Key themes: Changes, inner clarity, your communication style, shifting energy from mind to body

Gemini, July is going to bring more change than perhaps any other month of this year… and you’re here for it.

The month kicks off with a Capricorn Full Moon on July 3rd, which activates your sector of deep healing and transformation. This Moon forms a tension with Chiron, so you might be feeling a little more sensitive than usual. If so, honor and make space for this. Capricorn energy is all about building and creating meaningful structures in your life, so turning your gaze towards future goals will likely bring you both comfort and inspiration. This moon is also opposite your planetary ruler (Mercury), who sits in the emotive sign of Cancer. This suggests you could feel some emotional/mental confusion, or blockages in terms of expressing how you feel. Journaling or creating a video diary could work wonders here. Transform, release and let it go. There’s a reminder here not to get trapped in loops of overthinking.

A week later (July 11th) your planetary ruler enters fiery Leo. You might notice a change in your communication style, as it becomes more natural and easy to express yourself authentically. Enjoy what could be an increase in magnetism, confidence and lightness. You’re a gifted communicator, and those around you are lucky to have you.

On July 17th, the Cancer New Moon brings a huge wave of change, as on the same day the Lunar Nodes (which reflect the collective lessons of the times) are shifting. They’re moving from Taurus and Scorpio, to Aries and Libra. The transiting Lunar Nodes flavor the current journey of our human family – so during this time the world can start to feel a little new and unfamiliar, in a subtle but significant way. On this day our sector of nature and bodily health is being activated; inviting you to remedy groundlessness by leaning into earthy tools like time in nature and physical practices like yoga. If your mind is becoming overactive, try to shift your energy towards your body.

Venus (our planet of beauty and love) stations retrograde on July 22 through the sign of Leo, up until early September. This is a major transit which for you, will highlight the ways that you communicate with yourself. You might start noticing your inner dialogues more than ever Gemini, and you’re being invited to observe their nature. Are you as self-loving as you could be?

On July 25th we’ll collectively experience some potentially challenging cosmic vibes with Pluto forming a tension to the Lunar Nodes in their new signs. This might arise as relationship or boundary setting challenges, or the feeling that you’re held back from freely pursuing your passions. Notice any thoughts or themes that arise, and breathe gently into them. Awareness is the first step to healing. Besides, two days later (July 27th), Mercury joins Venus in Leo – providing you with the objective focus, drive and discipline to bring any necessary changes into your life.