KnowAries December ’23 Scope

Key themes: Envisioning and initiating new goals, shifting relationships, co-creative empowerment, reflection and intention

Aries, it’s almost as if the year of 2023 saved the best for last. For you, the Astro forecast of December is filled with movement, expansion and “aha” moments.

On December 1st, Mercury enters Capricorn, activating your sector of career, long-term goals and finances. Even though there’s a wind-down energy with December, you’ll notice a refreshed sense of inner focus and motivation coming through with this transit. It’ll feel more natural mapping out visions, and you’ll feel more equipped to take the necessary steps towards fulfilling them. Mercury in Capricorn thinks, before it acts. Paired with your momentum Aries, this is some real game-changer energy.

Venus has had a bumpy ride over the last few weeks, going opposite to Chiron (in your sign), and squaring Pluto. As a result, some of your relationships might be feeling a little unfamiliar, claustrophobic, or old. Perhaps they’re already shifting for the better. As Venus moves into Scorpio (December 4th), we’ll collectively continue the journey of finding the freedom to be ourselves within relationships. New ways of (healthily) doing relationship will be a key theme with your sign on the Lunar North Node all through next year. Think: honoring boundaries, sovereignty and independence at the same time as interdependence, mutual support and community.

The cosmic tap for creative inspiration is back on with Neptune going direct in its ruling sign of Pisces on December 6th, casting the perfect cosmic vibes for our Sagittarius New Moon, on December 12th. This moon powerfully activates your sector of inner and outer journeying, travel, adventure and life purpose. There can be a sense of buoyancy and restlessness that accompanies a moon such as this, so I invite you to channel this energy with intention. Set the tone for what you wish to experience over the next six months.

It’s not entirely smooth sailing this month – as we do have Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn on December 13th, before it shifts into Sag (December 23rd). But that’s less of a bummer than you might think. This retrograde will be highlighting the parts of your life that aren’t quite aligned… specifically relative to career, and your life calling. If you’ve been feeling less passionate or motivated but unsure why, this transit will reveal exactly what isn’t working. The good news is: that’s the first step in moving towards a new and improved direction.

Besides, Capricorn season (December 21st) will make life adjustments feel easy and natural, as a deepened sense of empowerment comes through. Activating your sector of world impact, you can tap into a deep sense of empowerment here Aries. Reminder: you can reflect the changes you want to see, and you can also be the one to bring (or voice) them into society. You and the universe are co-creating together after all – so what are you ready to bring forth?

A Full Moon in Cancer on December 26th initiates a wave of new energy through the month; think cozy, gentle and vulnerable vibes. With the moon in its home sign, you’ll wrap up the year with a perfect pause of introspection. Use these days wisely, as this is a true portal for emotional healing, catharsis and safe space. What was 2023 for you Aries? What were its highs, lows, and in-betweens? Can you sum it up in one word? While you’re there, what’s your chosen word and intention for 2024?

KnowAries November ’23 Scope

Key themes: Alchemy, self-love adventures and new horizons

Dear Aries, your November Astro calendar is packed with fire, adventure and expansion. You’re officially made it out of eclipse season, and what tends to unfold here – as the dust begins to settle, is an adjustment period. You’re awakening to find yourself in a new world, whatever that means for you. Perhaps you’ve gone through significant life changes over the last month, or maybe your perceptions have simply shifted. Either way, as you familiarize yourself with your new (current) normal, ground, and find your footing… the tempo will begin to ramp up. November astrology says it’s all systems go.

You’ll feel this almost immediately with Saturn going direct in Pisces on November 4th, wrapping up a retrograde which began in June this year. As well as ruling spheres like wealth, finance and career… this planet reflects the ways that we parent ourselves, as well as the flavors of conditioning we received from our authority figures and society growing up. While Saturn does have a practical orientation, because its current transit moves through your sector of spirituality, its impact on you will have more of an existential feel. Here, you’re encouraged to reflect on how you “work.” How can you treat yourself more lovingly, create meaningfully, honor your responsibilities, achieve your key goals, and thrive in a material way? Now direct, the Piscean influence on all the above will reveal that when it comes to manifestation, your inner and outer worlds are more interconnected than perhaps you’ve previously known.

On November 13th a New Moon takes place in Scorpio, marking one of the most transformative “new beginning” portals of the lunar calendar. Scorpio is all about getting to the depths of our beings, relationships, and the layers of life itself. In other words Aries, this Moon encourages you to explore the places that you don’t usually visit within yourself. It’s a time to ask yourself some big questions, and nudge past that which you may usually suppress. If you feel ready, gently (and from a witness perspective); observe your fears, any envy, grudges or resentment that you’re carrying. Charged with mutable energy, this New Moon is an opportunity for alchemy Aries. Ask the universe what’s ready to change shape in your life, who needs to be released, or what can be transformed…

Scorpio season is flavoring the month with this alchemical process of healing, purging, releasing all the way up until November 22nd, when the Sun enters Sagittarius (with Mars joining a few days later on November 24th). An exciting time, Sagittarian energy feels very familiar to you; playful, full of movement, and not too dense. It’s all about honoring your sovereign journey, plus finding the meaning, purpose and magic that connects the dots.

Ceres, the asteroid of nurturance will enter Sagittarius on November 25th, and with this you’re reminded that self-love takes many forms, including taking leaps of faith, expanding boundaries, honoring impulses, and breaking free of your comfort zone. Despite what you may have been told, the conventional path is by no means always appropriate. Adventuring and finding the freedom to be yourself, is also a self-loving choice – particularly for fire signs such as yourself!

A Full Moon on November 27th unfolds in the sign of the eternal student, Gemini. Because Full Moons reflect times of culmination and letting go, it may be worth identifying and examining any detrimental mental habits that you’re ready to release. This might mean reducing your time on social media, checking your phone less, or even setting some firm boundaries with family/friends. Trust that your gut can reveal your needs Aries!

KnowAries October ’23 Scope

Key themes: Accepting help from others, honoring your body, alchemical transformation and changes, finding balance in relationships

And just like that, we’re back at Eclipse season!? Aries, with the Lunar North Node now in your sign, October is going to bring powerful shifts of transformative and alchemical energy. Whether you ride the waves or resist them – it’s certainly not going to be boring!

On October 4th, Mercury enters Libra, adding to the solar energy currently illuminating your opposite sign. Your sector of relationships is being activated here, so you may find that you’re being encouraged to open up. As a cardinal fire sign you’re notorious for being unable to ask for help Aries… but this Libra season is inviting you to (where applicable) notice where you’re shooting yourself in the foot. Even if it’s a case of simply asking for an opinion so you can learn what not to do – there’ll always be gifts in collaboration and information exchange – particularly with our planet of communication in the zodiac’s most social sign.

Four days later (October 8th), Venus will enter Virgo and for you activate more tangible spheres like wellness and routine. Here, you’re being invited to align your personal values (Venus) with your everyday actions and habits (Virgo). This sign is also all about health, so if you’ve been lacking some discipline when it comes to daily movement, food choices and so on – this may start to shift. The universe wants to remind you that you have a deep relationship with your body, and it’s one worth nurturing. Your body was your very first companion in this life, and it will (one day) be the one you spend your final moments on earth with. It knows you intimately, and does it’s best to keep you thriving. Place an emphasis on honoring it this month, in whatever ways speak to you.

We’ll be heaving a collective sigh of relief on October 10th, with Pluto stationing direct in Capricorn. This transit has been stirring up your sector of career and finances, since May 1st Aries. If you’ve been feeling squeezed in these spheres it will be an important time to notice any themes coming full circle at this time. What lessons have you learned since May? How have you grown? Have you overcome any fears?

A few days later your planetary ruler, Mars, enters Scorpio. In traditional western astrology, Mars actually co-ruled your sign as well as Scorpio. In other words, the planet of action has a particular resonance with the sign of transmutation. Aries, with this transit illuminating your sector of shadow work and subconscious healing, you’ll feel a pull towards all things deep, multi-layered and real. Some of the lighter Libra season vibes may shift into more serious conversations, intimacy and/or conflict. Trust that any hiccups, blow ups or shifting dynamics are there for a reason. A transit like this tends to reveal your truth, regardless of how pretty it is or not.

Huge energies will build up around the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra, which unfolds on Oct 14th. As well as eclipse energy generally being particularly potent, this time will be incredibly powerful for you – as this eclipse falls on the lunar nodal axis of your sign Aries. You may experience more focus (than perhaps ever) on your relationships and connections; what they mean to you; where your sense of balance and needs intersect. You’ll be working with these themes for the next year or so – so pay attention!

If you pay attention Aries, you’ll notice a thread of themes which connect the Libra eclipse with the next Taurus Full Moon Eclipse, on October 28th. This one wraps up our nodal journey with the Taurus-Scorpio axis, meaning you’re in for some epiphanies. This will be one of the most profound full moons of the year, get ready!

You’re going to ride the eclipse wave of momentum into November, and the good news is you’ll receive a green light with Saturn (ruler of time and limitations) wrapping up its retrograde and going direct in Pisces. Suddenly, that path to your dreams is going to seem much more accessible… whether it’s a feeling, an inspiring conversation or a new opportunity.

KnowAries September ’23 Scope

Key themes: Clarification of visions, getting to work, honoring the process, focus, balancing relationships

Aries, September has the potential to be one of those months which offers a course redirection. The cosmic forecast is a little less turbulent this month (finally), and the stars are inviting you into a place of restoration and recalibration. Specifically, you’re being encouraged to focus and channel your actions, thoughts, words and energies into that which truly serves you. The good news is, with a few of our retrogrades wrapping up – your new lens of clarity will make it obvious how to go about it.

September 3rd launches these clarifying vibes with Venus ending its retrograde, going direct in the sign of Leo. Since late July, this retrograde has been inviting you to re-evaluate the way you’re doing life. If you’ve been feeling discomfort in spheres of wealth, career, health, love, friendships or even your relationship to self – take it as a good sign that you’ve been paying attention. Retrogrades invite us to rework what’s not working; and moving through Leo, this particular Venus retrograde has been more self-oriented than usual. As it wraps up, you’ll receive epiphanies and aha moments. You might finally feel fed up with a few things, but either way you’re being prompted to take action and make the changes required.

We’re not completely out of the woods though, with Jupiter starting its retrograde the very next day (September 4th – December 31st), through Taurus. Given that Jupiter rules expansion and life purpose, this transit can evoke a feeling of ‘stuck-ness.’ It can kind of feel like the universe has stopped conspiring in your favor. There are a number of shades within the silver lining here though. First, this retrograde encourages us to notice how much the universe usually does conspire in our favor. Second, when the external motions slow down, we’re granted a unique portal of focus on our inner worlds. Moving through Taurus, this transit is about honoring the process of slowing down, your body and earthly senses. Keeping it simple, and finding new “wealth” in this space.

Our Virgo New Moon (September 14th) evokes more earthy, grounded vibes. Activating your sector of wellness, routine and detoxification – if there were ever a time to seed some new healthy habits, it would be now. New Moons always carry manifestation potential, so with this one I encourage you to think about what you would like to call in over the next lunar cycle (month) and how you can initiate the process. This Moon encourages you to balance practical spheres with your dreams, visions and feelings.

The next day (September 15th) Mercury wraps up its retrograde, going direct in one of its home signs: Virgo. This brings more illumination and mental clarity into your life, and for this reason it may be beneficial to carve out some time for solitude. Whether that means meditation, or simply sitting and daydreaming – take some time out to listen to the new streams of inspiration which flow through. This is an auspicious day!

Aries, the equinox portal (fall or summer depending on your hemisphere) unfolds on September 23d, auspiciously initiating the world into new seasons, as well as Libra season – which for you, brings a focus on relationships. It will also be a day to honor the rhythms and cycles which so beautifully and silently rule our planet.

The Aries Full Moon on (September 29th) will powerfully further this focus, as themes of reciprocity and balance come through and carry onto next month. A Full Moon in your own sign is always a potent experience, and this one invites you to celebrate you, whether that be with loved ones or yourself.

KnowAries August ’23 Scope

Key themes: Reclaiming your power, expression and your inner fire, balancing relationships with self, releasing, magic and manifestation.

Aries, June saw a huge cosmic shift with the lunar nodes switching (after 18 months) out of the Taurus-Scorpio axis, and into yours. With the North Node now in Aries (for the next year and a half), you’ll be embarking on a particularly potent journey of self-discovery, and you’ve just entered its first chapter. As a collective, we’re being called towards honoring and reclaiming our sovereignty, rekindling our drives, and stepping into new roles as warriors of light – all of which will be even more so compelling to you Aries.

The month begins with a bang: an Aquarius Full Moon (on August 1st). Aries, this activates your sector of community and belonging, initiating a theme of ‘how you relate to others’ which will follow you through the month. You might get start-stop vibes around this time, as Mars (planet of action) forms a harmonious connection with expansive Jupiter. Yet, the Full Moon squaring Jupiter suggests you could be feeling some inner conflict inhibiting you from moving forward. It’ll be a powerful time to pause, find solitude, space – and check in with yourself. If you’re having trouble finding clarity, why not play some (wordless) meditation music off YouTube, close your eyes, and see what your subconscious comes up with?

On August 9th it’ll be worth exercising patience and an open mind – especially when it comes to relationships. Venus (planet of love and beauty), which is currently retrograde, will be forming a tension with Uranus in Taurus. This can indicate uncomfortable shocks or plot twists; at the very least a surprise which may feel a little destabilizing. This is one of those times to remember, this too shall pass. Hiccups within relationships do not indicate all is lost, or that you’re failing!

On August 16th it’ll feel like the fire is turned up with a New Moon in Leo. This one activates your sector of authenticity and creative expression Aries. In other words, if there was a time to feel yourself, it would be now. Your fellow fire sign’s energy is all about honoring your inner child, reconnecting with the world in a way that fills you with wonder, and reigniting that inherent spark of fire. Tip: optimism can be a game changer.

The Sun shifts out of its home sign on August 23rd, bringing us into Virgo season: the zodiac’s equivalent of spring cleaning month. With Mars also in Virgo (up until the 27th, where it shifts into Libra), you’re invited into a unique portal of productivity. It’s time to declutter, dissolve distractions, get your head down, find your rhythm and get to work – whatever that means for you.

On the same day (August 23rd) we have Mercury going retrograde, and – before you freak out – remember, retrogrades simply make clear to us what isn’t working. Mercury stationing retrograde through Virgo (one of its ruling signs), offers the perfect opportunity to refine your habits, routines and incidentally your life – getting into a space that feels better than ever.

More retrograde energy approaches on August 28th, where we have Uranus stationing retrograde through Taurus. We’re collectively pretty familiar with Uranus in Taurus at this point (it’s been there for over four years). We’ve felt it through upheavals in global financial systems, increased costs of living, the pandemic and so on. It’s worth noting that Uranus’s last Taurus transit (1935–1942), also saw both the Great Depression and WWII. This will be a time for re-evaluating the ways that you’re earning your living, financial structures and what “wealth” really means to you. Remember, regardless of plot twists (standard Uranus energy) – you’re a powerful being. Aries, abundance is your birthright.

KnowAries July ’23 Scope

Key themes: Major shifts, authentic expression, refining and reworking

Aries, Cancer season usually tends to be quiet… but this July packs a punch.

The next four weeks might feel challenging, but in all the best ways. This month you’re invited to grow; to expand beyond your comfort zone; beyond what you know, and where you’ve been so far. It’s full of some hard-hitting astrology, to say the least!

On Jan 3rd we have our Capricorn Full Moon. This particular moon forms a harmonious connection with its ruler (Saturn), as well as Jupiter (planet of expansion and synchronicity). An opposition to Mercury suggests you might feel some tension in communicating or expressing your truth, specifically that which fits under an emotional category. Here, you’re being reminded that there is always space and a way to honor your feelings. Whether that’s a private and honest conversation, a vulnerable email or even simply journaling to yourself. Remember: being brave enough to bring your authentic humanity into “work” spheres is an act of revolution. It’s one way to create a more connected planet. You might feel judged – but the real questions are who set these standards, when, and are they overdue for a shift?

On July 10th we have your ruling planet (Mars), entering the pragmatic and down-to-earth sign of Virgo. Here, Mars likes order and systems. You’ll suddenly find yourself feeling more inclined to organize your life and get it rhythmically flowing in a way that best nourishes you. Mars in Virgo takes “make every moment count” to a different level. This is the time to take a microscopic lens to your life and ask “how can I refine my routines and choices to benefit me?” This could be anything from swapping out coffee for matcha, adding a HIT routine to your day, or sleeping in for an extra ten minutes. Drop any self-judgment to become super objective here. What do you need?

The next day, Mercury enters Leo (July 11th), and all of a sudden asserting your needs will not feel not only necessary, but natural. With this transit illuminating your sector of self-expression, you might notice an increased itch towards revealing your totally authentic, and true self. It’ll be a potent time for putting yourself out there, making new connections, or stepping into a leadership role.

Up to and on July 17th, we have one of the year’s biggest astrological events: the lunar nodes are shifting from the Taurus-Scorpio axis, to Aries-Libra. The transiting nodes reflect our collective journey together on this planet. These last 18 months we’ve all been invited to revolutionize Taurus themes in our lives; like wealth, finance, health and security. But now the North Node is moving into your sign Aries. Consider this an acceleration of your empowerment and self-identity journey. You’re in for some huge opportunities of personal expansion, and this is the very beginning. Note that with Libra now on the South Node, you’ll also be invited into healing and releasing that which doesn’t serve you, relative to relationships in your life.

On this potent day we also have our New Moon, in her ruling sign of Cancer. This blend of these energies evokes the perfect portal to slow life down, pause and look inward. How’re you feeling Aries, really? What can you do to nurture and replenish your soul?

A few days later (July 22), we have Venus stationing retrograde (until September 3), in Leo – on the same day as we enter Leo season. These transits are going to revisit some of the themes raised earlier in the month, regarding how you show up as your authentic self in the world Aries. It’ll be a good time to examine any creative blocks you’re having, and to gently take steps in the direction of dissolving/healing them.

Speaking of healing, Chiron (the planet of our deepest wounding) begins its retrograde through your sign the very next day (July 23). Be patient with any self-perceived inadequacies Aries – the universe is reminding you to be gentle with yourself; and that the real “progress” will come from a self-loving place. With Mercury entering Virgo on July 28th, you’ll have more than enough time to objectively focus on mentally organizing, clearing and releasing anything that holds you back.