Key themes: Major shifts, authentic expression, refining and reworking

Aries, Cancer season usually tends to be quiet… but this July packs a punch.

The next four weeks might feel challenging, but in all the best ways. This month you’re invited to grow; to expand beyond your comfort zone; beyond what you know, and where you’ve been so far. It’s full of some hard-hitting astrology, to say the least!

On Jan 3rd we have our Capricorn Full Moon. This particular moon forms a harmonious connection with its ruler (Saturn), as well as Jupiter (planet of expansion and synchronicity). An opposition to Mercury suggests you might feel some tension in communicating or expressing your truth, specifically that which fits under an emotional category. Here, you’re being reminded that there is always space and a way to honor your feelings. Whether that’s a private and honest conversation, a vulnerable email or even simply journaling to yourself. Remember: being brave enough to bring your authentic humanity into “work” spheres is an act of revolution. It’s one way to create a more connected planet. You might feel judged – but the real questions are who set these standards, when, and are they overdue for a shift?

On July 10th we have your ruling planet (Mars), entering the pragmatic and down-to-earth sign of Virgo. Here, Mars likes order and systems. You’ll suddenly find yourself feeling more inclined to organize your life and get it rhythmically flowing in a way that best nourishes you. Mars in Virgo takes “make every moment count” to a different level. This is the time to take a microscopic lens to your life and ask “how can I refine my routines and choices to benefit me?” This could be anything from swapping out coffee for matcha, adding a HIT routine to your day, or sleeping in for an extra ten minutes. Drop any self-judgment to become super objective here. What do you need?

The next day, Mercury enters Leo (July 11th), and all of a sudden asserting your needs will not feel not only necessary, but natural. With this transit illuminating your sector of self-expression, you might notice an increased itch towards revealing your totally authentic, and true self. It’ll be a potent time for putting yourself out there, making new connections, or stepping into a leadership role.

Up to and on July 17th, we have one of the year’s biggest astrological events: the lunar nodes are shifting from the Taurus-Scorpio axis, to Aries-Libra. The transiting nodes reflect our collective journey together on this planet. These last 18 months we’ve all been invited to revolutionize Taurus themes in our lives; like wealth, finance, health and security. But now the North Node is moving into your sign Aries. Consider this an acceleration of your empowerment and self-identity journey. You’re in for some huge opportunities of personal expansion, and this is the very beginning. Note that with Libra now on the South Node, you’ll also be invited into healing and releasing that which doesn’t serve you, relative to relationships in your life.

On this potent day we also have our New Moon, in her ruling sign of Cancer. This blend of these energies evokes the perfect portal to slow life down, pause and look inward. How’re you feeling Aries, really? What can you do to nurture and replenish your soul?

A few days later (July 22), we have Venus stationing retrograde (until September 3), in Leo – on the same day as we enter Leo season. These transits are going to revisit some of the themes raised earlier in the month, regarding how you show up as your authentic self in the world Aries. It’ll be a good time to examine any creative blocks you’re having, and to gently take steps in the direction of dissolving/healing them.

Speaking of healing, Chiron (the planet of our deepest wounding) begins its retrograde through your sign the very next day (July 23). Be patient with any self-perceived inadequacies Aries – the universe is reminding you to be gentle with yourself; and that the real “progress” will come from a self-loving place. With Mercury entering Virgo on July 28th, you’ll have more than enough time to objectively focus on mentally organizing, clearing and releasing anything that holds you back.