Key themes: accessing joy and excitement, finding the gifts in challenges, practical steps, manifestation

Gemini, August kicks off with an Aquarius Full Moon (August 1st), which powerfully activates your sector of adventure and life purpose. Because this moon squares Jupiter, you could potentially feel a sense of restlessness or “stuckness” – yet a harmonious connection between Jupiter and Mars invites you to take your power back in its totality. It’s time to release that which holds you back; and get creative about how you can bring more joy, excitement and movement into your life. Feeling bored with the mundane simply means you’re opening the door to a more expansive perspective.

Furthering this idea, August 9th provides an insight into how “rich” your everyday life can feel. An auspicious portal that arises through Mercury (in Virgo) harmoniously connecting with Jupiter, could mean this is one those days where things just seem to “click.” Pay attention to the little moments that fill you with gratitude Gemini – and make mental notes of what these share in common. Virgo wisdom reminds us that cultivating magic in your life can be equal parts natural, as well as the result of discipline. How can you actively create the space for joy and blessings, everyday? Are there any habits you’re ready to shake?

August 16th sees our New Moon of the month, taking place in fiery Leo. As it activates your sector of communication, you might be feeling extra chatty, or flirty. Either way, this is the perfect time to lean into play and humor. When was the last time you laughed so hard your belly hurt Gemini? Leo energy reminds us all to take life (and ourselves) a little less seriously, to honor our quirky selves, and to have fun.

Bringing it back to a more focused space… we enter Virgo season (August 23rd), on the same day Mercury goes retrograde, through to mid-September. If there were ever a time to minimize, clear out and organize, now would be it Gemini. If you’ve had any abstract project ideas, it’s time to ground them into practical and incremental steps. Key word being practical. It’s time to plant those seeds; and this Virgo season – alongside its ruling planet’s retrograde – offers us a crash course in the discipline required to tend to them.

Another retrograde comes through on August 28th, where Uranus stations in Taurus. Uranus rules “tower moments” and plot twists; while Taurus rules wealth, health and the ways we earn our livings. There might be some unexpected surprises over the duration of this transit – so buckle up because (stationing direct on Jan 27, 2024) it’s a long one! Think: global financial shifts, career changes and so on.

The month concludes with a powerful Full Moon in our final zodiac sign (Pisces), on August 30th, at 9:35pm EST. Gemini, this auspicious and boundary-blurring moon will activate your sector of finance and long-term visions, making it the perfect time for some goal-setting, dreaming and manifestation magic. Journaling or creating a vision board will be particularly potent here.