Key themes: Connection, clearing, bigger picture thinking, collective shifts, newfound lightness

Dear Gemini, bringing with it a focus on relationships and wellness, November has the capacity to catalyze waves of transformation through your life, and you’re here for it.

There’s a cosmic spring cleaning vibe coming through, as we’ve just had our Lunar Eclipse shaking up redundant energies, as well as the lunar North node’s ruler (Mars) moving through Scorpio. This will feel like old patterns finally being loosened up, giving you space to break free. On a personal level, you may notice some of your own behavioral patterns starting to feel unhealthy, misaligned, or simply ready to transform. Here, you’re reminded that every day, hour and moment offers you a fresh start Gemini. You can be the healthiest version of yourself, whenever you want. So why not start now? On a collective level, we can already see the themes of oppression, gender stigma, inhumane politics and capitalist greed through global structures – but all the above will be boiling up in intensity, as Pluto moves through its last leg of Capricorn.

But more on that soon. On November 4th, we have Saturn going direct in the first degree of Pisces. This astro signature invites you to take a big picture perspective, as your biggest dreams and goals (Pisces) are being tested (Saturn), for any weakness in their foundations. Consider any recent closed doors, “missed” opportunities, or failures – and notice where the universe is redirecting and guiding you. If you have a project or goal in mind already, this will be the time to plan thoroughly, identify any areas where reinforcement or more work is required – then get to it! Saturn here says we can build our dreams, through honoring the intersection of inner and outer work.

On November 13th, the New Moon in Scorpio unfolds, activating your sector of wellness and minimization. Any New Moon presents an opportune time for initiating new patterns and healthy habits, but this one will be particularly helpful. Why not create a mini lunar goal list and set out three key things that you would like to achieve by the next New Moon (in Sagittarius)? What would they be?

On November 19th, Pluto will enter Aquarius (until 2043!) and this is big, Gemini. As Pluto’s orbit takes its time, it could be a little while before we feel the full effect of this transit – which almost unfolds through more of a generational timeframe. Yet, this is a cataclysmic shift. Pluto is one of our most important planets in astrology, and one that turns to catalyze upheaval, by revealing the underbelly, hidden dynamics, and shadow elements of all it touches. It entered Capricorn in 2008, initiating some of the gnarliest global economic situations that we’ve seen in a long time (Saturn rules finance, wealth distribution, government and economics). Now, as we move through Aquarius – we have new themes. The planet of rebellion; Aquarius rules revolution, innovation, medical breakthroughs and societal progression. It does have a shadow (as every zodiac sign does) – which can look like discarding individuality for more collective/hive mentality, pushing technology to an unhealthy point (we’ll be establishing our boundaries with AI even more over the next two decades), as well as disconnection from the body. However it all plays out will be divinely intended, but it’s still worth bracing yourself for a lot of change.

November 22nd brings us a fiery Sagittarius season. At this point of the lunar cycle, as we collectively turn from the depths of Scorpio into lighter and brighter days – themes of celebration start to trickle through (enter: holiday season vibes). Plus, with the Sun activating your sector relationships it’ll be a wonderful time to reconnect with loved ones (old and new).

Finally, the month closes out with a gorgeous Full Moon in your sign (Nov 27th) – reminding you to embrace your journey, acknowledge how far you’ve come and celebrate yourself for every detail. A potent portal of culmination and release, perhaps there’s something you’re ready to release Gemini. Think: toxic relationships, patterns and/or vices. You’re supported and loved by the universe, you’ve got this.