation. This Moon forms a tension with Chiron, so you might be feeling a little more sensitive than usual. If so, honor and make space for this. Capricorn energy is all about building and creating meaningful structures in your life, so turning your gaze towards future goals will likely bring you both comfort and inspiration. This moon is also opposite your planetary ruler (Mercury), who sits in the emotive sign of Cancer. This suggests you could feel some emotional/mental confusion, or blockages in terms of expressing how you feel. Journaling or creating a video diary could work wonders here. Transform, release and let it go. There’s a reminder here not to get trapped in loops of overthinking.

A week later (July 11th) your planetary ruler enters fiery Leo. You might notice a change in your communication style, as it becomes more natural and easy to express yourself authentically. Enjoy what could be an increase in magnetism, confidence and lightness. You’re a gifted communicator, and those around you are lucky to have you.

On July 17th, the Cancer New Moon brings a huge wave of change, as on the same day the Lunar Nodes (which reflect the collective lessons of the times) are shifting. They’re moving from Taurus and Scorpio, to Aries and Libra. The transiting Lunar Nodes flavor the current journey of our human family – so during this time the world can start to feel a little new and unfamiliar, in a subtle but significant way. On this day our sector of nature and bodily health is being activated; inviting you to remedy groundlessness by leaning into earthy tools like time in nature and physical practices like yoga. If your mind is becoming overactive, try to shift your energy towards your body.

Venus (our planet of beauty and love) stations retrograde on July 22 through the sign of Leo, up until early September. This is a major transit which for you, will highlight the ways that you communicate with yourself. You might start noticing your inner dialogues more than ever Gemini, and you’re being invited to observe their nature. Are you as self-loving as you could be?

On July 25th we’ll collectively experience some potentially challenging cosmic vibes with Pluto forming a tension to the Lunar Nodes in their new signs. This might arise as relationship or boundary setting challenges, or the feeling that you’re held back from freely pursuing your passions. Notice any thoughts or themes that arise, and breathe gently into them. Awareness is the first step to healing. Besides, two days later (July 27th), Mercury joins Venus in Leo – providing you with the objective focus, drive and discipline to bring any necessary changes into your life.